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Examples Of This Kind Of Commercial Centers

What is a good example of a brownfield site and a greenfield site?

►►Brownfield sites are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities available for re-use. Expansion or redevelopment of such a facility may be complicated by real or perceived environmental contaminations.

Generally, brownfield sites exist in a city's or town's industrial section, on locations with abandoned factories or commercial buildings, or other previously polluting operations. Small brownfields also may be found in many older residential neighborhoods. For example, many dry cleaning establishments or gas stations produced high levels of subsurface contaminants during prior operations, and the land they occupy might sit idle for decades as a Brownfield.

One of the most well-known areas in the United States for Brownfield redevelopment is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has successfully converted numerous former steel mill sites into high-end residential, shopping and offices. Several examples of Brownfield redevelopment in Pittsburgh include the following:

In Homestead, Pennsylvania, the site once occupied by Carnegie Steel has been converted into a successful commercial center, The Waterfront.

In Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood, a former slag dump for steel mills was turned into a $243 million residential development called Summerset at Frick Park.

In the South Side neighborhood, a former LTV Steel mill site was transformed into Southside Works, a mixed-use development that includes high-end entertainment, retail, offices, and housing.

In the Hazelwood (Pittsburgh) neighborhood, a former Jones and Laughlin steel mill site was transformed into a $104 million office park called Pittsburgh Technology Center.

►► Greenfield land is a term used to describe a piece of previously undeveloped land, in a city or rural area, either currently used for agriculture or landscape design, or just left to nature. Greenfield land can be unfenced open fields or urban lots, or restricted, closed property kept off limits to the general public by a private or governmental entity.

An example would be Schilling Gardens, Greenfield parcel, in Oakland, California.


What are the differences between supermarket and shopping center?

A supermarket is a single organisation that sells everything in it..... I gets stuff from various suppliers and companies and sells it to customers...... For example A supermarket would be something like TESCO, WALMART or something like it.....

A Shopping center on the other hand is a HUB where many different brands, organisations and businesses have their own sections so as to offer there own products or something they can offer with a difference..... For example A shopping center can have shops of Armani, Sony, Apple, DELL, Cartier, Nokia, Boots, etc.

What is the difference between a department store and a shopping mall?

A shopping mall is going to be a conglomerate of different types of stores within one location. There are many types of shopping malls indoor malls, outdoor malls, and outlet malls just to name a few.Her department store is going to be a specific store that has different sections representing a certain category. For example, Walmart has a department for grocery, men's clothing, Beauty, and Healthcare.You can also argue that huge online stores such as or could be considered a department store as well. It would just be virtual.There are also many boutique stores that you consider to be small department stores. Like Francesca's has a gift Department and a clothing department. On the online side Love Now USA | Modern Women's Apparel at Great Prices could be considered a boutique department store what's departments for outerwear and dresses.

What are the greatest challenges for shopping malls today?

At the very basic, shopping mall is a logistical solution created decades ago - pre internet era. Shopping mall creates concentration of sellers and customers. It is (was?) one of the most efficient ways to convert those numbers into sales.There are many challenges facing many shopping malls just like any other business.How to bring more footfallHow to keep cost lowHow to ensure there is enough parking lot How to bring quality tenants and customersHow to attract talented people to join their organizationsHow to adapt with Omni Channels purchase behaviour e.g. customers see the product in malls, purchase it onlineHow to increase sales for their tenantsHow to replicate the same business model in country XHow to maintain rent value - especially important for mall funded by REITsetcTo say that competition with online shopping is their biggest challenge is an over simplification of a more troubling issue. For any shopping mall, their biggest challenge is to ensure that they are (still) a relevant and viable logistic channel for buyers and sellers alike. In this digital era when many other players can do what malls are fundamentally supposed to do (i.e. bringing sellers and buyers together and convert those mass into sales), shopping malls are like horse-drawn carriage when Ford Model T was introduced. While some of those carriages might be bigger and fancier than other carriages or even Model T, for many of them, they know that their days are numbered.

When soliciting on private property like a store, shopping center, mall, etc, does the solicitor have rights?

It is very important to identify that this is in California, because free speech rights are more highly protected there than elsewhere in the U.S.

In California, everyone has a free speech right applicable in places which are open to the public, such as shopping malls, though this does not extend to places not generally open to the public, like apartment complexes. (Robins v. Pruneyard Shopping Center (1979) 23 Cal. 3d 899; Golden Gateway Ctr. v. Golden Gateway Tenants ***'n (2001) 26 Cal. 4th 1013.) This would certainly apply to political solicitation. However, commercial solicitation may not be covered by the right to free speech, and thus be subject to regulation by the property owner.

Of course, although the solicitation may not be prohibited, it can be regulated (for example, by requiring solicitors to be in a particular place), and obviously cannot interfere with the business involved. (See Lushbaugh v. Home Depot, Inc. (2001) 93 Cal.App.4th 1159.) However, other than such regulation, for the most part the owner of property open to the public cannot just demand that a non-commercial solicitor leave the property.

Are there any good places to go shopping in Lima, Peru?

You can try in Avenida Larco, in the Miraflores district (the better and more expensive of Lima) at the end of this street, South direction, on the sea, you can find the Larcomar, a beautiful and amazing Commercial Center where you can find everything you want of every mark!

Landscaping license?

im trying to get my small landscaping maintenance started. I do a couple houses and a few shopping centers but I really want to grow my business. At the moment I do not have a license but was wondering if anyone had any information on how to get a license for this kind of work. Or to register my business. Keep in mind I only do maintence at the moment. And I work in multiple cities in California. Thanks for any help!