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Dryer Not Blowing Hot Air

Why isn't my blow dryer blowing hot air?

If you overheat it, the safety device will shut it down and it will only blow cool air. Sounds like somethings wrong internally and those things are so cheap, buy a new one.

Clothes dryer hot but not blowing air?

a similar element got here approximately to me. It grew to become out that the hose going outdoors became finished of lint. And purely amassing further and further each and every time I used it. Disconnect the hose from the dryer and verify it. additionally bypass outdoors and clean the vent. i assumed i could choose a clean dryer yet I purely mandatory to bathe the lint. I verify each and each month now.

DRYER not blowing hot air...why?

first of all, I need to know if it's a gas dryer or electric. If it's electric, chances are your heating element is bad. I don't know if you're handy with a mult-meter, but if you are, check the resistance across the heating element. if you don't see any meter deflection, the coil is bad. If it's a gas dryer, you may have a bad safety switch in the circuit. They are very easy to replace. Email me if you wish to discuss further.

Why is my maytag dryer not blowing air out the back?

If your dryer doesn't heat, check these: 1) Power from the house 2) Heating element 3) Thermal fuse 4) Wiring 1) Power from the house Check to see whether there's power getting to the dryer. Is it plugged in? Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers--your dryer uses two fuses or circuit breakers. The dryer could tumble but not heat if only one of the two fuses is blown. If you have circuit breakers, one of the two circuit breakers can trip, even if the two for the dryer are connected. 2) Heating element Often a dryer heating element burns out, but doesn't trip the circuit breaker or blow a fuse. The heating element is simply a long coil of special wire. You can check it for continuity with an ohm meter. No continuity means the element is bad and you need to replace it--electric heating elements aren't repairable. 3) Thermal fuse On many dryers, there's a thermal fuse mounted to the exhaust duct inside the back cover panel. The fuse--which is about an inch long--is usually embedded in black resin and mounted in a white plastic housing. If the fuse has blown, you need to replace it. (You can't re-set it.) 4) Wiring A common problem is for the main wiring connection from the house, at the dryer, to burn and break its connection. Because the dryer can still tumble with partial power, the connection may be only partially defective. You may need to replace both the power cord to the dryer and the terminal block inside the dryer that the wire is attached to.

Why does my brand new dryer not blow any hot air or heat. Exchanged the dryer but the same thing

Gas or electric?

If gas, you don't actually have gas supplied to that valve -- either there's another valve somewhere upstream of it (not typically plumbing) or more likely, during a remodel, the gas line running to this location was disconnected. (Assuming, of course, that (a) you're connecting the gas line, and (b) you're turning on the valve at the gas connection)

If it's an electric dryer, a miswired outlet could be the culprit. The drum and blower run on 110 volts, while the heat element runs on 220 volts (actually 120v and 240v - but that's a technical detail). So a miswired outlet could be supplying "110" but not "220". If it's an electric dryer, I suggest calling an electrician.

Troubleshooting and fixing a 240v outlet is DIY'able - but from your question, I'm guessing that you're not familiar with residential wiring, and messing up a 240v receptacle has fire/electrocution risks if not done right.

Dryer Problems--The air's not hot!?

As many others have said, check your vent. If it is restricted, it will heat but not well.

If you have access to a multimeter and are comfortable using one, here are some of the readings you should get (note: only do voltage checks if you are used to working with electricity) ;

power cord - 240 volts (for electric dryer) - test lights are not effective

element - ~10ohms or 240volts

thermostat - 0 ohms or 0 volts
(thermostats will include thermostats, thermal cutoffs(tco) and thermal fuses (on gas dryers)

timer - 0 ohms or 0 volts (contacts will vary - you'd have to check the wiring diagram)

For gas dryers:

igniter - ~60 ohms (I think - just not infinity) or 110 volts

flame sensor - 0 ohms or 0 volts

valve coils - something like 650 and 1300 ohms. Easiest way to check coils is if the igniter glows, then goes out but does not ignite, the coils are bad. It might cycle a couple of times before this happens.

I hope one of these things helps.

My dryer does not blow hot air anymore, why?

Unless this is a 1950 model there will not be a pilot light. Gas dryers have glow plugs that heat up then the safety valve opens to allow gas to ignite into the heat exchanger. It could be the valve or the glow plug. Both are pretty easy to change out but getting to them could be hard if you've never taken a dryer apart before. Sounds like to me you might invest in a new dryer if your haveing to "rig" it to turn to a cycle.

Dryer not drying?

Could be the thermostat or heating element. I've had this happen. The dryer vent hose was too far for my dryer to push the hot air (35+ feet! Bad home design-new home too!) and it backed up and burned it out. A $1000 Kenmore, I was MAD. It was covered as I had an extended warranty on that puppy, but still! The builder had to install a booster fan midline to push the air through faster. Then after all that we had to change the "gas port" from propane to natural gas. (We had just gotten back from the "Rita" evacuation and had both sets of parents coming the next day for 5 weeks for the upcoming birth of our 4th baby, ouch.)
Also depends on if you have a gas or electric dryer. It shouldn't be too expensive... if it's still under warranty, give them a call. Check your home warranty, if you have one. Sometimes you have coverage for repairs like this, depending on your plan and you could just have a $50 deductible. If not, get a reference from a neighbor or friend and use the company they suggest for repairs...