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Family Troubles .need Help

I NEED HELP. Its about my family. My sister causes trouble with everybody and is mentally ill!?

My sister is a very sick individual. She was always spoiled as a child and has always caused problems in our family. My brothers have experienced it, their wives have, and so have I. My parents have even experienced it but have always made excuses for her. My brothers and I are at the end of our ropes. She has lived with them for years and my parents said they were gonna kick her out this year, but when she called them crying poverty from maxing her credit cards, they said she could stay. She has not paid a dime in rent either. They are afraid that her daughter will not get properly taken care of if she moves out. My poor brother just got into a fight with my parents about it today and told them how all of us feel. None of us want to go to their house because of her. She is a 41 year old woman that needs a mental evaluation. Please, any suggestions? My parents should stop making excuses for her and should not have to worry about her daughters well being if shes not living with them.

How do you help a friend who's having family problems and they need help right at that moment? What can you say?

This is really good that you want to help your friend to cope up with the problem they're going through because you care for them.But the real problem they don't want to open up their family stories in front of you..So you can only just give them moral support,tell them or make them realize whatever may be the sitution or matter you are there beside them . For that you can do this by writing a note or msg that you really care for them and this stressful and sad face of them you can't see anymore .so,being a friend they can freely talk with you.And please make sure that they trust you.. :-)

How can I help my boyfriend with his family problem?

Getting involved in a loved one’s family problems is like going into a deep mineshaft without any light at all and never finding your way out. You can’t help your boyfriend with his family and even if you did, they wouldn’t appreciate your interference.It’s time for your boyfriend to grow up and face the music. Mom isn’t going to love him as much as the daughter and that’s why he has a girlfriend. He’s a man now and it’s time to accept the love of another adult and return the love as well and forget about mom. He doesn’t have to shut her completely out of his life but his concern needs to be with his life and responsibilities, which includes you.Thanks for the request.

Can you get in trouble for going into a family bathroom with your boyfriend ?

Most homes are not equipped with CCTV. If they are, I would be concerned. Nothing wrong with one of you taking a dump and the other one sitting on the sink to keep the other one company. What's a family for?

If you are talking about "unisex" bathrooms, I guess that's another matter. That's the trouble with young love and the perennial problem of finding a private place to "do it". On the other hand, if everyone is using them for assignations, then this makes them unavailable for people with more basic physiological needs, which might lead to resentment. I expect management has a way of getting in, even if the button is pushed. All you generally need is a paper clip.

What should I do about my family problems?

A2AWelcome to the Real Life!Who does not have family problems? Who does not have issues which take up their time and energy? Is there one family on this planet without a problem? Even Ambanis have had their share of problems and being rich does not solve them - you can take my word for it, I've been a part of an affluent and wealthy family since I gained consciousness but we have had our issues.Calling your father useless shows your mindset. He's sick - that's is misfortune. Tomorrow even you can be sick. Nobody can control that. Even richest of the rich people have had diseases like cancer and no, their family members do not disown them saying that they're useless! If you have an ill father its your responsibility to take care of him. If you don't want to do that then somewhere you're proving the point that he did an extremely wrong thing by caring for you when you were a child and making you capable of writing this question here on a social media website! He should've abandoned you in your childhood and let you beg in streets, you'd have grown up in an even poorer environment and then maybe you'd dream to be a part of this family!Its just that sometimes we do not value what we have until even that is lost and we are left with nothing. We don't understand the value of our family or parents until they're away from us or we lose them.Your family problems aren't something to worry about - but your mindset is! Till the moment you do not change your mindset you can never have a content or happy life. Tomorrow even if you become a millionaire you will again be desolate and depressed about something or the other. Mark my words! Money does not reduces your problems.Today if you die of a disease for which you cannot afford a treatment, tomorrow you might die of a disease which is not possible to cure in this world. The bottom line is - YOU WILL DIE. Death comes to all. Rich people aren't spared and its better to change your mindset before its too late!

I'm having family problems, please help?

Im terribly sorry to hear that.
I wish I could say something to truly help you, but the only thoughts that come to mind are rebelling. But thats something I would never recommend you to do. I know its tough now and i know no matter how much people tell you things will get better, it doesnt make it any easier. From what you have said, you sound like a very smart girl and I can guarantee you'll go far in life. As unfair as it may seem now, try to remind yourself that no matter what she is still your mother. Im not sure how old you are, but my ray of hope for you would be to wait until you get to college. You will get a nice, well-deserved break from this unfairness. I know you must feel like you're suffocating in that house, but just remember that good things happen to good people. Surround yourself with good friends if family isnt helping any.

Keep your head up.

Trouble with husband's Mormon family...advice needed, please!!?

it would appear that you may be reading an awful lot into this --- maybe they just miss seeing you and would like to have you there as you are a big part of their may not be that they see you as some "horrible influence" @all, but that you are just making this assumption yourself. be your usual self, and let them be their usual'll all work out.

I know that in my family - if my brother (who is a gay buddhist) doesn't show for something everybody feels pretty bad about that and bugs the crap out of him until he promises to come the next time....why? because he lives a little ways away and we get to see him the least.

I'm just saying - why assume malice when it may just be love?

My mom is ALWAYS screaming {family trouble}?

Is your mother suffering from depression or going through some personal problems? It sounds like to me she is comparing siblings. I am not sure on how you are with your mother but if you give her a lot of attitude, this might be why. Your mother is going to be like this probably for the rest of her life. The only person that can change her way of life is herself, otherwise there is not a lot you can do. If she came from a broken family, then this is why she is like this. Maybe she was competing for attention from her parents and there was favoritism in her upbringing. Talking to her will get you nowhere because she doesnt see what she is doing as wrong. Tell her she is upsetting you and your only being the best person you can be. Dont let it get to you the way that she treats you. My mother said to me as a child "I hope you suffered like I did" and did she suffer. Try your best that is the best you can do. Nobody is perfect, not you, not your mother nor your brother. Many people are going through the same thing. It all boils down to coming from unloving and unsupportive upbringing and she doesnt know any better, though she knows its wrong, it is hard to shake of a habit you have had with you for a long time and we tend to favour the child who gives us least troubles.Favoritsm is very damaging to a childs self-esteem. Just ignore her and walk away