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Instagram Facebook help???

I logged out of my instagram account which was connected to my Facebook and my friend logged into hers, and connected it with her Facebook, then she logged back out ad I logged back into mine and it was connected with her Facebook, would it send the notification to all of my instagram friend users that says "your Facebook friend ____ just joined instagram as ____"

Facebook OR Instagram?

@Joe - I have never had a Facebook, but am considering getting an Instagram account for exactly that reason. Facebook wants to know everything about you. Whereas Instagram is a lot more simple. I think Insta allows more room for privacy than Facebook. That just one opinion of many though.

What do you guys think - Does Facebook impede on your privacy?

Unlink facebook on instagram! HELP!?

I never shared my facebook on instagram but i keep getting stuff like " Your facebook friend ____ just joined instagram as ______" and they are not even my friend but im sure they are my sisters and they are from my sisters facebook! i also unlinked my sisters facebook from my account but i still get them and one of them followed me! what should i do to not let this happen to me every time and not let anyone of them know my instagram? thanks

Instagram help?????????????????/?

So I have 2,000+ followers on instagram and I follow 1500+. I follow people that don't follow me back and vice versa. However, when I try to search for a user, it won't suggest people it'll just say [search for ___"] and I have to type out the entire username, and if I don't know their name, I just won't be able to find them. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but its the same problem. I have an iphone 4s running on ios7 also. But when I use my friends iphones, theirs searches normally.. Can someone tell me why my account does this or how to fix it please?

What time do facebook, instagram and twitter get the most traffic?

There is no specific answer as to what time the said sites gets the most traffic, not too many mention that they're already overcrowded so chances of making your status a stand-out would be little. Why don't you try promoting your brand in a social media site which has the same feature as those three mentioned earlier, but is not crowded yet? In that way, you're sure that your status are easily seen by the audience.

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Users?

Ok haha ill give her a shoutout