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Emoyee Theft Or Fraud

Can my employer press charges for theft?

If your employer actually has evidence of you doing what you said, he can make a complaint to the Police. They will charge is called larceny as a servant. If is regarded very seriously by society, particularly if you are in a position of trust. It is not uncommon for a Magistrate or a Judge to pass a full-time sentence of imprisonment in respect of this type of larceny [stealing]. I doubt you would be locked up for $900, but it is stI'll regarded serioulsy. The court will also make an order that you reimburse the employer.there are other social ramifications because even in 2017 trust is so important. You will have difficulty obtaining employment; no one likes the idea of working with a ‘theif’….and it’s not, if you have the opportunity to pay and avoid all of these problems, for $900, take it. You will never get a better offer.

First offence: theft & fraud under $5000 from employee help?!?

I m 20 year old black female. I have 2 counts of theft and 3 counts of fraud under $5000. My court date is coming up next month and I m feeling anxious and want to hear expert opinion about what I could expect to happen. I live in Ontario. Basically, my store uses %50 stickers on items they reduce due to expiration dates or whatsoever and I was caught taking those stickers and used it on some of my groceries. I was also caught not scanning multiple grocery items while my BF was shopping at my cash. He was charged too. They have evidence from two seperate days. My question is will I get jail time?! I m really scared.. I know I made a bad mistake that I regret now but how bad are my charges? It s my first offence but I ve been caught shoplifting when I was 17 twice but it was because of my friends I was and I was there but I m assuming it shouldn t come up in court. Anything helps thanks!

News below on Pnc fraud rithesh menon true?

Major financial firm PNC is suing an ex-employee Rithesh Menon for $2-million, alleging he was behind a long-running theft and fraud scheme.

According to the National Post, Rithesh Menon has been accused of working with a group of accomplices to divert critical information and insider trading, while working in the taxation department sales program.

The company believes the theft and fraud occurred over a three-year period between 2006 and 2009. Rithesh was fired in January of 2009 and is known to be working in New York with a start up firm.

The troubles have resulted in the PNC changing their diplomatic sales policy.

Internal theft of items by employees is best defined and termed as what?

Pilferage is the appropriate term for employees taking commodity items like pens, paper etc. for their personal, non business related use. Generally items of low value. When employees take company property for their personal use, and the item is of a higher value, then it rises to the level of theft. You cannot pilfer a computer, its clearly theft.

Robbery requires the threat of violence, which is not likely in this case.

Shoplifting is a term that implies that the thief is not in a position of trust, so it's not appropriate here.