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Examples With These Words

Example sentences for these words?

She was very cheerful for someone who had faced so much adversity in her life.
The little boy admitted he was culpable in the theft of the kitten.
My aunt has eclectic taste in literature and music.
Don't do any favors for him because he's an ingrate.
We wanted to assist grampa, but he was intractable about not wanting any help.
The mess in my house precludes the chance of inviting any company over.
Dogs have a predilection for meat and meat-based snacks.
Mr. Smith's prosaic speech put everyone to sleep.
You can't insist that everyone walks to work because that's just not viable.

Can someone give me examples of these words?

So I need examples of these words. Not how they're used in a sentence. The words are:
Thanks in advance

Please Help Give Examples Of These Words!?

Synonyms: astraddle, changeable, doubtful, faltering, halting, hemming and hawing, hesitant, hesitating, hot and cold, inconclusive, indeterminate, irresolute, of two minds, on the fence*, tentative, unclear, undecided, undetermined, uneventful, unsettled, unstable, vacillating, waffling, wavering, weak-kneed, wishy-washy*

Synonyms: adherence, attachment, bond, cementation, cling, clinging, comprehensibility, concordance, conformity, congruity, connection, consistency, consonance, construction, continuity, correspondence, inseparability, inseparableness, integrity, intelligibility, rationality, relations, solidarity, stickage, tenacity, union, unity

What are some of the best examples of loaded words?

This is a matter of content.  Any word can be loaded in accordance with the aims of the speaker.  Case in point, try yelling 'Fire' in a crowded theater and result will be instant.  If you say fire, sitting at a campsite, obviously reaction will not be the same.  Basically, a word is 'loaded' if uttering it causes others to react in a way they wouldn't normally react.  Hope this helps.

I need 2 examples & definition for these words....?

Animate power,
Asylum seeker,
Cultural linkage,
Cultural revival,
Density gradient,
Disamenity sector,
Economic reach,
Environmental stress,
Ethnic islands, Functional specialization,
Functional structure,
Renewable energy,
Renewable resources,
Sanitary landfill,
Sector model,
Smart growth,
Soil erosion,
Solid waste,
Squatter settlement,
Sustainable development,
Toxic waste,
United nations conference on environment and development (UNCED),
United nations conference on the Human environment,
Urban function,
Urban geography,
Urban hierarchy,
Urban model,
Urban realm,
Urban renewal,
Urbanized area,
Vienna convention for the protection of the Ozone layer,
World city,
Zoning ordinance,

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Whats an example of these preffix/suffix words?

Rhododendron, brontosaurus, muscle spasm, respiration, stratosphere

What do these words mean? no dictionary examples. simple answers please?

pervaded- penetrated
interior- inside
vat- vessel, tank
truffles- type of chocolate candy
bust- break
bullion- gold bars
allergen- something you are allergic to or causes an allergic reaction
grimaced- frowned
earthier- more common
menacing- dangerous
epithets- derrogatory speech directed at ones race or creed
adorned- ornamented, decorated
reverie- daydream, space-out
consolation- comfort
Florence- a city in Italy
unfurled- took the cover off
aspire- a desire to be something
contemplated- thought about
conundrum- a tight spot like between a rock and a hard place
brandishing- made visible
fluidity- flowing movement of something
sibilant- raspy sound or hissing
recited- read aloud
indignant- offended or angered by an accusation
tarnished- spotted or soiled
bedridden- can't get out of bed
vigour- enthusiasm or energy
asphalt- blacktop
remedy- solution
revolt- rebel
retread- make over
henchmen- a follower of someone or member of a gang
soiled- stained by getting wet with bodily fluids
acolytes- alter servers in the church

What does two syllable words mean?

A distinctive sound unit of a language is called is called phoneme. It is distinctive because it is the smallest unit in the sound system of a language. The unit next in hierarchy is called syllable which can have one or more phonemes.If a syllable has only one sound, it is most likely to be a vowel sound e.g. I, oh etc. A vowel is more prominent than the consonant sound(s) in a syllable. That is the reason it is called a nucleus because it holds the central position in a syllable. Consonants are optional and take the marginal position in a syllable.Presence of nucleus(vowel) is must in a syllable precisely because it corresponds to a chest pulse. So a syllable can also be defined in terms of a muscular movement pushing the air out of lungs. To simplify it further, we can say that we can have only one vowel(nucleus) in a syllable, though we can have one or more than one consonants in it.It means a number of vowels in a word equals the number of syllables. Words like man, beat, it, see, street, text etc are monosyllabic because they have only one vowel sound in them. We can also see that the consonants are optional and marginal in a syllable. In the word street, there are three marginal consonants /s/, /t/ and /r/, a vowel(nucleus) and a marginal consonant /t/.If a word has two vowel sounds in it , it means it has two syllables. The words captain, master, teacher, doctor, eager, canal, about, delight etc are two syllable words because they have two vowel sounds in them.In some words, a consonant can also function as a nucleus because the weak vowel permeates in the following consonant, e.g. /n/ and /l/ in the second syllable of button and battle. The weak vowel shwa in the second syllable of these words gets permeated in /n/ and /l/ sounds. Such a consonant that functions as a nucleus is called a syllabic consonant.