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Feminist What Is Your So Called Male Privilege In West

Where fo I go to cash in on my straight white cis gender male privilege?

Ok, so I lost my job but I want to buy a bigger house and a new car because, as a straight white male, I'm privileged and entitled one right? I mean that's what everyone keeps telling me. So I called Chase to apply for a loan and they ask how is my credit? I said not good. They asked have I got a job? I said no, I just lost it because of negligence. They told me that I didn't qualify. I tried to explain to them that I'm a straight white male and as I'm privileged and entitled to the money. They laughed at me and hung up.

Also I tried to apply for a job as a engineer at the supervisor level. They asked do I have experience? I said no. They asked do you have a degree? I said yes. They asked from where? I said Delgado community college. They said ok.... In what field? I said I have a bachelors in communications and I minored in gender studies. They said sorry but you do not meet our qualifications. I tried to explain to them that I'm a straight white male in American capitalist society I'm privileged and entitled and as such I deserve this job. They looked at me like I was insane and had security escort me off the property.

This is discrimination because everyone keeps telling me I'm privileged but I'm not being treated as such. What do I do?

Are western men becoming more lazy because male privilege is declining?

The belief that "parenting" is a popularity contest, internet access, gaming and the "belief" that our education system is the cause for women excelling over men in school.

Women aren't as drawn to gaming, and tend to be more focused on their studies and socializing than a lot of young men.

I even read where women are excelling in getting their driver's license over men...

It's definitely parenting, and not our education system!

Can someone provide examples of male privilege in today's Western culture?

The draft, Circumcision, differential sentencing in the criminal courts, and treatment in the family courts. Being portrayed as bloodthirsty callous slobs and dimwitted oafs or predators in the media. Differences in educational outcomes and availability in social services and medical research funding.

Yep it just stinks of privilege! :)

Where can I sign up for my white male privileges?

It will take 8 to 11 weeks for it to come by mail. I can't wait for my kit too. I only get 50% because I am an Asian male

Are homeless men privileged?

According to feminists homeless men are privileged, you've heard it here folks! How delusional feminists really are. Even being a homeless white man, he's more privileged than a rich white woman. LMAO oh lawd

As a man, what are some privileges you enjoy that women can't (what are your personal examples of male privilege)?

Peeing standing up without a special talent, skill, or equipment is nice.Not getting PMS (or at least only getting a mild hormonal cycle) rocks by comparison.Given youth and lack of disability I can take my body and make it highly competent at physical violence in the space of a year without an epic struggle and natural talent. Being an Army Ranger or Navy Seal is merely unlikely and fabulously difficult rather than nearly impossible. Ditto an NFL player. This cross references with the PMS issue too; I have a suspicion that any female starting player for an NFL team will find her menstrual cycle tracked and conversed on in bookmaking circles because it will be relevant to her on-field performance.I have access to traditional masonic initiationBloodline issues notwithstanding I can be clergy in almost all branches of all major world religions.Women running for POTUS face scrutiny and media attention in areas men are less likely to. “Assertive” men would be called “shrill” if they were women. A man who stumbles is “goofy” where a woman “might be in poor health.”My physical pain reports to doctors result in (weight factored in) faster and stronger pain relief than a woman.

Do women have more privileges in society than men, or do men have more privileges in society than women?

In the US and other western countries... yes. As a woman, I'm not complaining. I do think I have more rights. I'm not into male bashing, especially since I have a 21 year old son and the male bashing ticks me off. As a young white male, I do feel for my son and told him that if women are competitive, he has to be competitive right back. I was and I had to go up against men in the business world. I told him that he can't cut women slack and I didn't expect men to cut me any. Still we don't have to sign up for selective services and that right there gives us a lot of rights and men little rights. I don't think that is fair towards men.