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F8 Does Not Work. My Only 2 Options Are F2 And F12. What Does Error 15 Even Mean And Can I Fix It

My laptop does not boot it just shows the company logo how do I fix this?

My laptop does not boot it just shows the company logo how do I fix this?You turn the laptop on, and all you see is the logo for the manufacturer of the laptop. Like… it’s a Dell laptop, and when you turn the laptop on, all you see is the word Dell with a circle around it. Maybe it is the HP logo. Maybe it is the Asus logo. Or Acer. I don’t know. However… that’s all you see… right?Here’s what it could be.damaged device connected to the motherboarddamaged component on the motherboardimproperly seated component connected to the motherboard.How do you diagnose this? You disconnect everything you have access to without taking the laptop apart. Remove the optical drive. Remove the wireless card. Remove the keyboard. Disconnect the touchpad. Remove the hard drive. Remove the Ram. Remove the bluetooth if you can.Now. Power the laptop. Does it beep at you in an annoyed fashion? Good. That means it detects that there is no Ram. Feed it one of the sticks of Ram. If you have some Ram from another laptop that you know is good, use that instead. Turn the laptop on. Does it boot, and still stick at the BIOS splash screen (that’s what the screen is called when you are looking at the manufacturer’s logo)? If the problem isn’t something serious on the motherboard, the screen should change to a message about booting to PXE, or that you are missing an operating system, or that no boot device was found, etc. The point is… the screen will change from the logo to something else… which is what we want.IF you get it to show something other than the splash screen, turn it off, and add another device. One. At. A. Time. Turn it off, add a device, and turn it back on. See if it goes past the splash screen.I’ve seen keyboards after a spill keep a machine from booting. I’ve seen dead optical drives cause a machine to not want to boot properly. So. It could be any of them. The only way to find out, is to check them one at a time… which you would be doing if you add them back in one at a time.When you get to the one that hangs the BIOS, you’ve found your issue. If it NEVER gets past the splash screen after you have one stick of Ram… test the other, or like I said use a Known Good stick. Either way… if it never gets past the splash screen, then it is likely a motherboard issue and you’d have to replace that to be functional again.

The Lenovo G50‑80 boot failed. It’s showing "EFI network 0 for ipv4 and IPv6. Boot failed". Is the hard disk damaged, or can I use it externally?

First of all no need to worry !The boot is failing because of an incorrect boot order in the BIOS Setup. You might have accidentally changed the boot order to first boot from Network and then from HDD.To solve, do the following in the order :Shutdown your laptop if on. Now press power button. Immediately press and hold Fn+F2 to enter in BIOS Setup.Check if your hard disk is detected on the page that opens as shown in the pic belowIf it's detected, move over to the Boot tab. ( If it's not, you need to reseat the hard disk as per your laptop's instruction manual)Once there, change the Boot order to first boot from USB HDD and then Network Boot.Move over to Exit tab and select Exit Saving ChangesNow your lap will get restarted and should boot normallyFor reseating the hard disk :You need to first of all perform power drain by shutting it down, removing power supply i.e power cord (also battery if removable) and then press and hold the power on button for 15–20 seconds. Then remove the laptop's back cover. Remove hard disk cover and hard disk. Check all the connections to hard disk and reinsert it. Check if it gets detected now.If it's still not getting detected, it has failed. You need to get it replaced through an Authorised Lenovo service center.Please keep in mind that this is a risky procedure. You need to be grounded to perform these steps (i.e your feet need to be on ground and not on mattress. This is because static electricity might harm laptop components if you touch them).Only you'll be liable for damage if any.Have nice day !Feel free to message me for any doubts !Image credits : Google, Lenovo Forums

After starting my laptop, only the Lenovo screen shows up. What should I do?

a.       Restart your computer if it is powered on. b.      Tap the F8 key after your computer initially powers on. c.       Once you see the Advanced Boot Options menu you can stop tapping.d.      Use the up/down arrow keys to highlight your selection. e.      Select Repair you computer and hit enter.f.        Windows will load the file and you will see system recovery option choose the language and click next.g.       Choose Language and click on OK.h.      You will be prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click OK.i.         In the System Recovery Options window, click Command Prompt.j.        Type this command “DISM /image:C:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions” and hit enter.For more information check this link: Or if got the cd of your OS you restore the PC using that disk for more info you can check the link below:

How do I access BIOS of a Windows 8.1 Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop?

While startup or restating the system, Press "F2" when the logo screen appears.

How you start an Acer laptop in safe mode?

You can start your laptop in safe mode by pressing F8 button when the system is booting and this is only for OS until windows 7.If you are running on Windows 8 or 10, you may have to follow like this, Go to Settings (Windows+L), then click on Update & Security>Recovery>Advance Start Up and then Restart Now.After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.Once restarted, you'll see a list of options. Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode. Or if you'll need to use the Internet, select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.