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Employment Suspension Due To Drug Taking

Can I quite my job at Costco while on suspension?

I was suspended for Friday, Saturday and Sunday without pay. They told me to report back to management Monday at noon. They are doing an investigation and awaiting results of a drug/alcohol test. My question is, if they make the decision to fire me and have that planned out for when I arrive on Monday, do I still have the right to exercise my option to quite if I beat them to the punch and the first thing I do is hand them my letter of resignation immediately when I enter the building. Or, would I have the right to go in earlier than Monday, while on suspension, and quite?

Does anyone know anything about losing a nursing license due to failed drug test.?

An isolated failed drug test should not be cause for loss of one's nursing license. Only in the event of repeated evidence of chronic substance abuse that might compromise your judgment while working, your employer may temporarily suspend you from work. Even then, state's laws require that you be given the opportunity to seek rehab treatment without your license being suspended at all. Once out of rehab, your employer MUST reinstall you to your position, but may limit your access to the narcotic's cabinet [which I don't think should be the case, if the positive was for Cannabis]. You may also be required to take repeated, unannounced drug tests until they're satisfied that you remain in the clear. I wish alcoholics would be required to seek rehab, as this is widely used and abused in all work settings, with much worse consequences than an isolated instance of recreational use of a relatively inoccuous substance such as pot. Sadly, alcohol use and abuse is socially accepted and tolerated, and people don't make such a fuss about it. You may wish to contact your particular state's nursing board, the ANA or an attorney for further information on the proper way in which your particular case should be handled. You may also look out the website of PACDN [Peer Assistance for Chemically Dependent Nurses] or Caduceus [this is a support group for health care providers who have problems of substance use and/or abuse]. Good luck, and hope everything turns out for the best. Remember, you are not alone; substance abuse among health care providers [specially nurses and doctors] have been estimated to be as high as 70% [or 7 out of 10 of us will have, have had, or are actually having drug use issues]. A relatively low statistic for such an over-worked, under-paid, over-stressed and un-respected group as us, the workers of the health care industry.

What type of drug test does Menzies Aviation do for a Passenger Service Agent?

They test for marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates and other Class 1 and Class 2 narcotics. Since you're asking about it you're most likely a drug user which means you need to go 100% cold turkey from now on because there are also random tests after employment that polls roughly 10% of the work force. Anyone refusing to take a drug test if selected is automatically assumed guilty and suspended from work without pay until they have attended a drug rehab program and have been clinically certified drug free for at least 6 months. If interviewed and / or hired NEVER admit to illegal drug use or you'll never hold a job in aviation.

I have to take this for working at cvs, even thought i dont work in pharmacy please help?

Just look over the study guide they must have handed out. Read it and this quiz will be much easier.

Suspended from work for sleeping. I am type 2 bipolar and forgot to take my medication I was very tired. Looks like it's time to find a new job?

It might be, depending on your situation.Some places will not tolerate you falling asleep on the job at all. Some will actually care and express concern, and help you help yourself. You mention a suspension, so I’m wondering if they’re more of the former than the latter. In that case, begin your search.Because I don’t know where you live, I don’t know what the laws are concerning your medical condition (and I am not a lawyer), but you might want to look into it with an attorney to see if there are any protections for your current condition. Medication adjustments are hard much of the time, so they might be more forgiving of you if they know why it happened.On the other hand, they might try to fire you for admitting a “disability.” As ugly as that is, it happens. Another reason to consult with an attorney to find out what your rights are in your particular situation.Keep in mind that while it’s usually fine to disclose information to your Human Resources department, their job is not to protect you, but to protect the employer from liability. They will do whatever they feel is best for the company that they can get away with legally. Sounds harsh, but that’s exactly why they exist. Usually they understand that if an employee is well and feels that the company cares about their well-being, they are good to have around.Polish up your CV/Resume just in case, and talk to your doctor about your medication adjustment and what happened at work. They might be able to help, too.Thank you for the A2A. Good luck.All materials included in this post are intended for informational purposes only. This post/information is not intended to and should not be used to replace medical or psychiatric advice offered by physicians or other health care providers. The author will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising therefrom.

I work for wal-mart and got suspended for a ticket i got outside work, can they do this??

I got a ticket a little over a week ago for Drug paraphernalia, its only a class C and i was told that i needed to tell my manager at work about this. I work for a walmart distribution center and i don't smoke anymore since i got hired on there about a yr ago. Long story short they suspended me and later i was told by a few co-workers that they cant suspend me for just a ticket its only if i was arrested. Can they do this ive told them that i will gladly submit to another drug screening for liability purposes and i have yet to hear anything back from them regarding this issue in the past week, i feel like they are just blowing me off. Anyone know where i can find walmart policies on things like this or anything to help ?

Can an employer force me to take a Breathalyzer test?

Question: Can an employer force me to take a Breathalyzer test?US Prespective.“Force you” as in physically restrain you and make you take the test involuntarily?No, of course not.However:Most employees are “at-will” - They don’t have employment contracts and so they can be terminated at any time for almost any reason that does not violate state or federal protected employee laws. There are no state or federal protections for intoxicated employees (although an attorney could make an argument that you are an alcoholic and you require treatment for your illness) and so your refusal could be used as a reason for termination. Or you could simply be terminated and then they’d see if you did file a suit against them.Even employees who have employment contracts have provisions in them nearly all have clauses which cover testing for cause or following an injury on the job - If you are hurt on the job and you require medical treatment, you can expect either a Breathalyzer test or a blood screen; perhaps both. If you decline, you would be in violation of your contract and your employment could be terminated.Employees who are covered by collective bargaining agreements often have extensive sections in those agreements that cover situations like this - Anecdote: I worked for a foundry (Now closed) that had an agreement that union employees (Not salaried, however) could have a blood alcohol content of .03% maximum at any time during their work period, including if they were injured on the job. However all employees, union or salaried , were subject to breathalyzer testing following work-related injuries and could be suspended or terminated if they failed to comply. The collective bargaining group often protects its members in case of situations where such a test might be an issue.So while you cannot be forced to take a breathalyzer test, you employment could be terminated if you fail to comply with being asked to take one.If there are any questions about your company’s policies, I would take your employee handbook to an attorney and have him or her explain things to you in-depth.