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Fat; Is This The Unspoken Of Bias Of The 21st Century

Does anti-Catholic prejudice still remain in America?

I have absolutely no doubt such prejudice exists.  It's just that this type of prejudice blows my mind.As a Jew born shortly after WWII, my upbringing included a certain amount of victimhood and paranoia, perhaps engendering the idea that all Jews are Jews.  I understand there are theological differences among the Christian denominations and respect them, but have not been able to grasp the substance of the differences nor understand why they give rise to such animosity.  At a gut level it's "you are all Christians, aren't you?"Ditto Shiite and Sunni Moslems.When I dated one Christian girl right after college, her mother  reassured me that the family would be amenable to our marriage since she and her husband's was a 'mixed' marriage.  She explained that she was Episcopalian and he was Methodist.  My unspoken reaction was, "That's a mixed marriage?  What are you talking about?"Judaism has different divisions.  The disagreements are sometimes strong and we may say unkind things about each other at times, but it wouldn't occur to any of us to have anything like the level of hate and animosity seen among some Christian and Moslem sects.

What are some essential jazz guitar albums?

I would firstly recommend either "Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery"-Wes Montgomery (Perhaps, one of the most popular jazz guitar albums which significantly shaped jazz guitar) or "Full House"-Wes Montgomery. The "Full House" album is my personal favorite Wes album.  There are several moments on that album in which the rhythm section is so locked in that the drum and bass sound like it was programmed on a digital computer, but, amazingly, it was performed organically.  Wes's lines are also really meticulous and interesting on that album.  In most of his works, Wes does his signature and influential ideas (e.g. Block chords, octaves, use of thumb, etc.), but if you hear him more and more, you'll catch him playing some really fresh and creative ideas that keep the listener really engaged. Arguably, he is one of the best guitarists of all time.I also really enjoy listening to:"Kurt Rosewinkel and OJM"- Kurt Rosewinkel and OJM"Live at Yoshi's"-Pat Martino"Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane"-"Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane"The Way Up"-Pat Metheny (which won a Grammy!)"Enroute"-John Scofield"Unlikely Stories" by Lage Lund"For Django"-Joe PassLet me know if you get a chance to listen toany of these albums! I'd like to hear your feedback!

Who are some of the best female movie actresses?

Margot robbie1. Margot is an Australian native and began her acting career at 17 years old. Before that, she worked three jobs to help support her family.She moved to Los Angeles when she was 21 and landed a role onPam Am alongside Christina Ricci. Unfortunately the show was cancelled after one season.Her first Hollywood film ever was About Time, which also starred Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson.Not a bad way to kick off your acting career.ZimbioIn December of 2016, she married her boyfriend Tom Ackerley in a private ceremony. It definitely took a lot of people by surprise!She landed the part of Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street while she was still relatively unknown. This is the role that skyrocketed her acting career.The scene in the movie where she appears fully naked in front of Leo was actually supposed to have her just in a robe. It was Margot's idea to go nude instead because she wanted the character to appear more realistic.She was so nervous for her sex scene with Leo that she took three shots of tequila at nine in the morning!She wanted to stand out during her audition, so to do so, she actually slapped Leo across the face while acting out the fighting scene. He thought it was great and told her to do it again!. She's appeared as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad alongside Will Smith and Jared Leto. She tattooed the word "SKWAD" on most of the cast members.She played Jane in The Legend of Tarzan and refused to lose weight for the role. She said that she wanted to go drink in all the pubs since it was her first time filming in England.She turned down Playboy Magazine because she's "put her family through enough." They didn't even like seeing her nude in The Wolf of Wall Street!She's competed against Emma Stone for many different roles, including The Legend of Tarzan and Birdman.. She's usually very good at covering up her Australian accent, but she has said that the one word she always has a hard time saying correctly is "home."She doesn't like that some people label her as a "bombshell" because she doesn't want to be reduced to the cliché that comes along with that title.When she was a child, she took circus classes and even earned a trapeze certificate. These skills really helped her for her Harley Quinn role.She has said that the '60s are her favorite decade. She loves everything about it, including the women's movement, the fashion, and even the hair.