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Fear Of Flying Best Medication

Fear of flying and medications?

On Thursday my boyfriend and I are setting off on a four month trip around the world. I've never had a problem with flying in the past but have recently become very very anxious about the plane trips, 56 hours in total! I visited my doctor who prescribed me lexapro which is an anti depressant and refused to give me anything else. I really don't want to take lexapro as it takes four weeks to kick in and is some sort of mood stabiliser. I've never had an issue with flying before but with all the recent plane crashes and all of the volcano stuff happening in europe I'm feeling very nervous about it all.
I just want something to calm me down should I become very agitated on my flights. Any ideas on how I can convince my doctor that lexapro is not right? Any ideas on why he's prescribed this, or what a better alternative would be?

Can you take Xanax for fear of flying?

Medication is not the answer. it is addictive, and over time it makes flying worse, until finally meds do nothing. This is because it increases the person's sensitivity to the motions and noises. Stanford University School Of Medicine research on this is at you don't have trouble with panic attacks or claustrophobia, the anti-anxiety techniques and information about how flying works that we offer free at is enough to take care of the problem.If you do have trouble with panic or claustrophobia, since these are triggered unconsciously and automatically, the answer is to train the mind to NOT produce panic or claustrophobia - and that, too, must work automatically.Another free help is the app we offer at

Does xanax work for fear of flying?

I feel like this should be discussed with your doctor but nevertheless; It should help and probably have you a bit foggy-minded. Take 1 to help with the anxiety, Take 2 to help you sleep through out the plane.

How do you overcome aviophobia? Fear of flying?

First, I would recommend you ask your doctor about doubling up on the Xanax. I wouldn't trust dosing suggestions from anyone online, ask an actual doctor in person about the Xanax or an alternative. I would suggest you try taking a nap if possible, maybe take some NyQuil or Benadryl to make you tired enough that your fears won't keep you awake, but again ask your doctor about possible complications while taking other meds with Xanax. If you have a video iPod or DVD player, watching a movie or TV show is also a good idea. I know when I watch shows I love, I get very focused on it and little else. I've even missed the doorbell ringing once or twice because of it. Other than that, listen to some music, drown out the jet noises and the passenger noises and so on.
If you need a constant reminder of how safe flying is, buy a Powerball lottery ticket (assuming you're old enough, it's not apparent from the question). Then every time you feel freaked out about flying, look at the ticket, because you have a better chance of correctly guessing every single number than you have of dying in a plane crash.

What would my doctor prescribe me for fear of flying.?

Im going to see my doctor in a week from now because i have a flight in two weeks and i wanted to know what would he prescribe me for fear of flying, or what is he most likely to prescribe me.

How should someone deal with anxiety due to fear of flying?

I have had anxiety and OCD almost my whole life. I had serious fear of flying to the point I used to have nightmares about being stuck in an airplane.Then I decided I want to go abroad, and the only way available was , flying.The desire to visit other countries was the main trigger. Usually, when I'm scared to do something, I challenge myself to do it all by myself. This way I would have to count on myself only, also I won't have someone to be whiny around. And so I did, last month I flew for the first time and I did it Alone. What happened? I got really really anxious as soon as I stepped into the airport. I felt “stuck” as soon as the doors were closed. And felt totally Amazing when we finally took off.It was an incredible feeling to be up in the air and enjoy the view.I decided to do this without any pill's, just to challenge myself, but if you feel you need to use some pills you can do that and it helps as well.

Does valium help with a fear of flying? What does it feel like to take it?

I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and get panic attacks. This has been going on since I was 16 yrs old. I used to take valium but then was switched to xanax; which I am on now. People will tell you to breathe, face your fear, etc. Been there, done that. If you choose to go with the valium, there are different doses. Take the doses as prescribed. It will take affect within 5 min. if you are very worried. It will calm you down and you will just be relaxed. I would take it 5 minutes before take off. You may even sleep through your trip if it is the first time taken. When you fly back, take another. Depending on how quick the medication worked the first will determine when you should take it on your trip back. Enjoy your trip. If that's the only reason your getting valium for is because of the plane trip, ask the dr. to prescribe like as minimum script as it is highly addictive.

Anxiety Medication for Plane Ride?

How much Ativan have you taken? The maximum dose is 10 mg/day and many countries make 2.5 mg tabs or just 2 mg tabs. So if you have been on a low dose you might just need more. And sometimes when people take Ativan in a situation like this they might take 4 mg.

You you probably be better on Xanax (alprazolam). It is twice as potent, it works faster, it wears of faster so you can better control it depending on if it is a short or long flight. The largest dose is 2 mg and the maximum is 10 mg/day.

If you will be on a long flight then the drug Halcion (triazolam), available in 0.125 mg and 0.25 mg strengths, is a great option. The maximum dose is 0.5 mg (it is basically the most potent benzodiazepine) and it is short acting so you won't be out of it when you land.

However Halcion is a hypnotic, it is only used for sleep not to treat anxiety. It will reduce anxiety but since it is so sedating it is really only good for people to sleep. Ativan and Xanax are not approved for insomnia that are used for anxiety.

Your weight, sex, and height really have nothing to do with these drugs. But they do cause selective tolerance so if you use them a lot there effect reduces. They still help anxiety but they won't cause an abnormal level of tranquility or sedation like they can cause when taken the first few times.

But in general the only type of drugs used in a situation like your are benzodiazepines so any can help you just need a dose that works for you and you need to use high potency drugs. Something like Valium (diazepam) is ten times less potent than 1 mg of Ativan (1 mg Ativan = 10 mg Valium) and you can see why that could be a problem.