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Effective Ways To Quit Smoking

What is the most feasible and effective way/s to quit smoking?

Seek help from a trained smoking cessation specialist. They can help walk you through the process of quitting. Call your health plan and ask if they have health coaches to help you. If you are in the U.S. and do not have health insurance or do not have the benefit of a health coach, call 1-800-quit-now for free help. Consider a smoking cessation medication. No medication will "make' you quit without efforts of your own, but they make the quitting process easier, and les miserable. Just be sure to follow directions. Using a medication and seeking counsel from someone trained to help with tobacco cessation makes you 6 times more likely to be successful than quitting cold turkey with no help.Good luck!

What's the most effective way to quit smoking marijuana after smoking for 20 years on a daily basis?

Go on a hike into the wilderness far away from anyone or anything and stay there for 15–20 days… Then when you come back avoid anyone who you used to smoke with for like 3–6 months depending how easily they can influence you… Definitely don’t hang around when they smoke and do this for a couple of years… If you make it 2.5 years without smoking you will lose craving for it by this time but if you smoked heavily like you said for as long as you have you will need to relocate away from you connections and friends who do it or else you will just start up again… when I mean the wilderness I mean far away from anyone with weed and for me I went backpacking where i could not just hop in a car and drive to where i could get some… I quit for a long time but I got injured lost my healthcare and when it became legal I started again mind you i use a tiny amount as to when I was younger but its easy to start right up again… It's in the willpower to do anything you have a habit doing and if you break the habit you will not be addicted to it and can then quit… I broke the habit by breaking it where i had no choice at first.. I learned though later that you can do this and be around it you just have to make up your mind to do it and you can learn to do this…

Do you know an effective and painless way to quit smoking?

Switch to vaping. You can start with a higher mg of nicotine ejuice using a beginner kit like a pod system and slowly taper your way down over time as you adjust to the switch. If you find the nicotine alone is not enough for you, there are Whole Tobacco Alkaloids you can either order online separately to add yourself or ask some vape shops if they carry any ejuice that contains them. This will have a much higher chance of success than any other method and prevent a relapse by replacing the essential hand to mouth behavior that is just as much a part of the addiction.If you prefer one of the larger, fancier looking mods that make bigger clouds you can get a kit with a box mod and sub ohm tank. The great thing about vaping is that there’s something for everyone, where you like lower power devices, higher, or somewhere in between. There are so many flavors out there or you can even make your own to save a ton of money. DIY is easier than it seems and costs pennies on the dollar comparatively.One thing I can warn you against is getting a Juul. They may seem convenient but the battery life is short and they’re incredibly overpriced because it is a closed pod system. Due to increasingly ridiculous government regulations the only flavors available in stores are menthol and tobacco which in my opinion are awful. If the only flavors available when I first switched for the type of vape I got were coughdrop or ashtray I wouldn’t have stuck with it. Having sweet, fruity, creamy, dessert, bakery, better quality tobacco blends, drinks, and more different types flavors to choose from that are far more enjoyable is the best part of vaping.Get an open based pod system so you can choose any flavor you’d like and check out your local vape shop for guidance. Another reason why I hate the Juul is that as a long time vaping hobbyist, I prefer to support the companies that originally made vaping what it is today and pioneered the innovation like Kangertech, Aspire, Sigelei, Eleaf, iJoy, and so many others. Juul is now owned by Big Tobacco company Altria, who prior to the purchase along with many others was adamantly against vaping. I refuse to give my money to a company who helped in trying to stop the most revolutionary smoking cessation method ever created out of greed with no concern for their consumers’ health and is intertwined with the likes of anti-smokers/vapers.

How did you quit smoking?

I need help...I am so addicted to cigarettes...I'm 30 years old and I've been smoking for 10 years now and I would like to quit...I think there gross and I hate the smell they leave on your hands and clothes...But, I have a hard time quitting...I need Any suggestions or help...

What is the most effective way to quit smoking cigarettes (I have tried nicotine therapy and it did not work)?

This is an easy answer.The most effective way to quit smoking is vaping.The stats are clear. The success rate for quitting cold turkey are 5%, with nicotine patches and other nearly useless methods by the pharmaceutical companies may raise the odds to 8 to 9%.You might find different numbers given by the pharmaceutical companies, however, most of their data relates to short term results. Most people that stops smoking fail between 6 months to one year after they smoked for the last time.If you replace smoking with vaping, you will have a probability of being successful one year after you smoked your last cigarette of up to 70%.If you replace smoking with vaping and then quit vaping altogether, your odds of success will still be over 50%. And if you fail, you will go back to vaping, not smoking.Most of the vapers that i know had previously tried stopping smoking using other methods and failed. Vaping got them free.And, since vaping is accepted as being at least 95% less harmful than smoking, i guess it is a no-brainer.However, keep in mind that, for any method to succeed, the smoker must sincerely want to stop smoking, not just try something just to see if it will work.Besides, in most places vaping is cheaper than smoking, or even way cheaper, depending on your choices.

What's the most effective way to stop smoking?

This has been covered on a couple of occasions:There is only one way to stop smoking.Firstly to ask yourself; why do I do this to myself, my presence through the smell on my breath, my clothes, in my car, home and anywhere I distribute this harmful smelly substance. Showing your children or others who may hold you in high regard, ssking:Why do you smoke?.it has nothing but harmful effects on you and all around you.The answer, Stop; No substitutes. STOP!!

Is vaping actually an effective way to quit smoking? Isn't the feeling of smoking a cigarette part of the habit?

Yes to both questions.A big part of the reason vaping can be an effective tool to quit smoking is because it not only delivers nicotine but also mimics some of the behaviors and feelings of smoking.You have the hand-to-mouth movement, the inhalation or "draw", and what's known as "throat hit" feelings of smoking a combustible cigarette.E-juice, the liquid that is vaporized in the devices, comes a wide range of flavors and nicotine levels, which makes it easy to personalize.I smoked for 33 years and made several attempts to quit using various methods, and my husband smoked for 31 years with the same struggles. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that we would always be smokers. My doctor suggested that I might try electronic cigarettes; a little more than 5 years ago my husband and I switched to vaping and have never looked back. I still can't believe how easy it was. (Full disclosure, my husband will smoke a clove cigarette on occasion) These days we breathe better and feel better. My husband's chest xrays 3 years ago look like a never-smoker's. Bonus: our clothes and hair and car don't stink!I have also read that some smokers who try vaping with no intention of actually quitting smoking become "accidental quitters".There is an awful lot if information available on vaping, and sadly a great deal of misinformation is circulating as well. You might find these links interesting.Should you vape? A doctor's view#M.O.V.E. Vaping the truthEdited to add: This video might also interest you.