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Failed Psychological Evaluation For Nysdoc

Failed psychological evaluation for NYSDOC?

I had my oral psychological evaluation for new york state department of corrections back in august and I received a letter stating that I was not psychologically fit to become a correctional officer trainee, so I appealed the decision, and had my appeal review yesterday. I think one of the reasons why I failed is because of suicidal thoughts, I have stated that as a child at time I wish I was never born but that was years ago when I thought that, I was a child maybe 14 or 15 and was mad at my parents for not letting me hangout late nights, I am now 24 years old and told the psych I haven't thought about it since I was a teen which was the truth, I also told the review board the exact same thing when I went for my appeal hearing . Was that a good enough answer? or should I have said something clever like "I no longer think about suicide because it might be an easy way out for you, but it is selfish and will have a negative effect on the people who care about you and depend on you. I was thinking of saying that but I absolutely forgot to say it during the interview process.

In what ways can a person fail a psychological evaluation? What do I need to expect?

Psych evals are not pass fail. They are info gathering… like a physical exam. The purpose is to help you understand yourself better and find your strengths and weaknesses. After that you work together to strengthen your weak spots. Nothing to worry about.The person will probably talk to you and ask you questions or you might need to do a paper and pen questionnaire or move some objects around depending on the purpose of the assessment. Be as honest and as open as you can be. They aren't trying to trick you. When you visit the doctor you should be honest about your physical health in the same way as this. How can a professional help you without the facts?

What happens if you fail a psychological evaluation?

One doesn’t ‘fail’ a psychological exam. All a psychological examination can do is classify you according to some metric. However, others may view the results favorably or unfavorably. I bet this isn’t the first time nor the last time that others are judging your fitness for something based some perceived trait of yours.

How do I fail a psych evaluation?

This is a tough one because most psychological tests contain failsafes to pick up on attempted manipulation or misunderstandings. The questions are very specific and don’t necessarily follow what people woukd think to be intuitive. Science is very counterintuitive at times. It' best just to be honest or your test may show an attempt to manipulate or a misunderstanding.

Why do most students fail the Army's psychological test only?

SSB is designed to bring out the actual personality of one. SSB is divided into 3 parts:1. Psychological written test2. GTO3. PIAll 3 officers(psychologist) asses you and at the time of conference give their outcome, i.e. the OLQ they find in one separately.  If most of the quality projected by 3 officers meet, then the candidate is recommended otherwise not. People try to over project themselves and show off .Officers who are assessing you are very experienced. You are bluffing with them, seriously!This is the reason most the candidates fail.