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Eyebrows Shaping Help Should I Go To A Stylist Or Not

Would this shape of eyebrows look good on me? 10 Points.?

Well, I wanted to know if it would look good on me with these eyebrows? If not, what shape would? :]

My eyebrows now:

The shape of the eyebrows I want:

What do you guys think? :]
10 Points!

Does shaping your eyebrows make you look prettier?

I think it helps, especially when professionally done (sometimes people tend to overpluck when doing it themselves and end up with what I call "clownbrows"). I think you'll find that it virtually opens your eyes up and makes you look a bit more youthful. It just lends more interest to your face, plus looking well-groomed never hurt anyone. I bet you'll be happy with the results.

What do you call the person that shapes and styles eyebrows?

silly, insecure, easily influenced by outside pressures from society. but its not that much different from the pressure to wear makeup or remove “unwanted’ body hair, or update their wardrobe every time a new trend or change in whats in style occurs (which is pretty constant, but at least requires updates every year to remain ‘in style’take that to the next level and you have tens or hundreds of thousands spent on plastic surgery, and implants. hen theres the few who go to black market ‘surgeons” who pump fix a flat, concrete, and other substances into womens butts to get a over inflated huge ass look. often resulting in takes more strength to accept yourself as you are, including your hairs natural texture and where it grows, then it does to give in follow trends and change things about yourself to conform to norms.with the exception of health concerns i see no reason why anyone should feel the need to change anything about their appearance. although i can understand an exception to that in the case of certain medical conditions like correctable deformities.since we have wandered into this subjectthis guy is known as the wolf boy, him and his siblings were born with a genetic abnormality.after living with this all his life, i believe it was when he was in his early 20’s a doctor offered to correct it for free..he refused saying ‘then i wouldn’t be me”incidentally, his wife is so beautiful she could be a highly successful supermodel.if i were in his situation i don’t know if i would make the same decision (probably would) but have to at least offer mad respect to him for being strong enough to accept himself the way he genetically was meant to be.back on the subject of eyebrows i really find shaped and styled and ‘penciled in’ eyebrows to be very unattractive.

My eyebrows are very sparse and unshapely. Should I get them waxed still?

Hi there,

I'm going to advice you as a stylist and makeup artist to not wax it off or more of it…leave it as it is and buy yourself an eyebrow pencil and colour in it slightly to shape it. This will give you more of a natural look by keeping what's left of your own eyebrow hair and will allow you to shape it the way you want, like more arched or rounded.
Good luck and take care !

Can you shave your eyebrows?

Hi! My name is Jennifer, I'm a licensed esthetician, and I run a site called

It is not recommended that you shave your eyebrows. You will not have very much control over the razor and they usually turn out bad. If you are interested in an alternative to waxing and plucking, check out my page on threading:

It is also recommended that you find a professional brow stylist to shape your brows, they will show you how to maintain them in between visits. I also have a page on finding a qualified professional in your area:

It shouldn't cost too much, and it will be worth it because not only do your brows frame your face and have the potential to transform your appearance, they are also the slowest growing hairs on your body.

I hope this information helps you!

Is there any salon in India which provides eyebrow shaping for men?

YesThere are many salonsCapellaBelezzaToni and guyFor exampleIf you want you can remove unnecessary eyebrow hair by tweezing or by threadingBelow is procedureTake care :)

Can i sue a salon for not waxing my eyebrows properly??

I had a very bad experiencxe at cost cutters. I moved to the US last month and wanted to shape my eyebrows. Cost cutters was the nearest to my place and i thought of giving it a try.
The stylist waxed off half of my eyebows! Instead of shaping my brows she actualy diminished the length. I had long and thick brows and just wanted to shape them. But shockingly she waxed in such a way that now my left brow is smaller than my right brow. This silly lady doesnt know the meaning of " shaping brows". She waxed off my real eyebrows and made them so short that i am looking very ugly. Futher my eyebrows are now of different lenghts!
I did scream at her but all she said was she coudnt grow hair on my brows now! Not even a sorry.
Dont know what to do with my eyebrows now as i cant go out anywhere lookin ugly like this.Please let me know if i sue this salon.

Where do men go to have their eyebrows trimmed?

Its very simple, you can have eye brow trimmed in your normal visiting hair salon and ask your hair stylist to use trimming machine and trim your eye brow while during your hair regularly,But trimming will increase the thickness and density of hair but you could ask any female known parlor threading person to do threading.More Info :