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Everytime Someone Tries To Get To Know Me It Feels As If They Start To Slowly Back Off

How do you forget about someone you truely love but can't be with and you see them almost everyday?

Pain is the only thing that you'll feel. When you see them daily and know the fact deep inside your heart that they will never be yours.“The worst feeling is loving someone, but knowing they will never be yours.”Whatever you do for them to make them realize that you are in love with them deeply, they will never understand. You can actually feel that pain in your chest and stomach which will not let you sleep properly, breath freely. Day by day seeing them, you will feel that you are losing something, an important part of your life, a person with whom you always wanted to be - today, tomorrow & forever. Such feelings are hard to express and no one will understand the pain you might be going through. If you have loved someone truly, then you can’t forget them. That person might not be with you in the long run but their memories will always stay with you.You might stop talking to each other but you will never forget their voice. You might stop hugging but you will never forget their smell. Some people can stay in your heart forever, but not in your life. :(Things you should do to feel little better:1) Delete their contact number and stop making contact - calls, msgs, WhatsApp etc.2) Stop stalking their Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter profiles.3) Delete their pictures from your phone.4) Share your feelings with your friend.5) Start doing some physical activity e.g: Gym, morning walk, yoga. It actually works wonder.6) Meditate7) Don't be alone. Spend most time with your friends, family members.8) Try not to see them in the office. Obviously, you can't run or ignore them. If possible, change your timings.9) Take a break from office, go on vacation with your friends/family.10) Watch your fav web series on youtube.11) Avoid the places where you used to hang out.12) Focus on your career.13) Spend time with kids. Best Option. :)14) Put some inspirational/positive thoughts up at your work.15) Write a diary expressing your feelings.Just remember one thing, time is a great healer. Everything heals with time. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Your happiness is always going to come back. Bad times don't last.All the best! Stay happy! :)

If someone smiles at you every time they see you, does that mean they like you?

Well, you can look at it any way you want, really. I smile at just about every one that I meet, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I "like" them. It could mean that they like you, but it all depends on what kind of person this is. I wouldn't just run up to the person and say "I like you a lot! I saw you smiling at me, so you must like me too!" What I would do, not saying that it is the best idea out there, is to slowly get to know this person (I take it this person is a girl?). Start off with a simple "hi", or "whats up?". As you get get to know her, start engaging in small conversations. Small talk, in a way. If you feel nervous, that's ok, it's perfectly natural. Just don't scare her at first by going up to her and asking her name, and then asking her out. Start it off nice and easy. I hope this helps. I don't know much about girls, but then again, no one does!

My acne is starting to kill me slowly?

Hey , Give those Hormone pills a chance to kick in. Also try Zeno hot spot its a Product Approved by the FDA Sold at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart , Etc that removes acne in minutes!

I have acne too and my co-worker prescribes me ( I feel uncomfortable writing my own Rx) a Anti-Biotic (Doryx) and Acanya and AcZone . My opinion is Acanya Works best.

Try the Anti-Biotics take 1-2 a day for 3 weeks and watch the improvement

I am a Dermatologist and My opinion on Accutane is it works GREAT it wipes out Acne but should only be used for short periods as it has been linked to Intestinal Problems in long term use!

Re-Schedule an appointment ask about those Rx i told you about. The routine you are using to keep your face clean is great. If oil is your problem than try Dial Soap. Yes Dial Soap TWICE a day. Also try a Light OIL FREE Moisturizer. Exfoliating can actually dry out your skin and in some cases encourage oil production.

At the LAST resort pop the zit with a sterile cut and cut it at its base have Rubbing Alcohol Ready and put it on a cotton ball and rub it on your face. This is only for the LAST Resort

Try that Zeno Hot Spot my patients rave about it. Pro-Activ in my opinion doesn't work as it has low levels of Acne-Fighting ingredients and can actually starve your face of its natural vitamins your face needs.

Also some of my patients are also raving about

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I like this girl but I don't know what to say to her!(Girls preferably)?

