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Father To Her Kids Help What Do I Do

Is it healthy for my kids (2 & 3) to see their biological father who hardly sees them? Would it be better to not let him see them at all or continue to let him visit once every 2 months? He does not pay child support and lives 10 minutes away.

A lot depends on why the marriage broke up in the first place. Every child deserves a chance to have a stable, loving, two-parent home with a mom and a dad who are dedicated to one another as well as dedicated to their kids. I have personally known guys who had it all: a loving, faithful, GOOD wife; beautiful kids—a family and home life that some people would die for. And I’ve watched them trash-can their wives, throw away their marriages, and walk out on their kids—just so they could go sleep around and fulfill their lust. Murder would be about the only thing worse.In a case like that, no, they shouldn’t be seeing their kids—those kids shouldn’t have to spend time with the man who threw away their home, destroyed their family, and just-short-of murdered their mother. No kid should ever be put through that. Those kids need to have a chance to heal and, hopefully, one day bond with a nice step dad who will step up to the plate and be worthy of their trust.Now, there are other reasons why parents separate, and for anything less than what I have described above, then yes, the kids need to see their other parent. It may take a little coaxing on your part to make the other parent feel included, important, and integral to the family—but it can work.

My girlfriend has 2 kids from 2 different fathers, What do I do or say to my "old fashioned" family?

She was married for five years, and had a boy with her husband at the time......but before the marriage she had a huge streak of bad luck. She had problems at home, her mom was a careless mom, who would rather be with her "man" at the time, than to spend time or care for her daughter(my girlfriend). Her mom kicked her out of the house at a very young age because she thought that her daughter was "ruining her relationship with her current husband" What the hell? What a bad mom!!! Anyway, she was kicked out at a very young age, did not have any close family or anyone, except for her boyfriend. The boyfriends Mom took her in because she was nice....years passed and they ended up having a little girl together. Years later, the relationship did not work out, so she moved on. This is when she got married to her sons father. Four years later, she divorced the abusive bastard. Now, she has 2 kids, 2 different fathers. I love the kids, they love me. My family's Old Fashioned, What do I do?

How to tell kids that their father died?

My father died when I was 9 years old. My mom sat us down, and told us that our daddy died. She said it in a gentle way, and we all cried. Telling the kids that there dad went on a vacation and wont be back for a long time is not gonna help. Kids arent stupid. Just make sure that their mom tells them calmly, and is there for them. She shouldnt be afraid to cry in front of them either. And she has to be comforting to her kids when ever they are sad, too.

What role should a step father play to a step child?

My daughter has her daddy in her life that is 100% involved and we co-parent well. My soon to be husband has a hard time having no athourity over my daughter. It's the simple things he gets upset with, she is a good 12yr old girl and makes good grades. It's like not turning light off, or turning the T,V, off, picking up things, etc..

My Mother is Pregnant with My Step-Dad's Child. Help!?

This sounds like a tricky situation. Maybe someone else will be suited to give you advice, but I will try my best to be completely honest with you.
No matter what you are feeling, ultimately it is your mother's decision on what to do with her own child. Your feelings of wanting your mom's love and devotion are understandable, as I am an only child myself. However, being angry at your mom and step-dad is not going to help or change anything.
The only advice I can give you is to maybe step back and calm down a little. Your mother loves you, and if you love her, you will have to respect her decision. If you still feel like you need to say something, make sure you try to understand what she is trying to tell you first. Then, let her know how you are feeling. You are a part of the family, and you should be able to have some say in what happens. However, I am going to stress again that it is ultimately your mother's decision, and she will be less likely to listen to you if you approach her in a hostile or angry way.
It will be a big change for you and your family, but if your mom does not change her mind, then try to accept your new little brother and sister, and be there for them. If you are going to boarding school, then you most likely won't have to deal with this as much anyway. Sometimes there are things in our life that we can't change, and we just have to accept what life throws at us. It may not be easy, but when we get through the bad changes, it only makes us stronger and more wise in the end. I wish you and your family the best of luck.

How can I help my father during a financial crisis when I'm just 15 years old?

There are many ways you can help your father.If you want to and you have the time, you can look for a job. Many local restaurants/shops are looking for teenagers to work part time; if you are considering this, then I would suggest you ask a teacher for help creating a resume and sending it out to a few different job openings (if you live in a suburban area, you may have lots of luck by simply walking into a local shop and asking if they would need any help). You can also try to reduce your spending; think twice about every time you go to Starbucks, or just need that new video game. While you may not be making/saving lots of money, remember that every little bit counts!You can also help your father in other ways. Going through a financial crisis can be extremely tough, and can cause psychological (not just financial) harm as well. Don't discard your dads emotions; let him know that you'll always be there for him, and that you know he can make it through this tough time!Just remember, this is NOT your responsibility. It's great that you want to help, but you don't need to. There is something to be said for being just a normal teenager; there are ways to help other than getting a job. You should most definitely be more aware of your spending, but if you don't want to get a job, do no feel guilty; you're a child, and there are plenty of other ways to contribute that aren't financial!

Why would a woman only let the father of her child see the child when they’re together?

I am in this exact situation..My husband has two children by a girl, he pays his child support, we buy everything they need, (they constantly need clothes, school supplies, etc) however we have to travel 200 miles to spend 3 hours a month with them.She uses the kids as leverage to get what she wants, there's a court order stating we are supposed to have the kids every other weekend, etc.. She doesn't obey it but Lord forbid were late on childsupport due to one of our children being sick needing something..She straight up told him she wasn't going to be let him see them unless he left me and my children aren't around (my children are also his children)

Can my father collect child support since im over 18?

Im Fixing to be a sophomore in college.I have lived with my father in TN in all my life. While my mother lives in GA since they divorced when i was 2. My father did not try to get child support when we were younger because he was afraid he would lose me and my older sister which is now a senior in college. And now he has raised us without any help from my mom. And I just found out that he took out some of his retirement ($30000) to help us go threw school and to support us since we both still live at home. My mother has no car payment and lives in a better than nice house and has everything. I have told her my dad's situation and everything and she doesn't care about anything. She thinks that I should work to go threw school. And blames my car purchase on me not being able to afford school. Is there anything that I could do or that my father could do to get the money that he deserves? He will not try to get anything from her. And I just want to help him

Can a mother legally keep her child away from the father?

Yes, she can, for MANY reasons:
1) the father is abusive, physically or mentally to mother &/or child
2) the father is rarely, if ever around
3) the father never signed the child's' birth certificate, even if the child was given his last name
4) the father has never or rarely has provided any kind of financial support to care for the child

I am going through #'s 2,3 & 4 with the father of my kids. The birth certificate being signed or not is a big deal because in alot of ways, it still puts the father in control of things. Since my kids' father never bothered to sign the birth certificate for either my son or daughter, I could legally leave the state with BOTH of them if I wanted to because he hasn't claimed them as his on paper. It's all about documentation when it comes to the court system.

Overall, YES a mother can keep a child away from the paternal father, even AFTER child support is established. She is considered the main, providing parent in the child's life. Child support is just that: SUPPORT. Which means that out of every day to day thing that comes up in a child's life, whatever the mother isn't able to completely pay for herself, the child support only HELPS fill that want or need. It can't ever fill the fact that the father is not physically there.

Your question is vague in regards to your situation, but normally the above reasons ARE legal reasons for a mother to keep the child away from the father.