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Even My Family Members Are Saying Im Fat

My friends and family says im skinny but i think im fat?Why?

im 13 y/o and 5'2'' and 100 friends always lift up there shirt 2 c there stomach n say they are fat and i do it with them and say im fat and there like ''shut up ur stomach is soooooo flat ur sooo skinny ugh'' and i always say no and they are like what look at me blah blah i fat or are they just saying that...

An aunt. We spent two weeks in Japan on holiday before I start my course at the uni, and for the first time I saw her real personality and I really can’t stand it.She lives in a perpetual inferiority complex. She would “fish” for compliments by deprecating herself all the time. Maybe because all her female siblings but her (including my mom) was exceptionally beautiful.Selfish, and really doesn’t consider other people’s needs. Would prevent all of us from going to X just because she was tired. Her reason being she had seen X before. And then she would persuade us to not go because it’s not good at all. If she doesn’t go, she doesn’t want anyone else to go too.But if we go and return with shopping bags she would play victim and ask why we didn’t buy her one too.She loves to test me. I hate it. She would gush over my intelligence then suddenly give me pop quizzes to test it.Everything that comes out of her mouth is unfiltered. Like, saying this in front of my mom: “I wonder how Gaby is so smart! It must be because of her dad.” The fuck?In the final day I decided enough was enough and the moment she began spitting those unfiltered stupid words I sprung into protective bear mode and told her how I believe my mom was actually really intelligent.She rebutted saying but my mom did so bad at school. I told her just because people have high degrees doesn’t mean they are intelligent. She is a doctor.And I bet people are going to think she’s some fiery, gossiping auntie but no. She talks slowly, like a princess. Moves very slowly. (In fact, she just stands there dumbly as everyone else labors with suitcases.)She’s also a very devout Christian.I always thought she was the most patient and kind aunt I have judging from how she sounds from the phone, but now I learned that you should never judge people from the cover.

No, you shouldn’t believe them. Fox News will tell you that they are lying to you. Fox News will tell you that they are bitter because Hillary Clinton lost the election, and any criticism of Donald Trump is therefore “deranged”. They must hate Donald Trump for beating Hillary Clinton, otherwise they would see all the amazing things that Donald Trump has done and they would all be conservatives.All that stuff about Donald Trump being a criminal in bed with Russian oligarchs all those years and beholden to Vladimir Putin, or being a moral reprobate and financial bankrupt and an admitted sexual predator, who sold the country for the price of a condominium on Red Square — that’s not anything you see on Fox News, right? So it can’t be true.But your relatives believe it all.Think about it, all your friends — your real friends — know that Donald Trump Made America Great Again, and that therefore criticism of Dear Leader must be out of jealousy, congenital hatred, and the desire for America to fail. All of your liberal relatives really want open borders, illegal immigrants stealing your jobs and voting against your values, judges who want to murder unborn babies and African American presidents.Oh and they want to take your guns away too.So don’t trust your relatives. Don’t trust anyone but Fox News. Fox News loves you. Donald Trump loves you. He really loves you. He is your savior.Your relatives are just your blood kin. Why would they love you, if you love Donald Trump?Really, why would they?

My family keeps calling me fat?

My family keeps calling me fat and it's beginning to take a toll on me. I am 5''9 and weigh just around 120 pounds. My mom calls me fat all the time, and my dad is beginning to chime in with her too. My body type is more hourglass, I have wide hips and a small waist and my breasts are 32C and my butt is big. My mom is always saying things like you're getting really fat, look at your boobs they'll just keep getting bigger. My older sister would say things like go on a diet and maybe you'll lose some body fat. I don't know why I look like this, I didn't ask for my body to be like this. My dad has told me to watch what I'm eating. They do this every single day and it's hurts. My friend's say to just ignore them, but it's kinda hard not to when it's coming from my own kin. My mom has been making fun of my looks since forever, and she's very skinny and tries to restrict the foods that I eat. My sister is very materialistic and shallow, I don't want to be like them. How do I get them to stop?

My family keeps calling me fat but I'm not?