Ok, first; (me and my friends have talked about this so much) the thing that annoys girls most about guys is that they dont have enough confidence. confidence is always sexy. just make that your mantra or something. there are very few guys that girls will totally shut down with a big fat NO. if you are nice and act interested in her and her activities and you ask her out (if you are unsure, start with a casual or group outing) then there is a pretty small chance she will say no. (assuming your not a total creep).
Just when you talk to her, and when you ask her out, act confident and keep the conversation going. the thing girls are most afraid of about dates is that there will be awkward silence. if you show her you can keep a convo going, she will be more likely to say yes.
On keeping the convo going; ask questions about things shes interested in and about her. people love to talk about themselves. bonus: if you ask about her, she will go away feeling like she had a great convo and you will still have stuff to share about yourself on the date without being repetitive.
You say you arent sure that she likes you; I would say with the information given, if you arent making up or imaging how much she looks at you, then she at least thinks about maybe liking you.
I would go for it. and if you usually dont know what to talk about, facebook stalk her a little and find out her interests. just limit it to like 45 minutes. and dont worry, girls stalk too. :) good luck!

How can I know when my crush likes me back?

2016 !!Me: HeyCrush: What up?Me: Nothing to do. Bored. What you're doing?Crush: Haha same. I'm surprised though.Me: What?Crush: You're never bored on Saturdays.Me: You know me so well.Crush: Yeah maybe because I hear from you so much.Me: Yeah thank you for listening.Crush: Haha. Shut up. There's no football match?Me: Football matches are never on a day time. I mean I never saw that.Crush: Hmm. What should we talk about then?Me: Let's talk about us.Crush: Us? Okay.Me: I like talking to you. Actually.Crush: Okay. I talk too much. I should reduce it.Me: Actually you should just talk and talk.Crush: So people start getting annoyed with me. Right?Me: I never get annoyed with you. Why you care about others.Crush: Yeah. But end of the day you need friends.Me: Am I not your friend?Crush: Nope.Me: Haww you don't consider me as a friend?Crush: You're just different. I mean with friends I'm different. I am limited. With you I'm kinda blah. Every time.Me: You're not blah.Crush: Ahaan. Yes I am.Me: Anyway. So, who am I?Crush: As in?Me: As in. To you? What you think of me?Crush: Actually never gave a thought to it..Me: Yeah that's my charm. I never really let girls think of anything else apart from talking to me..Crush: And the Rahul is back. Haha.Me: I'm always on that mode.Crush: What you think of me?Me: I don't know. I just like talking to you.Crush: Even you're this clueless. So how could you expect that from me?Me: Because I find you intelligent.Crush: Hehe. Well I'm not.Me: You're full of misconceptions.Crush: And you're full of justifications.Me: Yes.Crush: To flatter anyone.Me: I do flatter you.Crush: Yeah. Why would I said it then?Me: Anyway. The question still remains. Who am I? To you?Crush: A good friend?Me: Congratulations.Crush: Hehe why?Me: You've friend zoned another better guy.Crush: Shut up. What they say about being friends before liking each other.Me: So you do like me.Crush: Maybe.Me: You've clearly mentioned of us being friends. So now maybe next step is to like each other I guess.Crush: Hehe. Idiot.Me: You do or not?Crush: You do or not?Me: I do. You tell now?Crush: Me too. Now bye. Gotta go.Me: Wait wait wait. You like me?Crush: Face palm. I do.I think she actually did.Sorry baby *wink*

How can i stay on my horse bareback? how can i gain trust again? 10 points best answer?

it could be that your horse knows that your nervous when you get back on her after that scary encounter before. I would suggest getting on her bareback and having someone walk you around, it sounds lame, but trust me you will not have the fear of falling if someone has your horse by a leadline. Once you overcome this, work your way up to having someone lung your horse (you choose the speed) while you are on her bareback. This will give you and your horse confidence. Once you have mastered that, ride in a indoor arena bareback, with supervision, until you feel confortable enough to ride by yourself. Eventually the horse will have your trust and you will have the same for the horse. This process may take awhile, but trust me it will pay off in the end.
Oh and if you decide to move outdoors repeat the same process as you did indoors.