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Factories In The Eastern U.s. Needed Natural Resources That Had Been Discovered In The West. Which

What natural resources are found in the Piedmont region of GA?

The Piedmont region contains some of the most distinctive landmarks in Georgia and is the source for many of the state's most important raw materials.

1. Water power. Textiles and other manufacturers located along The Fall Line of the Piedmont in order to take advantage of swift rivers and streams that generated power for them. In the future, water power will be a valuable asset.

2. Dimension Graves Mountain stone (used for construction blocks and monuments) is quarried from large granitic batholiths, such as the Elberton batholith, in east Georgia, while significant amounts of crushed stone, the main component of roads and other construction projects, are quarried from bodies of gneiss and granite in the Piedmont.

3.Graves Mountain is known for kyanite, pyrophyllite, lazulite, pyrite, and rutile as well as many other minerals. The aluminum-rich mineral kyanite was mined at Graves Mountain from about 1963 to 1984 for use in ceramics and insulators. Some of the last kyanite mined was used in insulating tiles for space shuttles.

What is it that prevents Eastern Europe (including Russia) from industrializing like Western Europe?

What is it that prevents Eastern Europe (including Russia) from industrializing like Western Europe? Even after almost 30 years since the end of communism, East Europe is still relatively poorexelent point - the answer is in the following fact: even before communist times the Eastern Europe was less developed then West Europe - the cradle of economic development was in Netherlands and Britain because of many factors including density of population, closeness of counties with different specialisation of production that facilitated trade and hence development etc.etc. - then economic development started to spread to the East to regions with less benign conditions /as compared to mentioned/, then it spread to Russia - and even in Russia western parts of the country are better developed then Siberia and Far North etc…So the answer is - this is NATURAL process and the end of communism /though important factor/ is not crucial and main factor in the speed of development of those lands /same like Latin America is less developed then USA and Canada though there was no communism in Latin America/

Why is China's east more populated than its west? Given the fact that China is the most populated country, why is the population distribution so uneven?

There are a few reasons why China is heavily populated on the east coast, compared to its mid and west inland areas. Geography and Agriculture: The most fertile farm lands are located in the north and southeast. China has always been an agricultural country; we value farm lands and rivers above all other lands. People naturally migrate towards these areas. Here's a Chinese farmland map.  The green area indicate more farmlands, yellow and orange indicate less farmlands. As you can see, most farmlands are in the northeast area, which also corresponded with areas with more population... ...while mid and west China mostly comprise mountains and deserts. The weathers are horrible -- either too cold or too dry or both. -- so one can't blame people if they don't want to stay there. Commerce and Transportation Unlike the United States, China only has an eastern coastline; the west is entirely inland mountains and desert. All of our commercial sea and river ports are located on the east coast -- Qing Dao, Da Lian, Yan Tai, Shang Hai, Xia Men, Hong Kong... Commerce and transportation bring people from all over China. As a result, most Chinese international metropolises are also located along the east coastline. History Chinese or Hua Xia culture started around two rivers: the Yang zi River, and the Yellow River. Here's a map of Chinese territory during the Qin Dynasty around 200 BC. As you can see, we started out around east China, which remains the most populated, most developed area of China. So, you combine tradition, history, commerce, farmland and weather all together, and the east is just a lot more habitable compared to the west.

History help please!!!!?

After Columbus' voyages to the New World, there arose the question of "Who owns the New World?" Was it Spain or Portugal? (The Native Americans weren't given a "say" in the matter.) How did Spain and Portugal resolve this problem?

After the Albany Plan failed, the First Continental Congress was convened. Describe the First Continental Congress and its purpose.

Why was James Madison's Virginia Plan important in the formation of this country's government?

World history help me please check my answers please?

4.the rise of communism