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Fast Hardcore Punk Bands

Modern hardcore punk bands?

well black flag bad brains and minor threat aren't any younger than the descendents. and i wouldn't call the misfits a hardcore band.
but here's some newer ones:
Sick of it All
Monster Squad
Annihilation Time
Vitamin X

most of the better hardcore bands are from the 80's
Dr. Know
Zero Boys
Agent Orange

but basically check out bands from the Straight Edge scene
and bands for the Nardcore scene (my favorite)
and you'll find some good hardcore bands. both old and new.

Who was the first hardcore punk band?

These answers drive me crazy. People post a question, seriously wanting an answer, and all you get is multiple people with guesses or uneducated answers. The Stooges? The question was "Who was the first hardcore punk band"- not "What rock bands from the 60s had an influence on punk?" ....Black Flag? Sorry, not "hardcore". Lumped in with that scene, yes, but far more "punk" than "hardcore" ESPECIALLY their earliest stuff from the late 70s. if you're asking about HARDCORE, any true HC historian agrees that the very first record that was ever released that meets ALL the criteria (including one Black Flag never had, *speed*) was the "out of Vogue" ep by the band The Middle Class from Santa Ana, CA in 1978.

So there's your actual answer. Speed, hardcore style riffs, yelling vocals- hardcore was born with The Middle Class "Out of Vogue" ep.

Hardcore begins with British bands, as seminal, real punk. The same way “Punk” begins with seminal British bands?^^ The Exploited “Beat The Bastards” (1996) full album.^^ GBH, - 1982. Vinyl. Full album.^^ GBH.^^ Discharge - 1982 album.^^^^^^ Discharge (early days).UK Subs - Emotional Blackmail^^ UK Subs.^^ Wattie.^^ The Exploited “Troops of Tomorrow” (1982) full album.^^ The Exploited “The Massacre” (1990) full album.^^ The Exploited “Punks Not Dead” (1981) full album.^^^ You May Also Like: The Skeptix, Lunatic Fringe, Chaos UK, Chaotic Dischord, Anti-Pasti, Crass, The Partisans, Disorder, UK Violators, Oi Polloi, The Last Resort, One Way System, The Ejected, Attak, Blitz, Chron Gen, The Ruts, The Oppressed, Special Duties, Combat 84, The Business, Condemned 84, Antisect, Amebix, The Fits, (Anti-Nowhere League, Sham 69, Vice Squad, Riot Squad, Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects, Zounds, Flux of Pink Indians), Conflict, Rudimentary Peni, The Ejected, The Expelled, The Insane, Action Pact, Abrasive Wheels, Major Accident, The Blood, Infa Riot, Court Martial, Disrupters, Last Rites, Potential Threat, Cult Maniax, (Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Carcass), - The Meteors, King Kurt, Ausgang, Alien Sex Fiend, Bone Orchard (83),Demented Are Go, New Model Army, Public Image Limited, Gang of Four, The Fall, Theatre of Hate, Spear of Destiny, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Nitzer Ebb, Coil, Psychic TV, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Test Dept., Clock DVA, Fields of the Nephilim, etc..^^ Crass. Anarcho-punk/Punk.^^^

These answers are shit IMHO. I don’t mind the fact that people like bands like Green Day, Sum 41, Blink 182, etc. HOWEVER - Please stop calling it hardcore punk. Call it pop punk or something. If you’re looking for some real modern hardcore, check out bands like Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack, Expire, Turnstile, etc. I don’t usually like “genre wars” but it just grinds my gears when people call poppy sellout bands “hardcore” because they wear ripped black jeans and minor threat shirts. Rant over.

What are some good, super fast, energetic hardcore punk bands i can skate to?

This Secret Ninja- AFI

Totalimmortal- AFI

Third Season- AFI

Yurf Rendenmein- AFI…

I Wanna Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)- AFI…

High School Football Hero- AFI…

Good PUNK bands???? Fast!?

Sex Pistols (my favorite by the way)
THe Clash
The Slits
Public Image Ltd

I'll try to think of more!!
Hope I could Help!!!

Punk bands that are REALLY fast?

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Any female singers in fast pace hardcore-punk bands?

I had a similar question, but I found a pretty good thread on Frontline Radio's message board that listed a bunch:

The Rezillos
Retching Red
X-Ray Spex
The Horrorpops
The Expelled
The Violators
Action Pact
The Epoxies
The Soviettes
The Breeders
The Epoxies
Walls of Jericho
Bikini Kill
The Plasmatics (Wendy O' Williams is crazy)
The Slits
The Butt Trumpets - seriously listen to "I've Been So Mad Lately," it's well worth it.

What are some of the fastest punk bands ever?

I'll give you some variety...
Rudimentary Peni
Fleas And Lice
The Partisans

There's a lot more where that comes from. let me know if you want more.

There's definitely a difference between the original 'hardcore punk' and 'hardcore' as we know it today. I don't have an exact answer but maybe this link can shed more light on it: says Black Flag (1976). East Coast goes to Bad Brains (1977).I say neither because I view Hardcore as being different than Hardcore Punk. (See above link: "Today's hardcore bands are tighter and much heavier")-------My buddies have weighed in and given me two equally acceptable answers. 1. The Cro-Mags, specifically "Age Of Quarrel"2. CrumbsuckersThis is from Crumbsuckers' Wikipedia: The Crumbsuckers were at the forefront of the hardcore and metal crossover movement with bands such as Agnostic Front, The Cro-Mags, and DRI, some might even argue they were the trailblazers.I tend to believe them as they eat breathe and sleep Hardcore. One of my buddies even throws Hardcore shows.