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Favourite Pokemon And Why

Your favourite pokemon =P?


What is your favourite pokemon?

A bunch of them are. Pikachu, charmander, Squirtle, raichu,jigglypuff, mew, togepi, psyduck, etc.. :)

What's your favourite Pokemon?

Meowth :) lmao

Whats your favourite pokemon?

I can't spell these to save my life
Ultimate Favorite: Treeco
Bulbasaur would be my plant pokemon
Blazzican would be my fire pokemon
Magista? would be my ghost pokemon
Onyx would be my rock pokemon
Zigzaggoon (not sure what type) would be on my team
Tottadile would be my water pokemon

Which is your favourite Pokemon episode and why?

I can’t pick just one episode, but I can tell you that all my favourite episodes come under one category. That category is Pokémon contests.Only the Dawn and May era, though. I love love love their pretty combinations. Their cool effects. Their creative battles. At times they would even give us a deeper insight of the Pokémon’s design themselves. We don’t get to do or learn about any of this in the game. It’s all exclusively in the anime so it’s always a joy to watch them in amazing action.There was one time Leafeon’s leaf blade and Mismagius’ psywave combo gave Leafeon actual wings.Pokémon gave their own designs a reality check, an intention, which I found fascinating and clever. Brock and Ash analysed the designs of Lopunny and Kricketune as a dancer and fiddler.Venomoth using confusion to pour tea. So classy.And their overall cool and sparkly visual effects. These are mostly why I love the contests so much. They’re always so mesmerising.And who can forget about their grand entrances? At least Diamond/Pearl/Platinum blessed us with the ability to do this in game.How can one not be in awe? My reaction to these episodes would always be the same. Remarkable.

Favorite pokémon and why?

My friend here, who is ten, says:
And why?:
He's cute and he's a water type and I love water type Pokemon


Poll: whats your favourite pokemon?

old: eevee, togepi, ninetails, jigglypuff, lapras, snorlax

new: quaqsire, wooper, cherubi, cherrim, cleffa, skitty, absol

I don't know... I like weird pokemon.. and I prefer the cuter ones. And the newer pokemon have more cuter pokemon D= but I'll always love the original the best!

Which is your favourite Pokémon region and why?

I’ll have to say Sinnoh. For purely personal reasons. I played the original red/yellow (never had blue) and played Gold/Silver (never had crystal) and then my parents convinced me for a while that I was too old for Pokemon. Then I got my DS. Back then, it came as a bundle. A ds with either Diamond or Pearl. I picked it up and chose Diamond. After skipping a generation and barely remembering the others… it was like an entirely new game. I couldn’t put it down… for YEARS. Diamond reignited that fire. And it’s still there at 24 years old. Sinnoh brought me back. That’s also why Dialga is always one of my top 3 favourite Pokemon. (The other two are Growlithe at 1, and Onix at 3. Onix sometimes changes. But… growlithe and dialga are pretty much cemented.)