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Explain To Me What It Is About Religion That Makes People Stupid And So Full Of Hate.

Why do people hate the bad religion logo?

People always get their panties in a bunch over the most idiotic crap. They think the band is really saying stuff about christianity being bad or something, but Greg Graffin mostly speaks of the hypocrisy, the bigotry and hatefulness amongst these groups not necessarily the religion itself. As we well know Graffin is atheist and certain christians immediately think that atheism is the equivalent of being somehow demonic. I happen to be christian myself and still I think that Graffin's lyrics are well thought out and rather intelligent. I was impressed when I first heard the music. They have a lot of good stuff in their repetoire. You have to have an open mind though to see the good in it. One of Greg's earlier songs states, "It's alright to have faith in God but when you bend to their rules and their fúcking lies that's when I start to have pity on you." and another says, "Don't be a henchman. Stand on your laurels. Do what no one else does and praise the good of other men for goodness sake." Bad Religion is always welcome in my house when I'm in the mood to hear their songs and it doesn't affect my faith in God at all.

Why do so many atheists think religious people are weak or stupid?

Well it works both ways one has a right not believe in something called religion and god (as I do) and it would be pretentious, judge mental and foolish to ridicule me for not believing in this god person or following a religion.

One side says you have to believe in something and worship this god..

while the other side is asking (not all) if this god is real where is he. or why do i need to worship or follow some rules to be a good person in order to impress this god.

Another thing is double talk from the religious side.
When I followed religion (catholic) I've asked questions and never got a truthful answer. For example I ws told that god was everywhere and that every sunday attending was important.. when I asked why can't i stay home and pray to god, I was told: "you must go to church"

Without continuing and going on a rant it comes down to not wanting to accept the truth or not wanting to let go of something that really is not needed and each side takes it personally

Why do some religious people hate science and educated people?

It is not true that religious people hate science, neither do they hate educated people. "Love your enemies as you love yourself" says the Bible. You try to make it seem like there's a distinct group of people called religious people and one of educated people. There is no world where religious people exist in seclusion from educated people, as if religious people are some kind of another human species. Religious and non religious, educated and non educated people exist within our communities, they are families, our relatives, fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles, etc. One can still be highly educated and still be religious, even so there are atheists who are not educated. Mother is Christian I'm atheist, are you implying that my mother hates me? and if religious people hate science why do they still send their kids to schools and vasities?  We live in a fast, developing, highly competitive world where one should atleast have a college degree of some sort in order to make some impact and contribute to human development, increase chances of finding a job, or find solutions to humanities problems if possible. And Christians are not the least educated people in the world. People who buy pastors private jets and build mega churches some of them are doctors, lawyers, engineers, corporate people, educated people who just enjoy going to church on Sundays and pay their dues to their God. And atheism is not synonymous to education, doesn't improve one's IQ, just to be honest. North Koreans don't believe in god unless it's Kim jong Un and his grandpa, and practising any form of religion in their country is a crime, are North Koreans the smartest people on earth?

Are you an atheist? If so, do you hate religion?

I'm a FLAMING atheist (as I like to say, though recently in a post, some dude claimed "Dan stop pretending to be an atheist when you're not, which was kind of funny).  One of several 2014 resolutions was to soften some of my more abrasive attitudes on religion AND to take a nuanced approach to religion.  That is, I have to admit that religion isn't absolutely the path to ignorance.  I consider it to be patently indefensible ignorance the vast majority of the time, but I find it really hard to say "religion" in the broad-strokey sense whereby I dump kindly Unitarian Universalists, Episcopalians and Buddhists into the same pot as Wahhabis, the WBC and Southern Baptists.  That's ad hominemery at its worst.  Just because there's a rudimentary link between them, (a belief and/or acceptance in a higher power) in no way puts Branch Davidians in the same category as my gentle Sufi cashier, Farhat, (at Kohl's) who wouldn't even eat meat because of her aversion to causing harm to anything.  So, I don't hate religion as a categoric statement.  I do think religion is an anachronism and one that isn't likely to die soon.  I think we're evolved to need answers and then identify patterns in the chaos around us.  The need for answers + the creative ability invent them through these perceived patterns makes us susceptible to religious quackery.  While I accept that religion is here for a while, where it's going is obvious: the passive, bland mystical theism Vs. the unbending, ideological, science denying bullshit like Southern Baptists and Wahhabi Islam.  I hate those who insist that their religion is the "one true path" and insist that people become one with them.  I hate those that oppress women, that mutilate human bodies, that burn widows on pyres, that insist that some races or castes are lesser.  I hate those that oppose the teaching of science and that deny women 100% absolute control over her body.  Those are worthy of our anger.  The rest are perfectly acceptable (if a bit suspicious) to me.