Okay, so I'm 14years old 5'2" and I weigh around 85-90lb. This whole summer my family's been calling me fat and it's making me feel so self conscious. I do eat a lot, but I have a fast metabolism so I don't really gain any visible weight. My mom kept making fun of me earlier in the summer and kept saying "You have thunder thighs!" or "You're thighs are almost as big as your sisters!"(My thighs aren't even that big..) orr "Even I'm skinner than you!" (My mom's nowhere near being skinner than me) My older sister (age 17) also makes fun of me.. she always says that her thighs are smaller than mine and same with her stomach and neither is true. She makes fun of me because when she was my age she was like a stick, so she says, and she was a size 14 in pants, but I'm a size 16. Now that my older sister and my mom both keep calling me fat, my younger sister (age 8) thought it was okay to do too, so now even she does it. I know that I'm not fat, and I'm actually a little bit less than average weight, but my family's making me so self conscious about my body. I haven't worn shorts all summer because of it too, and I've been eating a lot less than I used to and I used to skip dinner a lot, but now I'm doing that with lunch or breakfast. I don't know why my mom and sisters keep calling me fat, I'm really not.. but my mom noticed what it's doing to me so she stopped, but my sisters are doing it even more. I've been trying to lose weight too. I don't know what to do. I keep asking them to stop calling me fat, and I even went off on them a few times but they just won't. Any help? Thank you so much xox

My family keeps calling me fat?

My family mum, dad and sister keep calling me fat. I am overweight and know that I need to lose weight, I would never deny that but its bordering on cruel now what they are saying. I am doing exercise everyday and have dramatically lowered my portions and what I eat so I should see some changes soon. However this doesnt seem to enough for them! My sister especially is the cruellest. It is the only thing she has over me, I am more popular than her, younger, happier even though I weigh more than her and she knows it. What should i do? Because it is a touchy subject I do get quite upset when they say things, in a way i feel like doing my best to lose the weight to spite them and then leaving. Because my sister especially is such a *****, she does this all the time and then apologises like its nothing. Today we had an argument so the first thing she said was look at the size of you, you're a big fat elephant. It sounds so stupid but sometimes I dont even feel like I can walk around my own house because they are just thinking of how fat I am.
Need a little advice please!

There are times when we think that our family do not understand us.That they don't have that mindset that we have.That they still thinks from a backward society point of view.That they do not understand the today's world latest gag.But this is not it.Just hold on one second, step into their shoes and again think all of it.What are they saying and why?? Just be completely biased and think of it from their point of view. Then you will realize their actual motive. Then you will realize how much they love you. That sense of backwardness will suddenly turn into their sense of security that they possess for you.And even if they are wrong sometimes, do not think that they do not understand you. Instead just sit with them and try to explain what you want from life.Only thing that the parents want is happiness for their kids. So just change the way you think and whole scenario will change.Cheers!!

I am in the same boat, my family recently let me know I am no longer welcome and in a very ugly way sent me away.It hurts to realize the people you have hoped would accept you your whole life dont like you and dont want you around. Hurts a lot.So I get it, I really get it. What I can tell you is I have analyzed the situation carefully, trying to pick out what I did that could possibly have ended me up here. Truth is I cant find much, I am kind, I am honest and I am fiercely loyal and will do anythig for the people I love.I loaned them money over the years with no return, I have helped them move, helped them work on their houses and protected them when they needed it (and I mean serious, take the person out back and hurt them protection).But not once have any of them shown up for me, not even when I went through the most traumatic times in my life. My older sister tried suicide a couple of years ago and I called her daily and worked hard to find and set up programs that would pay her bills while she went into a hospital for help so she wouldn't be homeless when she got out. But when I was depressed for a while over the loss of some very important parts of my life, she called me a black hole and still does to this day.There is no “why”, there is no reason and if pressed they wouldn't be able to give you a good answer as to why they act as they do. So if you are going to carry on the tradition of not loving yourself because they dont, its no wonder youre confused. Please try to start separating yourself from them emotionally and cognitively. Look at yourself, are you kind? smart? a good person? if you have positive answers to these questions, start there. Some times people, even a whole group of people are just F’d up and instead of looking at their own problems use a scapegoat to avoid dealing with the truth.Its no more or less than that. Just because you are alone and they still have each other, doesn't mean they are right. Be honest with yourself and if you find you are a good person, then you need to cut your self a break and be kind to you. If you find that you have done things that hurt people and thats the cause of the split then rectify them and apologize.In my case, I feel better everyday and still miss them but can stand alone and know that I am better off that way. I truly wish the same for you, dont give up or give in. Be a good, kind, hardworking person and find some friends to put your love into.Good Luck

No.Deep down, look among those stars at night who shine so brightly even though the suns want to sleep still it satisfies with less dim light to the moon.Look at those eyes of yours who can look, hands that feel and complete most of your chores, a mouth which can make you talk and laugh, ears which make you listen your favorite song and make you hear the darkest thoughts. And ofcourse your brain, who completes your existence without a break and makes you wonder the true purposes of you.You, me, and others - all human beings. With flaws and with blessings. We shine darker and darker, till our minds ponder.We are just us. We suffer and face pain. We are in this together and not die with our pressures. Allow yourself to face the hyprocrite world and smile. :) ❤️