Explain How This Works

Would anyone care to explain how this works?

My first guess would be small springs and mirrors, however, it probably has a light closure at the shoulder and pulling a string or something within the sleeves, pulls it into a roll at the hem of the vest (and maybe then to the back). A bit of practice you could change it very quickly and not notice. The fabric would need to be very fine so as not to cause too much bulkiness in the hem or back wherever it ends up.

Please explain how this works?

in all your "stoichiometry" problems, follow these 6 steps
.. (1) write a balanced equation
.. (2) convert everything given to moles
.. (3) determine limiting reagent
.. (4) use the coefficients of the balanced equation to convert moles
.. ... ..limiting reagent to moles other chemicals
.. (5) convert moles back to mass... this is theoretical mass (theoretical yield)
.. (6) % yield = (actual mass recovered / theoretical mass) x 100%

*** 1 ***
2 FeBr3 + 3 Na2S ---> 1 Fe2S3 + 6 NaBr

*** 3 ***
we assume FeBr3 is limiting since amount of Na2S is not mentioned

** 2 & 4 combined ***
449g FeBr3 x (1 mol FeBr3 / 295.56g FeBr3) x (1 mol Fe2S3 / 2 mol FeBr3) = 0.760mol Fe2S3


Can you explain me about how share market works?

The stock market is the medium through which the exchange of shares, Equities takes place between the seller/company and the buyer. In India the Nifty and Sensex are the two main indices of NSE and BSE respectively.How Share market works?First, a company gets listed in the primary market through an Initial public offering (IPO). Investors can directly bid for the stocks in IPO and buy them from company.After that company gets listed on the stock market, the stocks issued by the investors in IPO can be traded in the secondary market. This is where most of the trading happens. In this market, buyers and sellers place their online orders to buy and sell shares.Stock brokers and brokerage firms are entities registered with the stock exchange and act as an intermediary between buyer, an investor, and the stock exchange.To get a detail idea of how share market works, watch a video,

Can any Christians explain how this works?

recently, a pretty serious gay bashing article was written in my school newspaper by some fundamentalist Christian. The article started out on the subject of a hate speech bill that is being argued in my state's legislature, and quickly went off on a wild tangent of how evil it is to be gay. The fundie went on to say how being gay is "wrong, just like stealing, murder, etc." Unless she, the fundie, is a true anarchist, who would have thieves and murderers running loose, then I have to assume based on what she wrote that she would treat a gay the same way she would treat a thief or a murderer. If she were in charge, she would have imprisoned the same way. Sine the law doesn't do this for her, i worry that she and her friends may take matters into their own hands. Based on what she wrote, I worry that her and her extremist Christian fundie friends are a real physical threat to homosexuals. I tried to point out to the school administration that this article was a threat, and a call to action against gays, but the teacher I went to, who is in charge of the newspaper ignored me. When I asked a couple of Christian friends of mine, from different Christian sects, both told me that, while the comment was mean, it was not a threat. they didn't explain how that can be very well though. Can anyone here explain it?

Can someone explain how this system works...?

we are no longer IN a perfect world. It says in the bible we were kicked out of the garden of eden, and the natural consequence of our sin is what we are experiencing.

It's like this; if you don't put oil in your car, the engine will stop. there is nothing that can change this, no matter how much you want to, it's the natural consequence of not putting oil in your car.

in the same way, spiritual death and the evils of the world are the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of sin. it isn't a punishment imposed on us, it's the natural consequence of sin. God, not wanting us to face those consequences because we are his children and he loves us, provides a way out for us; Jesus. But, just like the second wrestler in a tag team match can't come in unless he is taggged, Jesus can't take our punishment for us unless we agree to let him take our punishment for us.

who am i kidding; you probably are too closed minded to read this and/or take it seriously.

have a nice life while it lasts.

Finance help, can you explain how this works?

This is your homework/studying, so you should read your book to figure out how to calculate it.

I will tell you to look up the Hamada equation, as that's the one you need to solve this.

This is kind of how it will probably look...

Weighted debt(.4) x cost of debt (.1125) x 1-tax rate (.66) + weighted equity (.6) x cost of equity (there's another equation to figure this one out, and that's probably the toughest part of the problem).

Would someone explain me how does this site works?

Quora is a site where you can get your questions answered as well as you can answer questions that are in your field of expertise.Answering and reading questions on Quora regularly will help you learn more about the topic that you already know a little bit about.

Can anyone explain me how this program works?

Consider a circular list of 6 elements as shown in the below image.The first element is at index ‘0’ and the last element is at index ‘5’. Size of the list is ‘6’. Since it being a circular list, the element at index=’6′(i.e. index=size) is nothing but the element next to 6 in the above image. It is nothing but the element at index=0 i.e. ‘1’. Similarly the element at index=-1 (element previous to ‘1′) is nothing but the element at index=5(size-1).Based on this concept, the get() method is implemented in the above class.Am not sure if the method needs to handle cases where index>size or index<-1.

Can someone explain how this verse works?? romans 1:20?

How it should be a no brainer when we observe Creation around us, how the earth has been made just right for us to live on, how we should all clearly see God in everything around us, everything should always remind us, that he created all these things and because of his will they were created. Revelation 4:11
Its should be a no brainer, and yet the majority of humans have turned their backs away from God, many do not believe he exists let alone created everything we see.
For example when you see the hard working ants, right away we should we should see that our creator has always been working, and wants us to be hard workers as well, when we observe the awsome power of the sun, right away we should fear and tremble at the one who created it, in a reverantial sort of way, not a morbid fear, a deep respect. Did you know that if you captured a needle point size of energy from the sun, you could not stand within a 70 miles radius of that little pin head.
Last example is that if you were walking in a barren desert and stumbled upon a house with running water, stocked full with food, etc, would you assume it miraculously just fell there from the sky or came from a big bang, now how much more so with the earth, or human bodies and the universe.All this insult God has endured, and yet he still loves us and wants us to return to him with a complete heart.
But the most touching quality about God is his neverending love, which he proved by sending his only beggotten Son, the most precious thing to him to die for us, imperfect humans. Its like if you were inviting strangers over, or homeless people to come for a meal, would you take our your best chyna to serve on. Now imagine how Precious his Son was and is to him.
A very touching verse in God's Word the Bible that helps me meditate and reflect about God's love is found in Romans 8: 32
" He who did not even spare his own Son but delivered him up for us all, why will he not also with him kindly give us all other things?"
Truly Priceless.
Peace be with you and May Jehovah Bless you my friend.

How do you explain how a company works in a nutshell?

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