Explain The Best Hug You Ever Had

If you ever had to explain to your child what a Pedophile is, how would you do it?

Yes! I started at age 3 or 4. At the age of 2 I taught them both (boy and girl) and explained each of their body parts. I called them what they are.. head, shoulders, arm, toes, and vagina/penis, etc. I taught them that your body is YOUR body and we call each part is what it is. There are no nicknames for them. They are all important and need protected. I taught them to not be embarrassed by ANY of them. To talk about them when they feel weird, hurt or uncomfortable just like any other body part. At the age of 4, they were taught about safe touches and safe people. They were taught that no one has permission to touch you. You do not HAVE to hug anyone that you do not want to hug. Including your family, friends, caregivers, including your grandparents. I would never force them to hug anyone. In small children, if you force them to hug someone that they do not want to hug, you are sending mixed signals and could confuse them. Family members can violate their safe boundaries too. I taught them that when they get that yucky feeling in their stomach that makes them uncomfortable, always say no and tell someone. I told my children that some people are sick and lack control or good values. They do bad things. These people may be people that we know and trust. If anyone ever touches you or says something to you that doesn’t make you feel safe, you need to tell me immediately. My daughter is a teenager now and we talk openly about these things and she has very strong boundaries about her body.

What is the best way to hug a girl?

Ummmmmm...... The last time I had checked I was still a girl and that was a second ago. So I think I can share some real insights from the horse's mouth in this regard.A woman as in a DAUGHTER:If you are hugging a daughter, just put your arms around her . For the rest, leave it to her because she is going to give you the tightest hug ever. Do you know why? Because a father is the best gift a girl ever receives from God . A father is the strongest armor a daughter ever needs. No one cherishes a dad more than his daughter.A woman as in a MOTHER:If you are hugging your mother, just put your arms around her. For the rest , leave it to her because she is going to give you the most protecting hug ever. Do you know why? Because a mother instinctively knows what her baby needs and no matter how old you are or how much a nutty person you are, you would never outgrow her lap. Trust me when I say you don't want to outgrow her lap either.A woman as in a WIFE:Just put your arms around her. For the rest , leave it to her because she is going to make you feel like a million dollars with her hug. Do you know why? Because she cherishes every little gesture of love that you show towards her.A woman as in a SISTER or a FRIEND:Just put your arms around her. For the rest leave it to her because she is going to give you a real comforting hug. Do you know why? Because women by nature are comforting, forgiving and loving.A woman as in a STRANGER :Now how to hug a STRANGER? You might be thinking that its a perfect way to have a run-in with the law. Well have you ever seen Mother Teresa in action? She had hugged and comforted millions across the world. You can just reach out with your arms and she would take you under her wings. Look around you and you will find women in that mould around you at all times.Now that you have read my answer, get going and give every wonderful women in your life a big hug. Remember , you needn't do much. Just put your arms aroung her and feel the blessing you have!!

How would you describe the best hug ever? What made it so awesome?

Example: For me, only one man has ever given me such a hug, but it was lingering, "squeezy" and definitely let me know that I was loved. When someone hugs you that way, it's impossible to forget, wouldn't you say?

What is best thing to say after a hug?

According to dictionaryhughʌɡ/verb1.squeeze (someone) tightly in one's arms, typically to express affectionHugs are the ultimate medicine. They are the best possible thing one can do their beloved persons. One of the finest feelings in world to experience.You usually hug-When you have to convey a lot but you don't have time.When you have tons to say but you don’t get enough words.When your happiness can’t be verbal or graphical.When the departure is too sad for words.When the happiness is unparalled.When you want to console.When you want to cheer.When you just want to hug.To conclude a hug dont use words, use your eyes to convey yourself to the other person. Let your smile show your happiness. Unsaid words will stay in mind till you hug the next time.And if you really want to say something, just whisper a polite lovely thank you with a smile. It will mean everything.Rohan Bhagwat

How to describe a hug in a story?

It depends on what you're saying about the hug. You need to choose your verbs carefully. "Hug" and "embrace" are very broad because they don't suggest how that character is hugging. If the hug isn't meaningful to the scene then this is fine and you can simply state that he hugged/embraced her.

