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Ear Bleeding After Going From 2g To 0g

Bleeding lobes after 0g stretching?

So yesterday morning i started stretching my ears to a 0g from a 2g, no skipped sizes or anything. Yes, i used tapers, please no lectures on why tapers are bad, its already been done and I just need help. I spent all day going as slow as possible, taking my time because what happened was the LAST thing i wanted to happen. My about 9pm last night i used some vaseline to help lubricate it, and i started pushing a bit to see if it helped, and the taper popped right the other end, it hurt really bad so I probably should have just taken it out, but I didn't, i put the O rings on it and called it a night. Today, i decided to do some cleaning, and when i started cleaning around my lobe there was blood, I've taken the taper out since, but I want to know what to do now, I know i'll have to downsize, but by how many sizes? and how can I help my ear heal better?

also; the taper in the other ear just wasn't going to budge so i put my 2g back in that ear to let it downsize/heal before I tried again.

Ears bleeding a couple days after going from 2g to 0g?

I don't know where you heard you can stretch them or are ready to stretch when you wake up in the morning, but it's wrong. That's only if your ears are stretched enough to where they can't close. Your likely hood to successfully stretch your ears is to do it after a shower or to soak it in warm water so the lobes is warm and flexible as it's elasticity is much easier to work with along with using an oil based produce to help loosen it up. I highly suggest you never force anything like a taper in your ear, it will cause damage and even a blowout. You should never feel pain or discomfort when stretching even when you reach from a 2g to a 0g. The reason people say that is because it's a big jump for normal stretching jewelry, but you would of still had a way to stretch to that size. You could of used the taping method, you could of tried to find a size between then, they do sell a 1g. Or you could of waited longer, which would of been the best between either or. However through all of that you need to know that the bigger the size the longer the healing is when you stretch. 3 months to 3 and a half would of been the best time to try and stretch them or even longer. Plus massaging them daily with oil like Tea Tree or Vitamin E oil would of helped the progress in getting them to stretch quicker would of helped. Again though, stretching is a long process that takes time and patience, if you're looking to stretch them to a certain size and doing it quickly then slow down. Again, the bigger you go the longer you'll have to wait. Doing things in short periods of time will mess up your stretching process and experience. So be careful when you stretch to certain sizes and take as much time as you need.

Ears bleeding after stretch?

I recently stretched my ears from a 2g to a 0g.
I waited around 8 months before stretching so i know i didn't go too quickly.
I stretched with stainless steel tapers that were really heavy.. i didn't buy them weighted they were just long and obviously metal. A day after the tapers got to heavy to bare so i switched to single flared steel plugs, when i took the tapers out to slide the plugs in there was a lot of dried and some new blood. I don't think i blew my ears out but i was just wondering if this is normal and what should i do?

One: keep your ears clean.  Use H2O2 or some other substance to keep your ears clean while they heal.  They sound like they are a little infected, so keep your ears clean and dry for a few days.Two: If you don't want pierced ears anymore, remove all earrings.  If you want to keep your pierced ears, put in earrings while your ears heal.Three: Keep those ears clean and sterile while they heal.  If you like the earrings your father got you, go ahead and keep them in.  However, do tell your father that those kind of earrings are too big for you and you would like a different kind if he ever wants to get more for you.Four: do move the earrings every once in a while, while they are healing.  This will reduce scarring.Remember: pierced ears are a form of scarring.  Streaching the piercing is not a bad thing, but it can be painful.Good luck!  If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section.Don't panic!  You'll do fine!

A little bleeding after stretching from 2g to 0g...?

a wee bit of blood is ok just after stretching. use antibacterial soap and a sea salt soak just to make sure they remain healthy. you ripped your ears just a bit, that is why they bled, but if you take care of them correctly, youll be just fine. aftercare is the important part. ibuprofen and ice are your friends at this point.........if you want to continue to stretch, might i recommend the tape and weights is much safer and healthier for your lobes. you will not risk the blowouts or ugliness that comes with tapers. im between 9/16 and 11/16 ins. all i ever used was electrical tape and weights. i have never tapered my ears, and i see such a benefit from it. i have nice thick lobes that can stretch as long as i want, and i dont suffer from cat butt ear like many people who stretch with tapers........a bit of blood is ok, but if you want your ears to stay in a good condition, tape is the way to go :)

Bleeding after stretching 2g to 0g after few days?

