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Females-if Your Fave Male Celeb Crush Were To Offer You A Ride-even On A Motorcycle- Would You Go

Where can i find good delinquent romance manga?

I am searching for a good romance manga which:-
The leading guy is a head of his school gang or something like that.
It can be either manga or manhwa.
i've read:
all those hwang mi ri's
Yankee kun to megane chan
anybody please tell me where can i find more?

In India, I was riding a bike in an emergency & a policeman stopped me. I explained the reason. He used abusive language, then slapped me, so I slapped him back. Is it wrong to slap a policeman on duty for abusing & slapping me unnecessarily?

Two Wrongs don’t make a Right !Let me start with police constable’s mistake. He slapped you and hurled abuses for breaking the law. Legally speaking, the ‘police constable’ is wrong. He has no authority to enforce law by slapping someone or hurling abuses/expletives. Case can be filed against the Police Constable under Section 323 (for slapping you) and Section 504 (for hurling abuses) and also violating your right to life with dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.In case of Hargovind Singh 'Himkar' Vs. State of Bihar (2012), Hon’ble Patna High Court granted Rs. 1 lakh compensation to a lawyer when he was verbally abused and threatened by some civic officials and police personnels. See the judgment : H. S. 'Himkar' (Hargovind Singh ... vs The State Of Bihar & Ors on 4 September, 2012Coming to the second part, (i.e.) whether you can slap/beat-up a cop who first assaulted you. Legally speaking, NO. The police will book you under Section 353 of the I.P.C. which is also a non-bailable offence. Furthermore, you can be sentenced to 2 years in Jail under Section 353 of IPC.Summarily, Cop assaults you and you assault the cop in return, would result in cross-complaint (i.e.) both the cases will be tried concurrently. If cop is convicted, he too shall face prison sentence. And if you are convicted, then you too will face prison sentence.The court will not excuse or condone your acts of attacking a cop in retaliation. Legally speaking, that won’t be a plausible defense in your favour.Your actions of ‘slapping a cop’ is not justified under any statute or law.

I'm looking for some very heavy metal/emo/hardcore rock bands. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.?

I already have Cradle of Filth, Breaking Benjamin, Hinder, FOB, PATD, MCR, The Killers, New Found Glory, Hawthorne Heights, ACDC, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink 182, Bullet For My Valentine, Chasing Victory, Coldplay, Evanscence, Cute is what we aim for, Linkin Park, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatice, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nirvana, Paramore, Plain White Ts, Something Corperate, The Acadamy Is, All American Rejects, The Early November, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Counting Crows, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Good Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, and Slipknot.

My sister is prettier than me and it's killing my self-esteem. What should I do?

I should go ahead and say my sister is also prettier than me. And it used to give me a bitter taste in my mouth.I am the youngest one in my family, and as siblings, we look after each other. Well, normally the elder ones were in charge and had the responsibility to protect and provide the younger.So since I was a child, I was bitchy and demanding and I wanted things to go my way, including people’s affection.Everything went well my way for first couple years of my life, until I came to an age to realize who is the prettiest of all. I still tried to fool myself that I was still the best, and the most beautiful, and that’s why I am my mom’s favorite child. But that trick did not work so well with outsiders.My sister is astonishingly beautiful and everyone liked her. All the boys in schools and college. She had many male friends came to the house and hung out. Some of them were handsome too. And all of their attention went to my sister.I didn’t take that so well.I was jealous with her look. I tried to get people’s attention. I hoped my sister’s male friends liked me more than her. When they were trying to talk to my sister, I jumped into the conversation and started talking, trying to make them like me.I pretended that I didn’t care about her followers. I also acted mean to my sister. I hated the fact that I had no follower while she had a bunch of them. I hated the fact that she didn’t need to try so hard but people still liked her. I hated that she was a ball of joy, while I was grumpy the whole time.I wish I could tell you somehow I figured it out and I started to treat her well, but in fact I didn’t. Not until I grew up and I managed to nurture myself and my self-esteem.My sister is still breathtakingly beautiful, but she didn’t have a good marriage. She divorced and is a single mom while I am living happily with my husband. I feel sad for her.You see, if you love yourself enough, you will not need to worry about people’s affection. And you will not even care about the look. It is not about how pretty you are, but it is about how happy you are.Enjoy your time with your sister, feel happy for her pretty look while you still can. And DO NOT think about yourself as the uglier, which reduces your self-esteem as you are doing right now. Focus on what you have, build your confidence and knowledge.You are loved. You are pretty. And you know it.It starts with you.

Do gay or bisexual men prefer masculine or feminine men? Why?

I'll agree with Dan - I like masculine-ish men. The guys I know who are on the "super-macho" end of the spectrum are not as attractive to me as the ones who are more middle-of-the-road masculine. A little bit of fem is ok for me, but too far in that direction and I would be less likely to be attracted - but I wouldn't at all rule it out. He would have to have other features to compensate, perhaps.Why? I'm not sure.But then I know some very butch gay guys who are only into femmy guys. It's less common, but it exists. There is a niche for everyone.Edit: Having read the other answers, I now realize that different people have vastly different ways of interpreting “masculine or feminine.” It would never occur to me to apply these words to someone based on their jobs, hobbies, interests, height, musical tastes or sexual practices. For me, a feminine man (or effeminate) would be someone with the types of effeminate mannerisms that we are all familiar with - a certain tone of voice, perhaps swaying walk, way of holding one’s hands, maybe certain facial expressions (such as lots of eye-rolling, etc). The other “feminine” cue for me is a soft, round, hairless body, which isn’t really my cup of tea when it comes to a man. Even the big, smooth, hairless muscles of a bodybuilder-type seems to trigger that association for me somewhat, and I am more attracted to a lean, muscular and hairier type of guy.But in my experience, very few gay men don’t have at least some of the classic effeminate mannerisms (myself included) and while a deep, manly voice is quite sexy, if it was a deal-breaker, the dating pool would be a whole lot smaller…