Email From Friend Not Getting To Me

Help! I have a friend who is not getting her e-mails from me. she always got them before.?

Her computer. Check to see if you encode your email messages before sending. = In the new Yahoo! Mail, you don’t do this with your browser anymore. Now, just change your
character encoding setting right in Yahoo! Mail!

Here’s how:

In the toolbar, click More Actions and select Set Encodings.
From the list that appears, select the encoding that matches the message’s content.
Note: Only one character encoding set may be viewed at a time. And in this case, changing your
browser’s encoding setting will not work.

Or in the old Traditional = Select any email where the header information is displayed, but there
is nothing in the
"body" of the message where you would expect to find text, etc.
Move your mouse to the area of the expected "body" of the message and right-click...on
the menu that appears, click on "Encoding"...on the menu that appears, if "Auto Select"
has a check mark, leave it as is...if not click "Auto Select"; then this menu will
disappear...right click again in the "body" to cause the same menu to display again...then
click on "Western European (Windows)" should now be able to view the "body" of
all messages that you couldn't view before...obviously, if the problem somehow occurs
again, do the same procedure described above again. I have no idea how or why these
settings get "changed" or "corrupted" after everyday use, but apparently they sometimes

My friend is just not getting it at all.?

So, my friend & i have been friends for 5 years & she's a fun, goofy, & sweet person. I love her to death! Recently, she's just acting like she knows everything, she "right" about everything, & she gets upset with me for doing absolutely nothing (ex. last night, we were hanging out at her house & i was eating some dry cereal & she swears on everything that i was chewing with my mouth open, but she couldn't even see my face & i NEVER chew with my mouth open; that's gross!)! Recently, she told my boyfriend that she doesn't tell me anything because she feels as though i wouldn't listen (which i do have a problem with but i'm improving & she won't give me a chance). There are times where she's dead *** wrong & she doesn't even admit it. She doesn't take responsibility for anything at all & she always argues with me about the most pettiest things! I'll admit: i'm wrong about some things that i do & i've said things i shouldn't have but it's nothing I don't take responsibility for. She can't keep a secret at all! Ex. I had a password for a girl's (who i didn't like) facebook & i told her about it. One day, we were all sitting in the living room having a great time & all of a sudden, she comes out of nowhere & told my boyfriend that I had the password. I shouldn't have to feel like I have to keep things from my best friend. Plus, she'll tell my boyfriend things that she should be saying to me about how she feels about our friendship. I have a twitter account & I could tell her about what I'm tweeting & she'll get upset. She gets upset when I plug my ipod in (by HER permission). I just can't do anything without getting her upset. What's the problem?????

Why isn't my friend getting my emails?

Has your friend had any technical problems with her computer? Has her computer been getting viruses? Weird how you can talk to her on yahoo messenger but can't e-mail her. My friend had sbc and we couldn't e-mail! She got g-mail and we always e-mail! Does your friend live in another country? state? My friend has a friend who moved to Korea and they couldn't e-mail from yahoo so she got g-mail and now she can. Weird huh? Maybe your friend should e-mail on g-mail and instant message on yahoo! Hope this helps!

I keep getting emails from a friend.. but he is not sending them him self?

Ask your friend if there is a copy of the mail sent to you in his Sent folder or Deleted folder. If it is, then ask him if the message went out to all on his Yahoo Contacts list (if he uses Yahoo).

If there is no evidence of the mail in his Sent folder or Deleted folder then that implies that his email address is being forged into the headers of spam email to make it look like it is coming from him, but isn't. The only solution for that is for him to change his email address, inform his friends, then you add his new address and delete his old one. Then make a rule that any email coming from his old email address goes directly into your Trash.

If he does have a record of the spam being sent from his account, and it appears to have been sent to everyone in his Contacts list, then that implies his password has been hacked, or there is malicious code on his PC that waits until he logs in to his email account, then harvests the contacts in his Contact list. Remember, his Yahoo Contacts list is NOT held on his PC, it is held on Yahoo's servers. He must then access Yahoo (if that is who his email account is with) via a known good link on his HD (not via a link on a webpage, as that might be a phishing scam). Once in, he should change his password for a strong one, and change his security question). He should then do a complete scan of his HD for any malicious code that might be lurking. I would recommend AVG anti-virus, AdAware and Spybot anti-malware (all three are free). That should clean his system.

