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Falling Petals For Tumblr Blog Not The Large Red And Pink One

If a rose loses its petals, will it grow them back?

If it is a plant then leave it alone and the flower will grow back within about two to three weeks depending on the environment it's in. You can clip it but it doesn't aid in the speed of the flower coming back as some would suggest.

Why are long stemmed roses more expensive and more popular??

It's kind of like why diamonds are more valuable than amethysts. When something is relatively scarce, lots of people value it more. Amethysts are a really pretty purplish stone that you can cut in a diamond cut, but it's much more common than a diamond, so it's not worth as much. In order to produce long stemmed roses, you need to do more pruning. This can sacrifice some developing rosebuds further down the stem, so you get fewer roses per bush when you prune to create long stems. Long stemmed roses can make a taller and more dramatic bouquet than shorter stemmed flowers. Personally, I find either long or short stemmed attractive. If you put short stemmed roses in an attractive container, it can be quite charming, and you might find yourself appreciating the form and color of the roses even more than with the long stemmed ones. Shorter bouquets can be put into some really interesting containers, not just vases - I use old teapots, small pitchers, jars with interesting shapes, etc.

What type of animals visit/ live in a mango tree?

Mango trees (Mangifera indica) reach 35-40 m in height, with a crown radius of 10 m. The leaves are evergreen, alternate, simple, 15-35 cm long and 6-16 cm broad; when the leaves are young they are orange-pink, rapidly changing to a dark glossy red, then dark green as they mature. The flowers are produced in terminal panicles 10-40 cm long; each flower is small and white with five petals 5-10 mm long, with a mild sweet odor suggestive of lily of the valley. After the flowers finish, the fruit takes from three to six months to ripen.

The ripe fruit is variably colored yellow, orange and red, reddest on the side facing the sun and yellow where shaded; green usually indicates that the fruit is not yet ripe, but this depends on the cultivar. When ripe, the unpeeled fruit gives off a distinctive resinous slightly sweet smell. In the center of the fruit is a single flat, oblong seed (as big as a large stone) that can be fibrous or hairless on the surface, depending on cultivar. Inside the shell, which is 1-2 mm thick, is a paper-thin lining covering a single seed, 4-7 cm long, 3-4 cm wide, 1 cm thick.

Perfumes: What's the best smelling woman's fragrance?

Any kind of fragrance is so distinct from one individual to another. If I were to tell you about the best women’s fragrance, while it could be the best for me, it might not be the best for someone else.Selecting any kind of fragrance completely depends on the kind of taste and smell that resonates with a person. It also varies with one’s personality. Some like a very mild fragrance that is fruity or subtle in nature while others would love a strong and sharp one, something that is woody or spicy.The broad categories under fragrances fall into deodorant’s, body mists, perfumes, etc. Some of the best-selling fragrances that you can make your pick from include:· Carolina Herrera 212 Nyc Eau De Toilette· Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette· Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette· Givenchy Very Irresistible Eau De Toilette Spray· Paco Rabanne Black Xs Pour Elle Eau De Toilette· Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Eau De Toilette· Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro Eau De ParfumIf you’re going to purchase one for yourself or gift someone, I’ll suggest you look up on Nykaa App. They have an entire section dedicated to fragrance where you can read up on different varieties of fragrance, browse through hundreds of varieties and simply order for it online. I recently bought my Givenchy perfume from Nykaa. Trust me Nykaa offers genuine & reliable products. Also, guess what, I also struck a good deal through my reward points!

Punnett squares help please!!!!!?

Part 1: With incomplete dominance:
red flowers are homozygous RR : produces gametes with R gene
pink flowers are heterozygous RR': produces gametes with R or R' gene at a 1:1 ratio
genotypes and phenotypes will have the same ratios because each genotype will produce a different phenotype. Crossing the two will result in 50% Red (RR) and 50% pink (RR')

Part 2:
red heterozygous tall flowers: genotype RR Tt
gametes produced: RT and Rt 1:1 ratio

pink heterozygous tall flower : genotype RR' Tt
gametes produced: RT, R'T, Rt, R't 1:1:1:1 ratio

crossing yeilds genotypes: RRTT, RRTt, R'RTT, R'RTt, RRtt, R'Rtt at a 1:2:1:2:1:1 ratio
the equivalent genotypes are red tall, red tall, pink tall, pink tall, red short, pink short
which is a phenotypic ration of 3 red tall: 3 pink tall: 1 red short: 1 pink short

What are the best pages to follow on Facebook?

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