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Feel Bad About My Jogging Timing

Do you ever go jogging at 11 at night?

Yes!I used to run 4 to 5 times a week for almost 2 years now; now i do it 2 to 3 times a week because I workout in the gym as well (so it’s a mix of cardio and strength).Why did I do so?Well, ever since November last year, I started working full-time and a lot of times I would have dinner at around 7 to 8 after work and I am those type of people that can’t run within an hour from eating.So after reaching home at around 9 P.M. I would wait around for 1.5 to 2 hours before I start my daily jog and that would be around 10 to 11 at night. I’ve even run after 12 A.M. and became infamously known as the crazy boy who runs at midnight by my condominium’s security guards (one of them will ask me everyday whether I am running or not Haha)In the end, it all comes down to whether you are willing to stick to your commitment to have a jogging routine. No matter what time it is, don’t keep delaying or make excuses, just do it. Nobody starts strong, everybody starts small.Someone once told me:“The best time to start is yesterday, so if you can do something today that will benefit you tomorrow. Get into that habit that will help you grow!”From my experience, I believe there is something that you should know. Often times after running at night, your adrenaline would be pumping and for me personally this causes me to not be able to sleep so early at night. My sleeping time ends up being around 2 A.M. Which can sometimes cause me to be sleepy at work because work starts at 9 in the morning. Do consider all these, but if you can, run at an earlier timing so it won’t affect your body clock that much.All the best and don’t give up!

Timing Chain...?

I dont think so.
I have had bad timing chains and never had it affect the shifting.
I learned long ago NEVER to say anything with absolute certainty when it comes to automobiles LOL, nothing is impossible.
If the engine hesitates a tiny bit just as it is shifting . . . . . . . . . might feel as if the shift is rough.
I am thinking you have a different problem in the transmission though.

How to run so as not to feel like I'm dying?

I think breathing through your nose helps early in your workout but after a while I just breathe regularly (since it gets harder). But yea, for PE I run 2 miles a day 3 times a week and I love it. As for the "hump", I think it's just a matter of pushing yourself each and every time you hit the track. I'd put money down that if you push yourself while timing your run you'd get a better time almost every time out.

NOTE: Don't forget the basics (i.e, stretching). Some argue that stretching beforehand doesn't help but why risk it anyways? Quads, hammies, calves, the works. Do some crunches before/after you run, too.

Is running a mile in 9:45. Is that good or bad?

All of my friends joined sports for freshman year that you have to go to and work out and train for during the summer but i chose volley ball which starts in fall. So i feel pretty lazy so i decided that i was going to run a mile outside each day. i started yesterday and i forgot to time myself, but when i did today i got 9:45. I don't work out much but I'm in pretty good shape. I'm 14,five foot seven inches and i weigh 113. So is that an alright time for me not runnignin a long time?

Is it safe to drive my car if the timing belt is messed up?

My mother talked me into letting a family friend fix my 2004 ford taurus. My husband test drove it and says that the timing belt is messed up - he says that at high speed it feels like only 2 cylinders are firing. It feels like when you push on the gas pedal the car is not responding.

I am currently staying with my mother to take care of her while her boyfriend recovers from surgery. My home is three hours away from here. Would it be safe to drive my car home when the time comes so that our regular mechanic can fix my car?