But if you want to provoke more meaningful imagery then you choose the appropriate verb:
If you describe him "locking" his arms around her (or clutching her to him), in an embrace then it provokes more passionate or aggressive imagery than a broad verb like "hug."

If he "seized" her by the wrist, pulling her against him, then this suggests desperation or determination. If he "cuddles" her in the folds of his arms then this produces affectionate or protective imagery. If he "snuggles" her in his arms, this also suggests affection.

So choose the appropriate verb. If you only mean to tell the reader they hugged and quickly move on, however, then simply say they hugged/embraced.

Good luck.

Explain this girl to me - what does this mean? Does it mean anything?

I was talking to some friends about our trip to see a Mariners game. One of my friends says "you guys were probably just saying all the bad stuff about me" jokingly - he was to go but stayed home sick. So this girl who I am in love with was sort of listening in, and she says "Oh you guys were probably talking about girls the whole time... Oh, you're talking about me, I'm going to have a heartattack!" or something like that, facetiously. The thing is that she knows I like her (and I think she likes me, but she denies it), but the fact of the matter is, she DOES seriously freak out sometimes when the sparks fly between us. Then she always comes back after awhile and acts like nothing happened. Anyway tonight after she made that comment she sat and looked like she was having a good time but she was real fidgety and then after I looked @her once she started hiccupping which is something she does when she's nervous.But she was still all friendly to me. What do you think she meant?

What is the best feeling you've experienced?

I have hugged many girls, but one time, I dont know what happened but it was the most amazingly warm hug I had ever received. We weren't dating or in love and I had barely known her, but the way she hugged me felt so compassionate.It was at the end of a religious retreat and we were bidding farewell and I approached her to say goodbye and she opened her arms so I went in for it and it was almost like she was attacking me. It caught me off guard. She was very small and I am not so small, so I embraced her with as much force as I could without crushing her. We swayed around for a bit before we released and I remember feeling completely amazed by how awesome it felt. I didn't want to let go.That was probably the best sensation I had ever had.UPDATE:I just saw her again today, but the flare that once existed was completely gone. I was excitedly waiting to see her again for months and she just ignored me the whole time. Well I guess some bad closure is better than no closure. And on a side note I did have a similar experience as above with a different girl on the same night. Maybe I should stop hugging people.

Can you describe the perfect hug ?

the perfect hug is one that you seem to melt into each other. you close your eyes the noise in the room stops, you loose track where you body stops and theirs begins. you feel safe and comfortable like in a perfect dream. you have not worries no fears, just a calm feeling. no matter how tight or loose the hug is it does not matter it is the feeling that it gives you. that makes the perfect hug

What is the most awkward hug you've ever had?

So, I manage a retail store. One Sunday, this past summer, we were having a big sale starting up. I got to the store about 3 hours before opening, to prep for the sale. Now, the air conditioning system is automatic and it doesn’t turn on until a half hour before opening… so it was hot in the store. And I was moving furniture, and I was moving big heavy display racks, and I was wheeling buggies full of product around and building displays.I was a sweaty mess, but the store was ready to open only minutes before it was time to open.And there is a line of people out front ready and wanting to come in.So, I open the store on time. And immediately, I have to begin directing traffic. Where is this item? Where can I find this other item. It’s a rush.One lady there is after several different things. I direct her to the first thing. She asks about the second thing. I take her to that one. She asks about a third thing. I take her over to where I have those on display.All that is fairly usual. But this is where it got weird….She exclaims that I’m the BEST store keeper EVER… And she wants to give me a big ol hug.And I explain that I’ve been moving furniture and displays and I’m a hot and sweaty mess… and don’t feel like getting hugged.And she says that she doesn’t mind a little sweat…And I explain that it’s a LOT of sweat.And she moves in to collect her hug… that I really don’t want.So, I turn to the side to give one of those half hearted, one armed side hugs…That I still really didn’t want… and she takes anyway.And to prove that she doesn’t mind a little sweat… she goes up on tip toes…And licks the sweat off my bald head…I just got hugged and LICKED by a stranger.I decided that I’m going to help people from behind the counter and the register for the rest of the day…

Me and my husband’s toddler just had the most awkward hug ever. Is this normal?

Depends on how you mean. Were you awkward because its first time ever or with this toddler? Because someone was watching and maybe said something? Or toddler did something unexpected? But most things are normal — even not hugging toddlers!