Dreaming About My Boyfriend Who Past Away

Why do i keep dreaming about my boyfriend who passed away?

I keep dreaming about my boyfriend who is not alive anymore, he died in december 2010 it still affects me every day but i keep dreaming about him most of them i know hes dead some im not really thinking about it im so focused on seeing him whenever i do dream about him im always touching him all over and telling him i love him and whenever he does talk to me he just tells me he loves me, they just seem so real my dream last night we all knew he was going to die? i just dont understand what this means

I dream of my boyfriend that past away 32years ago, and his brother asked me to marry him?

i have crazy dreams like this too. when you wake up, and you're scratching your head, like "huh??" ..... but this is unlike anything i've ever heard. you dream about a guy you dated that passed away 32 YEARS ago, and his brother is asking you to marry him, and your CURRENT boyfriend leaves you? ......

maybe your heart is trying to tell you something. only you know the situation, so only you can figure this one out. good luck! ♥

Ex boyfriend advice! Dreaming and thinking about a past relationship.?

First thing, Do not over text her. She will get annoyed and if you keep telling her "TAKE ME BACK I LOVE YOU." Learn here

She will not want you even more. You need to show her that you don't need her and can live your life without her. She still cares about you I am sure. Maybe try "flirting" with other girls around her to make her jealous. I know its bad, but if i saw my ex flirting with someone else it would make me REALLY ANGRY. However, you still need to show her you care about her too. Show her what she's missing and remind her of it. Be confident and don't show your broken heart. Try ignoring her? Girls hate that. You want her to come to you. Once she does this YOU have all the power.

She will realize what you mean to her and she will hopefully come crawling back. (I am in the same situation as you, except I am the girl trying to get my ex back). Try not to be so clingy and give her space. But try to be around so she sees you, but don't talk to her much. Keep convos short and if you txt her, which you shouldn't, then also keep it short and bland. This will be hard to do because you just want to let her in your life again, but you can't. If you show her that you are desperate to get her back, she won't go for it. Make her come to you and REMIND her of all that she is missing out on. Hope this helps. And trust me, I know how you feel. Girls usually come around easier than guys so you should be lucky. ughh wish i could say the same.

My boyfriend just past away?

wow.. im so sorry. all of this must be very hard for everyone especially you.. you have to understand that by having this baby is like having a part of your boyfriend live on even though he has passed on. yes, his family will probably be devistated if you dont keep it, but at the same time you shouldnt be having a baby for someone else.. you should have a baby out of love. just know that most unplanned pregnancies by teens are unwanted in the begining.. but as the months go by they start feeling such strong love for that child, that they would even give their own lives for it. you can still achieve your dreams if you have this child.. men would be much more understanding if they knew what happend when it would come to dating.. to me, this wouldnt be considered bagage if thats what your worried about.. if i were in your shoes i would keep the baby. i wouldnt want to one day feel so depressed that i lost my bf and i could have had a piece of him in my arms right now but i choose not to do that.

Dreams about ex-boyfriend and his new wife.?

Lately, I have been dreaming about my ex boyfriend from 4 years ago. In my dream, my DH and I are on an exotic vacation, and in the middle of it my ex shows up. He and his new wife are on their honeymoon, and are staying in the room next door.....only there is no door. That night my hubby and I build a fire, and have to step over them to get to it, which wakes them up for a min. The next day my DH and I are at the gift shop and I see the exs' wife lay her keys down on the counter, on her keychain is her engagement ring. I notice that it's the same one he was going to give to me. My hubby and I leave, not having spoken two words to the other two. We pick up our kids and head home.

In another dream, I was at a get together with the same group of people we used to hang out with, only this time he sees me and I'm trying to get his attention and apologize for something I actually did in real life, and he keeps walking away. I start crying because I'm hurt that he won't stop and talk to me. He just keeps walking away and looking at me reproachfully.
What could this mean?? I have never felt so safe, and loved as I do with my husband, and would never consider going back to my ex even if I were single, but why am I dreaming about he and his wife?? Or about needing to talk to him and apologize?

What does it mean when my ex boyfriend that has passed away was in my dream last night?