Ok, so ive had 2g plugs in for a few months now id say about 3. on thursday i bought some 0g tunnels, i didnt have to force them in or anything they went in fine in both ears, i left them in over the weekend then on sunday i went to clean them and my ear my left ear was perfect no bleeding no pain nothing, then i took out my right ear, once i took it out it was bleeding and stinging, i took a shower washed my ear with salt water and then proceeded to put my tunnels back in, left ear went in fine, no redness no stinging nothing. then i noticed my right ear was puffy and started bleeding the second i tried putting it back in, i left it out and just put cream and washed it for the past 2 days, the back of my ear scabbed up alot and got nasty but it got better and now theres nothing wrong, i took out my 2g plug and i cant get the 0g in anymore without any pain or bleeding. help?

Is it normal for my ear to bleed after gauging?

The reason they're bleeding is because yu went too big for the first time. Normal earrings are size 21g,so yu basically skipped 2 sizes. When I first gauges my ears I went with 18gs (they were like these little pegs lol) but yu really can do 16g for the first time. If I were yu I'd take them out and get some 16g's. When your stretching your ear and it bleeds,that means yu ripped it which isnt good because it wont heal properly. Clean 2 times a day with sea salt and warm water,speeds up the healing process (: If yu have any more questions about stretching just hit me up,hope i helped!

If you don’t live at high altitudes year round, it’s not unusual for nosebleeds or ear bleeds to occur. Sudden changes in altitude can cause the ear drums to perforate or rupture and bleeding can occur. Higher altitudes also means that the air is thinner and drier and oxygen is less available. As a result, your red blood cell production will increase in an attempt to try and get more oxygen to your entire body. The drier air can cause membranes in the nose and ears to rupture and with the increase in red blood cell production, you may see some bleeding occur. But again, this is mainly the result from being at a higher altitude in the mountains.If after you return to your normal place of living and your ear continues to bleed longer than a week after your return, you may want to speak with your physician about what else may be going on.

Trouble stretching my ears from a 2g to a 0g.?

I've been stretching my ears for over 4 years. Do not panic.

Instead of buying your tapers/plugs/tunnel at hot topic or whever you buy them (they are probably over-priced) You should do what I do. It saves a crap load of money, and it's way less painful.

Firstly, 2g stretch to a 0g is THE most painful one. It's about 2 milli's differance from all the others.
Lube up your taper with a bunch of vitiman e oil. this is key. Never stretch DRY.

Tapers are never to be worn (no matter how many times you've seen little sceenie weenies wearing them to match their outfit) for more than 5 minutes. You shoudl immediatly chase your taper with a PLUG. (notice how I didn't say double flared anything) lol PLUG.

After you are comfortably healed at a 0g, use my technique. You may find this a bit weird, but I use bondage tape for stretching. (not electrical tape ) bondage tape. Take your PLUG, wrap the bondage tape around it about 3 times. wrap it tight. cut the excess bondage tape off the plug to make it look nice and pretty...when you are done wrapping and trimming the excess tape..lube your ear up with vitiman e oil...take your new "plug" and put in your ear...

this is a very smart way to stretch. it saves you from buying those dumb tapers and horns that you are only going to use once...this way when you use this wrapping technique you can just buy the next size up JEWLERY you want.

then when wrap enough to where you are at a 00. just buy the jewlery. when you want to go to 7/16ths (a step up from 00) simply take your 00 PLUG and start wrapping. and so on....
pretty easy and less painful way.
i personally do 5 wraps a month...(or did i downsized)
but you might want to start low...

happy stretching!!!!

p.s you can buy bondage tape at your local porn store. dont be afraid to go in and buy...i did! haha

Cause you broke something. It could be that you have the in ear style and pushed them in too far. It could also be that the sound pressure is too high and you're damaging you're ear drums very badly. It could be that you scratched your ear canal.There is no good reason as to why a healthy person who isn't going through a menstruation cycle to bleed. If you're bleeding you broke something, stop doing what you're doing and figure out why.