Dress Shops In The Bay Area

Where is a good place to find prom dresses in the Bay Area?

I live in Sf so i'll give you all the places I know around here and the price range
Macy's(50-100), Downtown SF, there is a jessica mcclintock boutique(around 200). There's a jessica Mcclinktock outlet(30-100) on 16th and Carolina St in the Potrero area of San Francisco.
Ross(around 30) has nice and cheap dresses this year.
There's one on 16th and Geary, 16th street in Potrero(sorry forgot cross street, but it's a plaza), and one on Market and 4th street, that one has the most dresses.

There's many stores in the Westfield Mall in downtown SF. I'm sure they have dresses at Serramonte Mall in Daly City.
There's also that mall near Milbrae called Tanforan. Jc Penny(100) is there, I haven't seen their dress selection though.

Oh, a helpful website to look for stores is, they have reviews too!

Where do I find the best birthday dress in the Bay Area?

I have used Style Lend a couple times already and I love it! You rent designer dresses for a week for a fraction of the cost. They have a variety of styles and sizes. If you are in San Francisco or New York, you get go their location to try on the dresses. If you don't, they can ship it to you. Read about my experience: Expanding My Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank. I haven't used Rent the Runway because they only allow for a 3 day rental.

Where should I shop for bridesmaid dresses in Bay Area?

shop online at site:

Where are gold teeth stores in the bay area?

I don't know if you know this, but gold is a toxic substance. That is why only black people have gold teeth, because they are the community with the immunity.

What are the best bridal salons in the Bay Area?

One glass of Champagne accustomed to be sufficient to generate the bridal gown shopping encounter unique. These days, Bay Area brides anticipate a lot more than bubbly in the boutique. Through dress choice to product sales approach, contemporary brides would like a shopping encounter as special as they may be. We have examined the Bay Area bridal industry and discovered the best shops for every design, spending budget and wedding hairstyles.

What is your favorite pastry shop in the Bay Area?

Arizmendi in the Mission (1268 Valencia) is pretty awesome. Nothing super frilly but interesting mini pizzas and sweets like dark chocolate cherry bread, though they have just as big a focus on breads as pastries. Here is their menu.If you like froufrou and don't mind paying for the privilege, Craftsman and Wolves is interesting. I wouldn't call it my favorite, though.

What are good shops in the Bay Area for affordable, casual men's clothes?

Check us out - Bonobos. Better fitting men's clothes. - we have Guideshop's where you can get one on one attention from one of our Guides! We have a Guideshop at our HQ in Palo Alto and another in SF. Let me know if you'd like to drop by for an appointment!

Any good Anime and Japanese Toy store in the SF Bay Area, California.?

try chinatown

Where can I buy petticoat in Bay area?

Try one of the bridal shops.