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Excessive Hormone; Acne; Hair Growth

Does excessive masturbation cause acne on body and face?

yes it does. i have confirmed it during my own trials. i hate when people say it doesn't. look i will suggest you do this. stop mastubating for 3 weeks and you will notice there wil be no boils on your face , wait a week to notice the difference. then start back after soon and i bet you will see boils on your face. you need to stop now because you are going to rupture your face with holes that cannot be removes. yes people who have holes in their face either maturbated too much or burst/squeeze the boils

Does being fat cause excessive body and facial hair?

Being fat is indicative of problems with body’s metabolism. Getting back into shape will help big way in general. Do Kapalbhati Pranayam three times a day for half an hour at a time. Do Anulom Vilom Pranayam for fifteen minutes every time after this. Stop all sugars and sweets completely. Eat only vegetarian food. Drink a lot of water. Chant Beej mantras very slowly right from Laam through to Ohm, each 50 times at a time before moving to the next. Do this chanting three times a day.Every time you feel hungry or weak drink a few sips of water very slowly.Every time you feel hungry try to feel the details of that hunger. What are you feeling like actually? Try to feel the feeling more and more precisely. Also try to be more precise about the location of the feeling. This will drive away the unnecessary hunger.

What are some remedies for hormone imbalance after stopping combined birth control pills?

I can think of a couple of hormonal indications for combined oral contraceptive pills (COCPs): irregular or missed ovulations causing menstrual issues like irregular, absent, or heavy bleeding (a result of endometrial disruption due to a lack of “balance” between estrogenic stimulation and progesterone-withdrawal shedding), and excessive androgen effects like hair growth and acne as a result of excess production (often conversion from estrogen) or sensitivity to testosterone. (The reverse testosterone-to-estrogen conversion in young men can result in breast-tissue growth called “gynecomastia.”)Irregular ovulation is quite common in younger women and typically improves with time, though sometimes it can persist well into adulthood. COCPs, by substituting their effect on the endometrium for that of the “unbalanced” natural hormones, effect regular (and usually lighter) menstrual periods, but don’t actually affect the underlying maturational change in ovulatory regularity—that is, many women remain regular after stopping COCPs not because the pills “fixed” them, but rather because their bodies matured while they were using the pills. Conversely, women who become irregular (again) after stopping COCPs have not been “damaged” by the pills, but simply resumed what their bodies were doing before starting COCPs. Such irregular ovulation can make pregnancy difficult to achieve (this is the main reason COCP users are advised to switch to barrier contraception for three months before attempting pregnancy—to see if they are ovulating reliably.)COCPs taken to suppress androgenic (male-hormonal) effects like acne work in large part by increasing production of a hormone-binding protein which renders the bound testosterone inactive and thus unable to provoke acne (or excessive hair growth). Unfortunately some conditions which result in this type of hormone “imbalance,” such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), may persist in the absence of COCPs unless other treatments (like metformin) are used. It’s best to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider if this is the problem.

Is acne, dandruff and hair loss related to each other?

Yes••Science of connection between acne , dandruff and hair loss••If acne and dandruff both are present at the same time thenMostly this is due to high sebum production from your skinBoth are often caused by hormonal changesHigh sebum is usually caused by excess DHT acting on the hair glands. DHT is converted from T in the gland itself by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, and this conversion has been shown to be overactive in people with acne. There are substances that can block the action of this enzyme and that way reduce sebum production.As to diet, anything that keeps your insulin and blood sugar levels under control is going to help.Sebum contains DHT. DHT is by far the most significant cause of hair loss. So if you suffer from elevated sebum levels, you need to give your liver a helping hand. It’s likely that it was your liver’s inefficiency that caused your acne when you were younger. And now the same thing is a causal factor in your hair loss.You need to cure this acne and dandruff first then automatically hair loss will stop••Remedies ••For acne and dandruffApply Tea Tree Essential Oil on scalp as well as on places where you have acneHow it helps:-It contains strong antibacterial and antifungal compound which treats acne in shorter duration as compared to other methods at the same time it will give soothing effect to skin one more advantage of this oil is it will cure pimple without any scar . It will faint pimple scar and gives you clear skin. This will also fights with scalp infection and removes dandruff in 2–3 applicationsDrink 2–3 litres of waterFollow below diet with body detoxifying agents and hair growth boostersLive stress-freeFor acneApply ice packApply cucumber face packApply tomato maskFor dandruffWash by baking sodaApply fenugreek pasteRinse hair by apple cider vinegarApply below protein maskSubscribe me on you tube channel cocoa sonaliofficial for more hair care videos

I get acne whenever I apply oil to my hair. I have stopped applying oil and the acne is gone. What should I do for my hair? What should I apply for their nourishment, while also avoiding acne?

Let's get to the cause of acne first.- Acne is caused due to the accumulation of Sebum, an oil secreted by your skin.- Sebum attracts bacteria, resulting into acne.- Acne causes agitation, and when you scratch, it further worsens the issue.How to get rid of acne- Exfoliate skin, at least once a week ( to remove the accumulated dead skin)- Wash your face with warm water, to open the pores, so that excess sebum doesn't get accumulated.- Wash your hands regularly and keep your face clean, to reduce the bacteria buildup- Apply less concentrated benzoyl peroxide.- Apply moisturizer to keep the skin moist, and prevent itchiness.Applying hair oil, increases the oiliness of your skin. So my advice would e apply hair oil every alternate day and use a face wash to remove excess oil.Benzoyl peroxide is by far the best medication to remove acne. But make sure you don't apply it in excess.Thanks,Arindam(Blogger @Royal Enfield Continental GT )

Does masturbation cause hair loss?

haha no if masturbation causes hair loss all 15 year old boys would be bald

Masturbation and Hair loss?

Hi i am 15 and i masturbate about 3-8 times a day, i read online that masturbation releases a chemical called DHT which causes hair loss. I look at my hair and it seems a lot thinneri am guessing because of masturbation, if i were to cut down/stop masturbating so much would my DHT levels fall and cause my hair to thicken again. please include sources of info please