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Facebook Android App On My Tablet Going Nuts

How can I make my Android phone or tablet faster?

In this article I will share you the How to Make Android Faster with Developer Options Without RootAndroid devices tend to slow down after using for a couple of years. Everyone knows that only hardware alone cannot make an Android device run faster. Graphics and software specs also play a significant role in the speed of Android Phone. therefore All Android devices come with Developer Options which are by default hidden from regular users. Though, it’s straightforward to enable these settings on most of the android phones and get access to hidden Developer Menu. And once you gain access to Developer Options, you can control the speed of your Android device by tweaking only 3 settings which control the animation speed on your device.1.Go to your smartphone's Settings, scroll down to About Phone and tap it.2. Find Build Number and tap it seven times until you see that Developer Options have been enabled.3. Go back up to Settings and tap Developer Options.4. Scroll down to Window Animation Scale and tap it. Set it to 'Off'.5. Tap Transition Animation Scale and set it to 'Off' as well.6. That's it.This is the best way to make Android faster with developer options. You need to off the window and transition scale. It will make your Android faster and soother. Hope you like this trick

What are some good, new Android app ideas (no games)? It can be made on other platforms.

We live lives that is surrounded by infinite no. and types of apps. Hungry? here is an app. Sad? here is an app. Bored? here is an app. Single? here is an app.Its a very huge market that gives you freedom to explore and experiment with new and innovative ideas that were never introduced in the market before.Moving on to the ideas that you can convert into apps and launch it into market.Laundry app: Laundry app market industry is in its boom stage, venturing into this industry with best software solution would definitely work in your favor.Taxi app: Shared economy explains why launching on-demand taxi app makes much sense. Launch your taxi app with new technological improvements like including hospitality partner module or driver preference in your app.Online Freight Forward: On-demand freight industry is no doubt at a very good place right now. Making an entry as a freight broker can prove to be a good idea as well. Freight industry has developed itself a lot since the introduction of online apps. Best part is its open for new entrants to enter the market.Babysitting apps: Everyone needs their ‘me time’ in life. This is the reason parents are becoming more comfortable keeping their kids with the babysitters more often. Parents are trusting babysitting apps to find nanny for their kids.All these ideas are sure a great way to enter into the app market, but what matters the most is, the quality and experience you give your customers via the apps.I trust as the best app solution provider in the market. They have innovative app solutions for a wide variety of niches.

How can I recover contacts on an Android phone?

To recover contacts on an Android phone, you have three options to finish the task.Method 1. Recover Contacts on Android by Checking Contacts AppSometimes the settings on your Android device can go completely nuts, up until the point where you can’t even find your contacts and think you have lost them all.Unlock your Android > Open the "Contacts" App.Tap on the "menu" button on the top right corner and then choose "Settings" > "Contacts to Display".Select "All Contacts".Method 2. Recover Contacts on Android with GmailIf you have synced your phone with your Google account, the odds of recovering lost contacts are definitively in your favor. However, Google is only able to revert your contacts list back to any state in the past 30 days.Log in your Google account on "Google Contacts" on a browser > On the left panel, please click "More" option.Select "Undo changes" and a window pops up > Choose a time or customize the time, then click "Confirm".Tap "Google" or "Accounts" > "Google" > Touch "Restore contacts" and get deleted contacts back.Method 3. Recover Contacts on Android with Contacts Recovery AppIf you don’t have a Gmail account, or at least not one that you sync your contacts to, then the last way to recover your contacts is to try contacts recovery app. A wide range of Android contacts recovery tools exist, you’d better choose the one is right for your situation. The guide: Best 5 Android Data Recovery Apps Review, has collected the best 5 Android data recovery software that you can try to recover deleted contacts on your Android phone.Since the lost contacts on your Android phone can be overwritten by new data, just stop using your phone and restore the contacts as soon as possible. Once they are written over, you can not restore them anymore. Hope my answer cloud help you recover the valuable contacts on your Android phone successfully.

How can I block websites on my Android phone?

On Android, you'll need to edit the hosts file on your device to redirect sites you want to block. You'll need a file manager, and a text editor - the easiest option is to use our favourite app ES File Explorer, which lets you do both things. Here's how it works.1. Install ES File Explorer Open ES File Explorer and tap the "/" button at the top. Tap on system > etc.2. In this folder, you'll see the hosts file - tap it and in the pop up menu, tap text. In the next pop up, tap ES Note Editor.3. Tap the three dots button in the top right, and tap edit.4. Now, you're editing the file, and to block sites, you want to redirect their DNS. To do this, just start a new line, and type "" (without the quotes, where blocked website is the name of the site you're blocking) for each website you want to block. For example, you'll have to type to block Google.5. Reboot your Android device.If that method is too complex for you, you can install an anti-virus app such as Trend Micro that lets you block websites.1. Install the app and run it. Go to Options > Safe surfing.2. Now swipe to Parental Controls and click set up account. Create an account and you'll see an option called Blocked List in the app. Tap it, and tap Add. Now add the websites you want to block one at a time. Once that is done, you won't be able to access these websites on your Android smartphone.source: ES File ManagerNavigate to /system/etcLocate and long-press the hosts fileEdit as said above

How do I know if someone has hacked my Android?

