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Essay Help I Could Hardly Sleep With Excitement Only Three More Days To Go .

Any help with this essay?? please?

if you go for the 'undiscovered paradise' it would be easy to write about, for me anyway. if your writing a descriptive piece I would have thought it would be easier to write about the 'undiscovered paradise' because you can find pictures of places such as the 'Phi Phi' island in Thailand or one of the islands in the Maldives. You've got to be creative when writing about an island. I did it for my year 10 descriptive writing and took my inspiration from my travels in Thailand and images I found on the internet.

by looking at these you'll be able to create your own 'island' making it something nobody else would describe.


That's a good question and totally something that has happened to me before. And getting excited about something is totally like kryptonite for sleep, because the more excited you are, the more your body is 'activated', the more you will not relax and go to sleep.My first tip would be to try and convince yourself that you are not trying to fall asleep, even though you are. That is the big conundrum with sleep. The more you try at baseball, the better you are, but the more you try at sleeping, the more awake you will be! The night before a big event or something you are excited about, you’re trying so hard to fall asleep so that you can be closer to the event. The more you try, again, the more activated you are, and the less likely you will sleep. Instead try and tell yourself "I'm cool, I don't need to sleep, I am not trying to sleep," etc. until your just focus on something else.My second tip would be to focus on something else! In general, I try to avoid things with light before bedtime, such as computers and phones, because it keeps you awake (the light tells your body it is daytime). So instead I try to focus on reading or drawing or something else that is not as stimulating.My third tip would be to sort of "get your excitement out of your head" sort of technique, where you could take a pen and paper (again, no light), and write out a small outline about what you are excited about (and maybe what you are nervous about, too). By doing this, you are kind of letting go of the running brain chatter about your excitement and putting on a paper, out of your brain. When you are done, you put the paper away, signifying you putting away your focus on the matter, so you can focus on relaxing and sleeping!Good luck!

You need readjustment of your sleep cycle. Your body follows a sleep pattern, which you may or may not be aware of. Try sleeping around 10 pm and waking up around 6-7 am. Follow this for about two weeks, although it usually takes a week to adjust. Try reading books at night(not on you smartphone or tab), for it may help you fall asleep. You can also listen to music which is calm and relaxing.Not sleeping enough may lead to a sleep debt which reduces your productivity and health. Hence, sleeping at the correct time and for the right amount is as necessary as following a healthy diet or a workout schedule.

Can someone help revise my essay?

I remember as if it was yesterday, the day when Rockie (a beautiful black Labrador puppy 7 months old) went away. On September 24th, my father managed to force me to come with him to the animal shelter in order to get rid of my dog. I was terrified, but how could I refuse my own father’s order?

Standing in front of the reception desk with glass installed, the receptionist questioned me why have I decided to give away my dog to the shelter. I mumbled in response, “Because my father hates my dog,” barely holding back my tears, squeezing my fists tightly against my sides. The receptionist then directed me to the other room to wait patiently until another employee comes by to escort Rockie to the kennels.

Rockie was always smiling. He was such an energetic dog full of love, always coming to my rescue whenever I cried. Rockie was not only my best friend, he was a part of my family and felt like the only one in the world that cared about me. Seeing my father putting my dog in such a horrible, shaggy place full of cages, and dogs who are covered with blood and scars all over their bodies. It tore me to pieces.

I gripped the leash as hard as I could as an employee approached us. I resisted to let go as the man tried to take him away. But my father placed his hands on my shoulder and told me to release him. I looked at him with tears flowing down my face, pleading with him to stop this. He replied, “I’m sorry. Your dog does nothing but ruin all of our furniture. We have no other choice!” As I let Rockie go, I saw my father’s face fill with relief and joy. I turned back and watched as Rockie was being taken away to an unknown place with excitement. How pitiful was it to see him all happy, no clue to what's going on and then later on realize this was the last time he was ever going to see me. Will he be depressed?

While the stranger walked away with Rockie to lock him up in a cage, I screamed as loud as I could and ran towards them. I reached out for Rockie, but my father manage to hold me back. My arms couldn’t reach him, my voice unheard, and my tears went unnoticed.

Tears overflowed my eyes as many thoughts filled my head: What will happen to him? Will he survive? Will he find a better family? Will they put him to sleep? So many questions, and no one to answer them.

I’ll never forget September 24. The day Rockie, my best friend, went away without saying goodbye.

Can you please read and correct my essay?