We weren't together when he passed away but the night before he died we did talk about getting back together and we had talked about it a lot. We both cared about one another but "I" thought we were better as friends. Then he got in a motorcycle wreck. But in my dream it started off he was just holding me and we were talking just like we used too. Then we went for a walk just like old times and I was asking him about heaven which he replied was awful that everyone wears purple shirts and sings in a big choir. Then I asked him if I'll ever love again he replied yeah you will I promise. Then he broke off his hospital bracelet from the night he died for some reason and gave it to me. Then he left and I woke up in some strange house "But I was still dreaming" in the house i woke up with a crown on and I went running to find someone I knew. The person I found was my ex's cousins(she is also a good friend of mine) boyfriend. I told him I seen him I seen C****. And he wouldn't believe me and I just kept shaking him and asking him to believe me then I woke up crying. What does this mean????

Why am I dreaming about my ex boyfriend every night? The dreams always consist of the same re-occurring theme. What do they mean?

Awwwww you're still in love with see dreams are basically sometimes what our subconscious mind thinks of,the thoughts that we ignore or put in the back of our mind.which come out while we are sleeping. so,even though,you may not talk about or think abt your ask as often he's still somewhere in the back of your mind. which comes out while you're asleep. you miss him,somewhere deep down ,you wish to reunite the memory of that dream you're having with him. I also have this experience whenever I meet a guy,like a guy, talk for a while and stop. and miss him even tho we never speak again. in the back of my mind I always store a special place in my heart for him. I never have dreams abt exes unless the feelings were real…. Strong,deep,genuine. Its obviously a sign that even tho he's your “ex” you're still in to him deep feelings if you see him while you're asleep.even if you don't wanna hear this or admit it. but that's pretty much all it means nothing more nothing less.but don't worry if you don't wanna still have feelings for him, cause although you loved him he may have been annoying prick,or playboy or whatever the reason you to broke up the dreams will eventually stop,or fade away over'll one day move on, meet someone else and start having dreams about them instead.:) Just because you have a dream about someone doesn't mean its fate,or y'all are meant to be together it just means your feelings were real…and genuine.

Why am I having dreams about my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend?

Well this is something that has been happening to me since I got my breakup recently.In my case I'm seeing my ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend.Actually the shock that we feel after the most unexpected breakups, it not only affects the concious mind but aches deep to the subconscious part of the brain. It is not the concious mind that bring such pathetic dreams, it's all works at the subconscious level.You'll not feel anything about him the whole day if you don't think about it forcefully but at the end when you're in deep sleep the feeling of the wound will come over and show you the worst nightmare.Well this is something natural and it'll reside automatically. Just you've to take some precautions….First don't focus on your ex or his girlfriend when you're concious. If any thoughts come don't forcefully try to rethink it. Just take a deep breath and let the thought reside. The thinking at concious level gradually goes to the subconscious mind. So practice this is a must.Secondly the replacement technique…. Replace your all thought with something or someone other. Best if you move your thoughts to someone else… like a another handsome guy or someone you think you can like, like some crush. This technique helped me alot.Third read some beutiful story books before sleep. It'll help to feed your subconscious mind with other things and remove the trash out of your mind.P.S. You've to agree upon the fact that it'll take time and it can be much longer than you've expected. You can't control what your subconscious mind is accumulating now inside it.

Had a wierd dream about an old boyfriend. What does it mean?

All aspects need to be considered.

To dream of a boyfriend past or present, connects with the feelings, attachments and sexuality connected with him. To dream of having as a boyfriend someone who you would not anticipate, indicates the need to have a greater understanding of the way the dreamer relates to men.

When the dreamers hands are placed on someone else it is an indication of a pledge or service. The right hand is the power hand while the left is passive and receptive. Sometimes in a dream the left can represent cheating. Any limbs can also represent sexuality and fears associated with gender issues.

To be driving in an automobile is often a representation of our own personal space, an extension of our being. A car stands for spiritual direction and motivation. to dream of being in a car usually alerts us to our own motivation thus driving the car can indicate our need to achieve a goal, while being a passenger could indicate that we have handed over responsibility for our life to someone else. Dream scenarios involving cars often has to do with what we are doing to ourselves. For example driving carelessly marks a lack of responsibility. To dream of your car taken reflects a feeling of being left behind. Going backwards or forwards represents the direction we are going in life or it could mean a decision should be reversed or moved forward as indicated.

To dream of being married when you are indicates that you may subconsciously be aware of a relationship between two people but it has not yet registered on the conscious level.

In my opinion you are examining your own fate and coming to terms with yourself and from your actions you did do the right thing. It's a good omen.