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Fell On My Right Upper Back. Very Painful .should I Worry

I fell down the stairs and hit right side of my back now have pain in right abdomen?

I slipped on my sock and landed on my butt and also hit the upper right side of my back on the steps, I think the back of my ribcage. It wasn’t a nasty fall because I just slid down the stairs after falling, it was just the initial impact the hurt, but my upper back is hurting and my right side feels a little funny. It’s hard to sit up or lay down because when I flex my abdominal muscles it’s really uncomfortable. While I’m laying down I feel a burning sensation in the right back side of my ribcage. there isn’t any visible bruising or anything but It’s definitely feeling really uncomfortable. I had also just eaten and it hurt my stomach. It’s a weird pain and sensations, what should I do?

Hockey injury, upper back pain near my right shoulder?

You mention hitting the boards head first, did you also strike your right side/shoulder?
Glad your head feels ok, btw....that is definitely a plus.
There could be several possibilities of injury, with blunt force trauma like that. Plus, the shoulder is a complicated joint.
When the injury is due to impact rather than moving like it shouldn't (twisting, etc), that helps make some injuries less likely (such as tears, etc). The most likely result is just bruising of that area (and you may not SEE much visible bruising, but the joint/muscles can have resulting bruising, swelling, etc). In that case, ice is the go-to choice for the first 48 hours, to help reduce inflammation, and after that, heat. Taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication such as naproxen (Aleve) or ibuprofen (Advil) is also the best medicine for pain control, since it, too, helps decrease swelling. I would not recommend a massage at this point, because it will likely further aggravate the area rather than help it.
Can you move your right arm ok? One possible injury could be a shoulder separation, but that would result in pain/difficulty moving your arm. You mentioned having pain with deep breaths...that could be normal with just the bruising/swelling, but could rarely be the result of chest or lung trauma. Impact can cause a pneumothorax (a collapsed lung). However, if you don't have any actual DIFFICULTY breathing, or shortness of breath, this is probably a long shot.
Impact could have caused a fracture to your scapula (shoulder blade).
I think you can safely wait at least a few days before having it checked out (of course, if you have any doubts, you can go in at any time). Otherwise, try the above remedies and see if they provide any relief. If there is no improvement, or a worsening of symptoms, in a few days, you should go in. If you develop any difficulty breathing or difficulty moving your arm, call your doctor or get yourself to an ER.

Hope this helps!

I fell on my back, and now my shoulder hurts?

I was climbing a tree 2 days ago when the branch broke and i feel about 3 1/2 feet onto my back. I hit a root that was sticking up a bit from the ground, so there was a big welt on my back where I'd landed, right in the middle of my back. The wind got knocked out of me for a couple of minutes, and my back hurt to move, but I was able to walk it off.

Anyways, here I am 2 days later, and I have a weird stabbing pain below my right shoulder blade, and a blunt pain running on top of my shoulder towards my elbow (if that makes sense) and across my upper back. It's not unbearable, just annoying. I've broken bones before, so I'm pretty sure nothing is broken, and I'm not having trouble moving my arm, it's just really sore. Is this going to wear off? It hasn't got much better from when it happened.

I fell on my butt & now my tail bone & upper back hurts.?


I had fell on my butt skateboarding recently about 8 hours ago, now my tailbone feels really bruised & my upper part around my spine is feels a little stiff like feeling when I move. Kind of like that feeling after you have fell on your wrist. It tailbone area hurts but not severe pain when I skate or jump up & down, my upper back just has feels that stiffness like feeling & it's also kinda hard to take a deep breathe afterwards. I have stretched by bending forward, no pain but I can feel a little stiffness on my way back up & in the middle of my chest as well. When I arch back I feel fine. My lower back is fine, I've twisted left & right, I feel no pain, just a very little stiffness kinda feeling on my upper back. When I lay down I get stiffness kinda pain as well. My upper back hurts when I get up from laying down as well. it Is it normal for my upper part of my back to feel like from landing on my *** but my lower back feels fine? Also when I fell I landed on both palms of my wrist as well if that plays in any role to why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling. Thanks in advance.

I slipped and fell down and now my lower back hurts. What do I do now?

It depends on where exactly you are feeling the pain as to how to treat it.Firstly you should go to a professional physiotherapist or doctor to get a scan to properly diagnose what it is.I am not a physiotherapist and can’t give advice but can tell you how I have fixed my own lower back issues through physiotherapy and a lot self treatment.Also, is the pain radiating down one of your legs? Or up into your lower back area?If it is down one of the legs, it is possible you have some compression in one of the the lower lumbar discs. To help alleviate this, you can decompress it by putting your lower back in traction - easiest way I could do this was to let my legs hang while in a dip station (see pic):It’s the best pic I could find. You don’t need to raise the legs or work your abs, just breathe, relax and let them hang for 20–30 seconds at a time. This will take a lot of pressure off the spine. You can also lay on the ground and have a friend lift and pull your legs or think of your own variation.If the pain is radiating upwards, it is likely an issue with your gluteus minimus or gluteus medius. To help this, you need to stretch and massage it to release it. See pics:If you google or type ‘glute stretch and massage’ into youtube you will find a wealth of info on how to do it and will explain better than I could :)That is just a start. You still should go to have it professionally diagnosed but these exercises will help alleviate the pain.I hope this helps.

Cheerleading accident: pain in head, neck and upper back. Please help?

This is my first year cheerleading and I am really tiny so I am usually a flyer but because I am strong they used me as a base. Today during practice I was basing a lib and the flyer fell during the extension right on top of my head and we both fell. I had immediate neck pain but kept basing. I Iced my back and it has been 4 hours and now my head is hurting. I don't know if i should get checked out or not? I haven't thrown up and I can see fine but I am super tired and it hurts to move my head fast or move it down. WHAT SHOULD I DO??

I fell on my head and now my back hurts?

I was doing a handstand theen fell on my head I couldn't breath right away I then felt a bad pain in my upper back when I tried to lay down I felt diizzy now I fell fine after I. Iced it but its just like all stiff now should I see a doctor or just let it go because I feel fine except for the upper back stiffnes after icing