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Exercises To Do At Home.

What are good at home exercises?

Doing an effective whole body conditioning and weight loss workout
can be done entirely at home without any fancy equipment. A couple of
dumbbells is all you will need. (Even if you don't have dumbbells
there is usually something lying around the house that is heavy enough
to substitute in for them).
Here is a list of 20 exercises you can do right in your own home for
a great whole body conditioning and fat loss workout.


Group 1:

Bodyweight Squats
Bulgarian Split Squats
Prisoner Squat
Reverse Lunge
Step Ups
One Leg "Get Ups"

Group 2:

Push Ups
Push Up and Point
Mountain Climbers
Decline Push Ups
Push Ups/Stick Ups
Step Up and Press
Squat and Press

Group 3:

Side Plank
Curl and Press
One Arm Rows
Bird Dogs
One Leg Deadlifts

Pick one exercise from each group and do them all back to back for a
mini circuit of 3 exercises. Do each exercise for a timed interval of
10 seconds for a total of 30 seconds per mini circuit.
As you get better at them work up to doing each exercise for 20
seconds for a total of 60 seconds per mini circuit.
Take 30-60 seconds rest between mini circuits.
For beginners do a total of 3 mini circuits to start. Working up to 4
or 5 as you get better at them.
Once you're ready to move to the next level add a second mini circuit
by choose 3 different exercises (one from each grouping). Do your
second mini circuit with the same time of work to rest ratio as your
If you feel you are already at an advanced level you can add one or
two more mini circuits up to a total of 4 mini circuits. These 20
exercises are just an example of what is possible, there are dozens
more that would work in this mini circuit style, you can incorporate
any exercise that you like into these mini circuits. This style of
workout is a great complete whole body conditioning and fat loss
program you can do right at home in under 45 minutes.

Ballet exercises to do at home?

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Cardio exercises at home?

Well, you could try out these cardio exercises; all of them can be done at home:

1. Treadmill walking/jogging/running
2. Stationary biking or biking in the open
3. Swimming
4. Dancing
5. Jumping on trampoline (in your garden, hall, kitchen, bedroom, study....)
6. Rope jumping

Here's an excellent guide showing you how to jump effectively:

What are some exercises I can do at home to trim my waist and flatten my stomach?

crunches (before you eat then wait about 30 min. before eating)
or while holding onto a bar hang and lift your thighs slowly

What exercises can I do at home to build muscle?

Follow this and you shall achieve your goals:Eat. Eat a lot. Eat clean. You want to gain weight but you don’t want to gain fat weight. You want to gain lean muscle weight. Use this Calorie Calculator to determine how many calories you need a day to gain 1–2 a week. I’d say start with 1 pound a week seeing as you won’t be using weights. Create a meal plan for yourself and make them at least a few days to a week out so you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and how many calories you’re getting. Also keeps you from skipping meals (which you do NOT want to do if you want the gains)Make a workout routine/schedule and stick to it. No excuses. Make changes where you need to if emergencies pop up of course, but you will be the reason you succeed or fail. You got this.Compound workouts will be your friend. Compound workouts are exercises that work 2 or more muscle groups. Here are a few to get you started:Push ups. The bread and butter. Push ups are great for strength building and work delts, shoulders, chest and abs. PLUS you can do different variations so as to work every angle. One leg raise push ups. Incline push ups. Wide push ups. Military push ups. The list goes on.Lunges. Your wheels are important. They are the biggest muscle group and burn the most calories. Lunges, squats, hops, wall squats, and skiis are great to work with.Planks. Works your entire front. About 3o seconds in a plank position will have you sweat to no end. There are even different variations too!Abs. The coveted of all workouts (besides biceps of course!) a 10–15 min ab session (quick google search will bring up plenty) and you will have a great core in no time.Before starting, always do a nice 5–10 min warm up. Jogging in place, jumping jacks, or some other form of cardio to get your muscles loose will help greatly. After your workout, be sure to help recoup your muscles by having a protein drink (or chocolate milk, works just as good) and stretching.Good luck. Hope this helps

What are some exercises i can do at HOME for this?? (pictures!!!)?

You need a stability ball, resistance tubes, dumbbells, and a medicine ball (all really cheap at Walmart, and the results are well worth it! I follow this routine and it kicks my butt, and I see results!)

If you want to see these exercises in action, copy and paste into

Monday- Chest/Biceps/Abs

Dumbbell Fly on Stability Ball
Dumbbell Bench Press on Stability Ball (as you get more advanced, can use one leg)
Alternating Dumbbell Curls
Dumbbell Hammer Curls
Weighted Stability Ball Crunches
Preacher Curls on Ball
Resistance Band Chest Exercise
Pushups on Ball
Opposite Arm and Leg Extensions on Ball
Lie on Ball and roll forward, then roll back (refer to ball brochure)
Lift Ball behind your back as you are kneeled on the floor (refer to ball brochure)

Tuesday- 30 Minutes MIN to 2 Hours MAX of Cardio

Wednesday- Triceps/Shoulders/Abs

Resistance Band Overhead Triceps Extension
Triceps Kickbacks
Dumbbell Overhead Press on Stability Ball (think of goalpost)
Dumbbell Lateral Raises
Deltoid Front Raise
Skull Crusher using Dumbbells
Mountain Climber
Triceps Extensions with Dumbbells
Stability Ball Crunches (can be weighted)
Lower Abs Weighted ball Exercise

Thursday- 30 Minutes MIN to 2 Hours MAX of Cardio

Friday- Back/Legs/Abs/Hips

Back Extensions on Stability Ball (strengthens lower back)
Dumbbell Squats
Stability Ball Wall Squat (knees not further then toes)
Dumbbell Lunges
Dumbbell Calf Raises
Seated Calf Raises on Ball (works the lower calf)
Upright Dumbbell Rows
Standing Resistance Band Rows
Seated Resistance Band Row
Single Arm Dumbbell Row
Hip Lifts (works the glutes and core)
Side Lying Abduction Leg lifts on Ball (can use ankle weights to add resistance)
Obliques Curl/Side Plank on Ball

Saturday- 30 Minutes MIN to 2 Hours MAX of Cardio

Sunday- Rest

What are the best dumbell exercises to do at home, if you don’t have access to a gym?

Dumbbell floor pressesDumbbell overhead pressDumbbell rowsLateral raisesCurlsGoblet squatsDumbbell deadliftsWalking LungesFollow me on Instagram for more content and help at Joe.Lifts.Bro