He might also like to add a fake contact to his Contact list, call it Mr ABC, and use a fake address like This will cause spam sent out from his account to bounce at that fake address, and he can then examine the headers of the returned mail to see where the mail servers are located that are originating this spam, which Yahoo or other email account providers may find useful.


Im not getting emails from my friend?? PLEASE HELP!?

Hi! ok so last night i was at a party with my friends and we took some pictures on my friends phone. well i told her to email them to me. there are 3 photos and one video i want her to send, and yet only one of them I have received?? we keep trying and she emails them from her phone but stil im not getting them. they arnt in my spam mail or anything? whats the cause?

Not getting emails from friend in my address book. Even when sending reply to me, I don't get it?

Check your block list (under options). it happened to me and when i checked my block list i found everyone in my address book blocked!

Is it cheating if I send/get emails to/from friends that are men I meet online, and not tell my husband?

No, he shouldn't have access to your email. You have a right to privacy even if you are in a relationship.

However, your contact with other men online and off should be strictly innocent and platonic. As long as your emails are things you'd be completely comfortable with if he were sending the same type of messages to women he met online, then all's fine (you can show him an example of one or some of the notes, to alleviate his fears).

Just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean you need to cease all contact with other men (or him other women) but respect your relationship and your partner, and keep it all above board.

I keep getting spam emails from a friend who is not sending them to me...?

I know exactly how to solve this! Please, her email address is one of the zillions of email addresses that has been hacked with her password. My email address a year ago was hacked by a hacker who know my email address password by I had a bigger problem - my password was actually changed by the hacker.

Your friends email address was hacked into - but her email address password was NOT changed luckily. THis happens world wide and even here on Yahoo Answers there have been two previous users who had both their avatar pics changed with the password to Yahoo Answers and their yahoo email address. Luckily Yahoo can be gotten a hold of. If your friend has gmail then she is scr#wed because nobody can contact gmail. She needs to immediately change her password.

I forgot to add this, if there is a geinsar hijacker and mall ware and spy ware viruses on her computer, she can download the free version of Malware bytes' anti-malware on her desktop and do a long scan to remove EVERYTHING off of her computer. She and you can go to and click the button to download the freeversion. This is the only one that Microsoft recommends that is actually 10 times better than Norton and other security suites and its free. I takes about an hour to do a full scan and to remove all hijackers and spy ware and malware off of her computer.
If you have any other questions, you can email me through my profile page under my avatar pic.

Hope this helps.

Why I'm not receiving emails and why my friends send me emails that bounces and say that my account is not wor

The most common reason for receiving Yahoo Error 999 is due to some sort of
bandwidth limiting system that Yahoo has put in place on their servers. Once you have
exceeded your allotted bandwidth for a specific period of time Yahoo gives you this
Error 999 message and doesn't allow you to access the service. People have primarily
reported receiving this error when they try to access Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Groups, but
other Yahoo services may also be affected.

It appears that Yahoo uses your IP address to track the amount of traffic you're generating
on Yahoo, and once you reach the limit you get blocked by the Unable to process request
at this time -- error 999 message. Once triggered you will find that your IP address has
been blocked for a period of time, somewhere between 2 and 24 hours usually. But sometimes more.

Friends get guys, not me?

Girls get advice from their girlfriends, not a guy they want to "do." So what were you thinking giving them advices like you're not a dude!? Next time tell them that you got **** to do. Girls are not attracted to "nice" guys but they end up marrying them when they're tired of dealing with the bad boys. So unless you're looking for a wife, STOP being their doormat - Don't talk on the phone for too long and always be the first to hang up (I gotta go, I'll call you back, I gotta another phone call, I have to take care of something... be mysterious. Boring isn't sexy) - Tease them once in a while. Remember when you were in elementary school and those bad boys would tease girls, they'd cry then they just wouldn't get over them while they'll play with the nice guys? yea... They unconsciously want the bad boy's approval. Trust me. So joke around something and don't be scared to say something like "damn, where did you get those shoes... vintage?" lol but in a joking way because you dont wanna seem mean.. anyways good luck. but if you need more advice, feel free to email me :)