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Feminism In Empowering Women Has Taught Them That What Men Fancy Doesn

What do feminists think of men going their own way (MGTOW)?

I used to be a feminist, and I now consider myself to be MGTOW, so I’ll take a stab at this. The hostility is created by the fact women tend to be valued more than men. Men not only are forced to compete for women, but are still encouraged to do so in the year 2016 (under the guise of being confident and ‘manly’). Men also are always ridiculed, and in two specific ways. One way is to belittle men on how they’re morally inferior to women, despite the fact men are ridiculed for having those same characteristics that get women praise. The other way men are ridiculed is by comparing them to other men (whom are usually female-approved).Men calling themselves MGTOW are called losers by the deluded masses, but the female equivalant to MGTOW is known as women’s empowerment. Women are allowed to bash men and everything they do wrong, but it can never be the other way around. With these horrible double standards lurking against men, it’s no wonder why some men who don’t allow their sex drive to control them may be a bit irritated. Again, all of these double standards are justified by both feminists and tradcons. Feminists do so with their male privilege concept, while tradcons use their survival of the tribe argument.Are traditionalist women really any different from feminists? The answer is no, because even ‘traditional’ women cherry pick which tenets of traditionalism to keep in place, and which ones they’ll discard. In a sense I have far more respect for the feminist, because at least they’re willing to get their hands dirty and take a great amount of heat for their views. Traditional women on the other hand not only escape having the stigma of the feminist label attached to them, but still get to reap in the benefits of a post-modern feminist movement and their still retained cultural privileges. Traditionalist women (and men) also want to keep the same tradiations in place that have harmed men to begin with. It’s nice to see that MGTOW has finally started to call out all BS, and not just concentrate on feminists.

"Why not teach men to not rape instead of teaching women how to be safe"?

EVERY TIME there is a video on youtube about rape, some idiot always says "Don't teach women how to be safe. Teach men to not rape." That's like telling someone to not teach others to lock their doors, but instead teach thieves to not steal. There are always things you can do so that you're less likely to be the victim of any crime. It's not blaming the victim.

Do you think teaching men to not rape is a good way to prevent rape? lol Don't you think rapists already know that rape is bad? Why do people actually think education will stop rape from happening? Do you think rape prevention tips are offensive?

As a feminist, what annoys you about other feminists?

March 2017, feminist groups in Melbourne had finally won a battle to change some of the traffic lights signs around the city to show female silhouette instead of male. Now we will have traffic lights depicting female figures. Phew.The cost to change only six traffic lights is $8,400 from Taxpayers’ money.Meanwhile, in another planet a million light years away from ours:Women are not allowed to drive cars in some countries because it affects their ovaries and pushed their pelvis upward! Genital Mutilation is practised in 30 countries and within immigrant communities in Europe, North America and Australia.At least 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold worldwide into commercial sexual servitude, forced labor, and bonded labor. Women and girls make up 98% of victims of trafficking for sexual service.The number of victims of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV)-related Sexual assault increased by 7% (503 victims) in Australia between 2014 and 2015 to 7,464 victims. Female make up 85% of all FDV victims.There are many ways to spend money and energy to fight against gender inequality and atrocities against women and young girls. There are many people who devoted their life for such a noble purpose. NOT for changing the traffic light figure.

What is your best advice for a male feminist?

