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Female Tortoiseshell Cat Names

Female tortoiseshell cat names?

I have a kitten who is approximately 8 weeks old and she's a tortoiseshell kitty. She mostly black with very dull patches of orange. She has one bright patch of orange above her eye. She purrs quite a bit but not as much as my younger brothers kitty who's name is Snickers. They are sisters. Anyway, the tip of my kittens tail is white. Her front left is half black half white. Her back left paw is mostly white with a little black on the right of it. The white parts of her paws under them are pink (it's the cutest thing ever ?) her other 2 paws are pure black. Her fur isn't too short but it's short. Her ears go perfectly with the size of her head too. I think that describes my kitty pretty well ☺️ Thank-you in advance and Merry Christmas ?

Name for female tortoiseshell tabby kitten?

I think Maisey is quite cute. I'd suggest waiting a little while to get to know her personality though.

Facts About Tortoiseshell Cats?

Tortoiseshell cats are real characters. They're really feisty and adventurous, and love climbing. They're affectionate but can be firecrackers when they're annoyed. Give her lots of toys to chase and and lots of cuddles and she'll be your friend for life. I hope you have many happy years together.

I love them - I have one sitting next to me right now!

What are good warrior cats names for a tortoiseshell she-cat?

Here are a couple suggestions.
I suggested warrior names, so then you won't have to ask another question for warrior names, but you can just add "paw" to the end of them and you have an instant apprentice name.

Lilystem // Lilypad

Depending on the color of the cat, and the eye color, here are some color-based names:


Nightdapple // Nightriver // Nightfrost // Nighthunter
Shadowrose // Brokenshadow // Shadowfire // Darkblood
Nightsky // Nightclaw // Nightshadow // Nightpetal


Silverdapple // Grayleaf // Silvermoon // Silverspot
Grayowl // Owlspot // Stormcloud // Stormsky // Stormwater
Bluestorm, Graystorm or Silverstorm


Sunlight // Wildlight // Sundapple // Sunpatch
Fallenleaf // Fallenlight // Firestorm // Firepetal
Flameheart // Flamesky // Firesky // Fireshadow

In Night Whispers, there is a tortoiseshell she-cat named Olivenose...
That is NOT very creative at all. And quite idiotic, as cats do not know of olives, as olives do not grow in forests. Neither do apples, yet Appleleaf is a cat in ShadowClan...

I hope I helped!
~Josie Jayfeather <3
-Warriors Lover, Writer, Bookworm <3-

What are good cat names for a tortoiseshell colored kitten?!?

ok so i might be adopting a little female kitten, and she is a tortoiseshell, of you know what that color is on cats. I am trying to think of a really great name to go with her. And if anyone has ever heard of the warrior cat books by erin hunter, then i might be naming her after one of those cats, like spottedleaf or something. i want something really good and unusual. or maybe just a simple name lol! thx!!!!!

How do you identify a tortoiseshell cat?

A tortoiseshell cat has two colors, black and orange, mingled together in the fur. They generally have no or very minimal white.A calico has three colors, orange, black, and white. They have their colors in patches rather than mingled with no real pattern like torties.Both torties and calico have a particular attitude called tortietude. They are the divas of the feline world, all other cats know this, and they expect you to know it too!Most torties and callies are female, but occasionally a male is born with this coloration.