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Duck Metaphors For My Poem

What is the meaning of metaphor in poem?

Internet search answer and a few examples; there are many more but Shakespeare and Dickinson are my personal favorites.A metaphor is a comparison between two things that states one thing is another, in order help explain an idea or show hidden similarities. Unlike a simile that uses “like” or “as” (you shine like the sun!), a metaphor does not use these two words. For example, in a famous line from Romeo and Juliet Romeo proclaims, “Juliet is the sun.”Because poems are meant to impart complex images and feelings to a reader, metaphors often state comparisons more poignantly.In this poem Hope Is the Thing with Feathers, Emily Dickinson uses a metaphor to compare hope to a bird. She personifies hope as having feathers and perching in the soul, singing without end. Most people can relate to the feeling of hope; it lifts us up, stirring feelings of freedom and levity.“Hope is the thing with feathersThat perches in the soul,And sings the tune without the words,And never stops at all.”Dickinson focuses on the notion of hope because, even in times of tribulation, it may be the very thing that gets us through.

Please help, metaphor poem about family??

Something like...

"When the wind tussles our branches, our roots run stong
And we hold each other up when a storm of sorrow falls "

I dunno I used to love writing poems and can get one done in about twenty minutes if you give me some sort of rubric and what grade your in that way I know what may be expected.

Reply if you'd want my help, as I'd be happy too assist. :)

Can I get a Tanka poem for my homework?

i pet the turtles
i like swimming like a duck
i like eating pigs
i love to molest the bears
i don't have mental problems

Write a poem about peer pressure? use metaphor?

I swore I wouldn't ever drink, Dad,
But stillI did.
It was the first time ever, Dad,
I did it for the other kids.

They hassled me and called me names
until I took my first drink.
Then they started playing games,
and to the ground I began to sink.

No one would drive me and on my way home, Dad,
I didn't see the other car;
But I suddenly realized, Dad,
That tonight, things had gone too far.

By the time I finally saw it, Dad,
I guess I had to swerve.
As I got hit, Dad,
Everything was a blur.

The last words that I got to say, Dad,
were "Please forgive me-what I did was wrong."
I am so scared and alone, Dad,
Listen close – do you hear that song?

Please hold me close, Dad,
The light is drawing near;
They say I have to go, Dad,
Please have no fear.

Hope dat helped