I am residing evidence of the idea that a character’s atmosphere performs an principal function on his or her efficiency. I used to be a fantastic pupil at J.O. Johnson High School for the period of such a lot of prime college, however my development declined after I transferred to Hazel Green High School for the reason that of a loved ones predicament. Johnson High School is a predominately black college. I loved the interesting and shrewd lecturers and the interesting extracurricular techniques that the college's measurement made feasible with out sacrificing the social milieu as a rule located in smaller faculties. I stayed on the best of my magnificence at Johnson; I used to be trendy and took part in lots of events. Going to college used to be a breeze and I adored it. I left Johnson within the wintry weather of 2006 to wait Hazel Green High School for 2 months. Hazel Green is a smaller, predominately white nation college. It jogged my memory of a barn, and I felt remoted and out of location. Green's extracurricular events gave the impression vulnerable and talentless, the academics dull, and the scholars stupid. I hated it. My paintings ethic suffered a enormous decline at Green: it didn’t even faze me while my grades dropped. I started to sleep at school and arrive at college overdue daily. I had no peers for the reason that the opposite scholars concept I used to be immodest. I didn’t perform extracurricular events. In the top, I simplest handed all my categories with low C’s and D’s. In the autumn of 2006, I lower back to Johnson wherein I used to be happier and extra cozy. I used to be again amongst peers and worrying lecturers. My paintings ethic expanded, and so did my grades. I felt again on the best very quickly; I had come dwelling. Working in an unfamiliar atmosphere, I misplaced awareness and obtained off monitor: as a consequence my battle Hazel Green High School.

Response to literature essay?

First: please use your grammar and spell checker program to correct errors in spelling and grammar. It will immedialtey impress your teachers that you are paying attention to the details of your report.
Second: your report shows that you actually read the story and gained something from it. That is important. It also shows that the story is interesting and that you liked what you read. I think that your report will do well. Good Luck!

DO you think my essay is good? any mistakes?

Personally, I thought it sounded pretty cool! That makes me want to go to mount everest. I liked how you started off by giving the need to know information so the reader doesn't get confused. And well, other than maybe one or two grammar errors the only thing I could criticize is that you use more exciting verbs to pull the reader into your story. Great job kid! I'd give it an 8.

A horrible but true essay about me to correct it?

Medical experiments on humans

As we everyone know, it existed many concentration camps all around Europe during the second world war. That everyone consider to know about those horrible camps is that mostly Jews were prisoned there and they were either forced to work there or were gassed to death. But the point only few of us have have about is all those terrible medical experiments on human that took place into those camps. It's so horrible that I shiver when I'm telling you this. According to the Nazis the purpose of these human experiments was to improve German slatterns surviving conditions, improve the DNA for creating the perfect mankind etc. Do you believe that? What really happened into those concentrations camps?

Before telling you what Nazis really did I must mention Heinrich Himmler, because he was the chef and the leading person in this what they called researching project. He was nearest familiar with Hitler and his bodyguard. Himmler was involved in deciding to build the Auschwitz and he played decisive part in exterminating the Jews.

Mortality in high height
These low pressure experiments were performed to know in which max height German soldiers could jump parachute from. Experiments were performed in a low pressure chamber where the air pressure and the oxygen consistence was alike several kilometers high. All the victims lost their consciousness and then died of scarcity of oxygen.

I corrected your Spelling the best I could.

Hope I Helped!
Good Luck with it!

Mucus in my throat!?!? HELP?

Okay, so yesterday afternoon I started to have a sore throat and then around 5ish I started feeling like there was mucus like behind my nose or my upper throat... And I can't get it out, it's extremely annoying and I've also had a headache and a light fever.. I could hardly sleep last night and kept waking up, I've tried drinking water but it just makes it feel worse, and a few minutes ago I felt almost dizzy... And when I was in the shower I kept hearing stuff pound... It was like my ears were almost ringing but it sounded like someone's heart was beating in my ears because it was steady... So what's wrong with me? I've never smoked a day in my life so it couldn't be anything from that...

- Personal Testimonial -When I was in corporate, waking up at 5am allows me to get to the office first. That means I could accomplish a lot of work with zero distractions, zero interruptions. It also meant that I could get a full workout in and a full meditation session in and cook myself a leisurely breakfast (I describe more about why this was so important to my overall well-being in How Green Tea Made Me Superhuman). By FlооdAs it happens, one of my core values is a sense of ease, which includes the savoring of as many moments in life as possible. Having "extra" time in the morning allows me to savor the tiny moments, the moments that count: the ritual of making the tea or the coffee; the watching of the sunrise. By Perfect ZeroFor many years in corporate, I was able to say to my co-workers: This job can be stressful, and I probably don't get paid enough; but I get to watch the sunrise in total leisure and ease every morning from a 16th-floor window, and that is worth more to me than an extra $10,000 in salary. (I worked in higher ed, for anyone wondering; even in private for-profit higher ed, salaries are not huge.)The truth is, I've always loved getting up early. The world is a difference place when all the people are still asleep. The streets are empty; the city is quiet; and as the golden light of the sun slowly streams down over the world and the birds themselves begin to twitter awake, there is an immense feeling of possibility and rising energy that doesn't come from anything else. Of course, in order to get enough sleep, getting up at 5am means that I have to be in bed by 9pm. It's a trade-off I'm willing to make.In summary: the benefits of getting up early for me: Insane personal productivity Deep personal fulfillment  Stress preventionSunrises