I was going to pass on this question tell I saw the other answer Misinformation represented as fact can be damaging or worrying I know someone who calls it Fake News.Here are 14 signs your smartphone has been hacked.Your smartphone or tablet seems slower than before.Your device is sending or receiving strange text messages.New apps are installed on your device--and you didn't install them.Your device's battery drains more quickly than before.Your device is hotter than before.Websites appear somewhat different than before.Some apps stop working properly.You notice an increased use of data or text messaging.Your cell-phone bill shows unexpected charges."Pop-ups" appear on your device--and they never appeared before.Your email from the device is getting blocked by spam filters.Your device is attempting to access "bad" sites.You are experiencing unusual service disruptions.Data breaches and/or leaks.If you have only one of these that would not mean you have been hacked. Do you download APKs from websites and not the play store? Click on email links from strangers? Given your unlocked phone to someone and not watched what they were doing with/to the phone? If the answer to these questions are no the possibility you have been hacked are very slim to none.14 Signs Your Smartphone or Tablet Has Been Hacked

What logic does Facebook use to list your friends on the chat bar?

This answer is prolly very late, but I feel like I have somethe frequency with which one checks the person's profile.if you have already messaged the personif you have shared a photo tag with the personif any of your comments include the person's name/contentif you and person share a group, or have liked a same pageif you have shared any content on the person's timelineif the person has already liked your posted contentyour choosing from chat settingsphysical location of both and proximityif you share mutual friendssomeone viewing your profile page frequentlyWhile Facebook maybe using all of these variables (and they may be the more major ones) I realized that there are 100s more that are being used to generate your sidebar, just as there are many variables used to generate what's shown on your timeline.The general gist of what controls the what's inside of the sidebar is a combination of previous interactions (tagged pictures, liked post), mutual friends, but most importantly the greatest variable is potential social proximity.Social proximity is generated by how many general similarities people may have with you. This includes very basic variables like those mentioned above. Some examples:Tagged interactionsMutual FriendsLiked ContentPhysical LocationMessaged FrequencySocial Proximity also includes some crazy variables as well. Some other variables include:Popularity (you're more prone to interact with these people)Upcoming events (who's going to them and who you should message)Physical Contact (usually sensed using cell phone sensors)Signs of a crush in the presence (Theoretically able to tell with combination of phone sensors and machine learning to know the common signs)Personality matches (check this out here)DietBuying habitsInterestTypes of jokes you resonate withWho you're most likely to interact with soonPeople that have a high sentiment towards you (able to be told by conversations they have [yeah, people record you], messenger data, and tagged photos with commentary)People you have a high sentiment towards (collected using the same methods as above)People with similar goals as you (easy to tell based on what links your read and share)There's so many more, but these are some that I've found to be somewhat true. I noticed that the way they decide who to place on your sidebar can be very intrusive. They collect and buy crazy amounts of data from you, but there's some decent accuracy on who you should contact on that bar.

Why can't I view full size photos on Facebook? I get a ‘connection error try again.’

It could be a temporary error, which is why it is asking you to try again.If you’re accessing from a desktop, or a browser, it could really be a connection error that you should double check on.If you’re accessing from the app, you could try reinstalling the app.

Which smartphones feature deep integration with Facebook?

Currently, anything that Android gets its hands on will be fully integrated with Facebook and other social media outlets. HTC has been employing what they call "Friend Stream" on most of their new phones (this is not limited to Android). This "Friend Stream" application integrates all of your social media into one, consistently updated feed. For any social media fan this is the best thing we have seen to date.Speaking of which smartphone specifically has the best integration, the answer is any HTC branded Android OS phone. You cannot pick up a new unit with those specifications that does not allow you to access everything you want, right away, without ever having to leave your home screen.Not only that, but Android will take all of your contacts from Facebook and put them right in your contacts instantly (if you want). Android 2.2 is the king of this right now. If you are in the market for a "Facebook phone" look no further than your favorite carrier, they will without question have the phone you want. Now if you can just figure out all the other crazy specifications they are loading into these phones lately!