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Fantasy Movies To Escape Reality Like Guillermo Del Toro Pan

Is there any relay scary stories that would scare the begeebies out of you?

There's a book called Nothing (by Janne Teller) that I think is terrifying. It's not really a story so much as a very short book, but it's worse than anything I've ever read, and I read a lot. It's basically a Danish story of what happens when everything is nothing. A bunch of seventh grades (I think) try to find meaning. It starts out small (a pair of shoes) but that and the kid whose favorite shoes are taken dares the next kid a little more. It keeps on escalating more and more. In some cases, it's very gruesome. A girl named Elise's little brother's grave is dug up and his body is added to the growing pile of things that have meaning. The coffin is replaced in the ground with the body of a dog that was killed by another kid and head cut off by an animal lover. The head was added to the pile. A girl's innocence was taken and captured on a tissue that went on the pile. It goes on and on and I found it horrible. It was a really good book, but it gave me nightmares of blood, heads being cut off, and other severed things. It might not seem gruesome to some people, but its' terrifying in a calm way. (The worst part, I believe, is that they are thirteen year old kids trying to find meaning, but become barbaric. At the end, they could all be arrested for murder. But I won't tell you if they are.) I hope you think this is worth being read as a scary story. Enjoy.

Adult fantasy books with female narrators?

no longer woman narrated, however the Dresden records via Jim Butcher are extremely solid., no longer paranormal romance, yet a greater gritty fantasy detective fiction. starts off with hurricane front. you should like Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's tension Trilogy. the 1st e book is the tension. Vampires are monsters (with some twists on the legend) that are infesting the complete international. Sherrilyn Kenyon's dark Hunter (fantasy Lover is first) Laurell ok. Hamilton's Anita Blake (Guilt Pleasures)

POLL: Favorite movie director?

My favorite is Tim Burton too. I think that means I'm messed up in the head, but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of the best movies I've ever seen. And Nightmare Before Christmas is amazing beyond words.

Who is your favorite movie director right now? Why?

I'm currently tied 3 ways, it's either Paul Thomas Anderson, Joel Cohen or Clint Eastwood. All of them have recently been producing high quality movies that convey deep, meaningful and interesting ideas about the human condition that look great and are very entertaining despite the serious nature of their content. There Will Be Blood, No Country For Old Men and Gran Torino are all contenders for best Hollywood movie of the past decade.

As for some of the others already mentioned here;

Both Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton have turned into one trick ponies in recent years. They both started their careers very promisingly with interesting and original movies but seem to be stuck in a rut and keep producing the same old schtick again and again. Both very good directors, but they need to leave their comfort zones and get that streak of originality back before they can be considered true greats.

Micheal Bay: Great at action, not that good at anything else

Sam Raimi is a comedy sci-fi/horror genius, I love his movies but he will never be in the same class as the directors I mentioned above. That being said I don't think it's his intention to be considered as a truly great director, he just wants to make films that rock and he does.

That's my dollars worth!

Best movie of 21st century?

Wha-Wha- What?

You may have (absolutely) went a little overboard there.

I use several sources.First, I use Fandango for purchasing movie tickets. I usually see trailers via email, sent to me by Fandango, Cinemablend, or other sites that know I’m an avid moviegoer.Then, I look at sites like Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic.I also have a number of critics who I tend to be in lockstep with. My favorite reviewer, Roger Ebert, is sadly no longer with us, but his site is maintained by critics who seem to be of similar mind, so I will read those reviews.One step is to ask my son! He is in L.A., working as an assistant director and editor. He knows what I like, usually has inside scoops, and has seen most everything in major release (L.A. usually gets movies before my area does.)Last, I use what I’ve enjoyed/disliked in the past to guide me. I’m an MCU mega-nerd, and I’m out of my mind about the next year’s Avengers film. Also, if it has been directed, written, or touched in any way by Wes Anderson, I’ll hate it. (My son and I are in agreement on the former, and totally opposed on the latter.) I also have directors that I love, like Guillermo Del Toro, so I will see anything of theirs, except children’s films. As for children’s films, I am a huge fan of Aardman Productions, and must see anything they produce.

★★★★I hovered between three stars and four stars for some time, so lets make it 3.5 stars. I will say I went in with massivly high expectations, because Pan's Labyrinth is one of my top ten favourite films. The Good:Jessica Chastain - For most of the film she is a restrained, glacial creature. But the moments when her emotions pour out are breathtaking. The Costumes - If this film doesn't sweep the awards for best costumes, then it would be a crime. They are so beautiful. Anyone with a love of fashion will just drool their way through it. Steampunkers may have bring smelling salts in with them. The Set - not quite as strong as the Costumes but still pretty magnificent. Visually this film is beautiful, with layers of detail. The blood red soil and mud was a very nice touch. Two strong female characters The Bad:Mia Wasikowska - I will hold up my hand and say that I'm not a fan of her work. She is slowly getting better and I actually didn't mind her for about half the film, she does a pretty good scared. However it all got a bit ugly face when she had to get angry. Acting side by side with Chastain showed her up badly towards the end. I have no idea how she is getting these amazing roles with superb directors. (If you know, drop me a comment to explain. I would genuinely like to know if other people enjoy her acting, or am I the only one going wtf) I wasn't nearly as original as I was expecting. It felt very much like a Virgina Andrews book, only set in late Victorian times. I am bloody easy to scare, really easy and I while there were a few moments where I had to hold my scarf up to my face, they weren't that many. Real fans of horror movies might find it a little tame. Perhaps it was because the ghosts were CGI, as shadows I got a few frights, but when they came out of the shadows I didn't find them all that scary. The Verdict:It's definately worth watching, and it's a film I would watch again because of the level of detail in it. But I wanted more depth and orignality to the storyline.