A very good morning from India - from a fellow feminist - (who is female).Was a little surprised to see this early morning query as part of my feed then I read the answers given (specifically 1).I am happy to have encountered this query on Quora and I have gone with the assumption that the asker is a feminist man.Say you were asking just for clarity - then also my answer shall remain unchanged.So my 10 immediate pieces of to do and not to do as an advice-list:Whenever you use the phrase feminist man - please define feminism! YES it seems you shall always have to do that. As a feminist woman I almost always resort to the dictionary meaning…. 1 of the answers written earlier is proof of that.Never ever give up on your beliefs. The journey for you shall be harder and tougher and you may actually be called a pansy and stuff - but remember this it the RIGHT path to follow. And you should never give up on it.Remember you are cool - 1st for being a feminist man and 2nd because you admit it openlyYou shall be misunderstood by men and women both, especially the patriarchal kinds. BTW women too are patriarchal in their beliefs.Just because you believe in women’s rights and perhaps take up aggressive fights - will not get women to trust you. There have been hugely wrong things happening - so you may find a wall around feminist women. Just work around it.Your friends and family will laugh at you and even call you un-manly. Take in the jaw and then throw the dictionary combined with their crappy patriarchal beliefs at themStart finding like-minded feminist men. You shall feel more empowered.Most feminist men aren’t aware that they are feminists and call themselves equalists - :) time to throw the dictionary at them againTake sometime out of your normal day and spend it with kids of the age of 10 and 11 across schools - and teach them “its good to be a feminist man”Look yourself in the mirror each and everyday and tell yourself that YOU are special!Source: I write about patriarchal mindsets and feminism and how to address them regularly on -

Why do women EXPECT do be treated like princesses?

Why do you consider these types of small courtesies, such as picking up the tab at a restaurant, or opening a door for her ... or treating her like a woman (in quotes) ... to be treating her like a goddess or a princess?

Tonight we went out to dinner .... I wanted to try this restaurant down the street. My husband picked up the bill. Came home ... I made him a sandwich and threw a dollop of potato salad into a tupperware for him to take to work tomorrow for lunch. Am I treating him like a god? Is he treating me like a goddess?

If he did not treat me out to dinner ... if he said "no ... let's open a can of beanie-weenie and put it on Texas toast, I would have understood. That is because he might not have the cash right now, or he might not be in the mood to go out. I certainly would not have called him a jerk.

To me it isn't confusing at all. Treat a person with basic respect. Femininity and masculinity are not contingent on picking up the bill at a restaurant, or assembling a salami sandwich.

What you are reacting to, is perhaps what some people refer to as the "entitlement mentality" ... it is a mindset that a lot of middle-class Americans have, especially middle-class American women. I can't speak about other Anglophone countries, and I refuse to generalize about "Western Culture" here. In their mind, a good time involves certain amenities, stipulations, privileges ... It really has little to do with masculinity or femininity ... it has more to do with the fact that we expect people (including ourselves) to spend a lot of money a.k.a consume conspicuously, in order to feel like we had a worthwhile experience.

It is messed up, I know.

Are women usually turned off by men who are very supportive of feminism and gender equality?

No. Absolutely not no. Some people have a preference for strong women who can lead. Some people have a preference for a strong man who can lead.Some people like to follow someone else's lead.Both men and women are capable of being capable leaders and partners.I know a guy who I wound consider to be slightly better than average looking. He is very kind, very into equality and feminism.His dating history includes a string of relationships with some of the most attractive women I've ever seen or met. Honestly a fair bit out of his league if he was a “typical” guy.And these women have great careers too and earn good money - probably more than he does.But does this phase him? Not one bit. Actually he likes it and he supports it.He works a good job and he aspires to be a stay at home dad. He's rarely single for too long and he's always got ambitious attractive women interested in dating him and being in a relationship with him.This is because he lets them be who they want to be. He supports them to reach their full potential and he's not ashamed of who he is.He doesn't have to chase girls. They watch him and wait for their turn to be with him. If he decides they are worth it.They are all waiting for a guy who wants to listen to them and understand them - he's comfortable to let them guide the relationship because they know what they are doing. He can relax and feel looked after. But he's not a doormat either.Women can get sick of man after man telling them what to do or how to go about things. Men have been alive for as long as women. Why would a man know how to go about things better than any women- just because he's a man? That's idiotic and also just a product of socialisation.If I followed the lead of every guy who ever told me what to do - do you know where I would be?No where special.You have to be discerning and sometimes you have to do what you want. They're are plenty of doormat women around and plenty of idiot men who are just looking for someone to possess and boss around.It. Gets. Old.The status quo is ok for some. But living the life you want - that's what's interesting and worthwhile.