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Finding A Dj For A Rock Band

What is the best way to find a live wedding band? What are the perks of having a band instead of a DJ?

Hey there!We’re Superband and have played a tonne of weddings so wanted to chime in here.Getting entertainment right is really important.How to choose this is something that we have a tonne of experience in helping with.Whether it’s a wedding band or DJ, Cost is typically the deciding factor when choosing.If finances are not an issue, and you still don’t know which one to choose, here are some things you may want to consider before making your final decision:Bands are typically “showier” Since there are several band members, there is someone that each of your guests can identify with and watch. Bands also have a nice visual outlook because they are performing. We personally provide a full solution and tailor it to the crowd and wedding.Bands do have a couple of limitations. Most bands have a limited repertoire of music, so if you want musical selections that span generations or genres, you may have a hard time finding one band that does it all. We don’t have that problem but is totally an understandable one depending on who you go with.Bands also typically take breaks. This can cause the party to grind to a halt. Some bands will bring a DJ with them; others will put on a CD to play while they are off stage. Make sure you know which one your band will do and that you are confident that your party won’t die while the band is on break. Talk to your provider and have a chat about it :-)We hope that this was able to help you.

Where can I find a track list for DJ Hero 2?

Song similar to Rock DJ?

I can't tell you myself but if you make a radio station starting with that specific song in (free, and its a pretty good site) then you'll get a lot of similar songs.

According to Pandora, similar songs are

Lets go crazy (special Dance Mix) ---- Prince
19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) --- Gorillaz
Shes a Bad Mama Jama --- Carl Carlton
I Don't feel like Dancin' --- Scissor Sisters

How do I find which bands and DJs are touring in Japan?

Clubs: iFlyer ( is an English-language site that picks up most of the major events, and you can search by venue or date. Gigs: Tokyo Gig Guide ( has a very comprehensive list of the bands that will be playing, including smaller Japanese indie gigs, if that's your jam. Both: TimeOutTokyo ( maintains a list of events and also publishes a list of 30 things to do in Tokyo each weekend, which includes both concerts and clubbing recommendations.

Where are the best places to find stems for remixing?

Do you think DJs ruined today's understanding about music?

As a musician, a person with a BA in music, and somebody who has spent most of my life thinking about music and discussing it with friends and colleagues, of all different ages, I’m confident in saying that we as a society have a more complex and nuanced understanding of music than we ever have. While this is a blanket statement and of course doesn’t always apply, I find many DJs to be amongst the most thoughtful music historians I’ve ever met (including music history PHDs, during my time in academia.) Being a good DJ requires a deep understanding about what music means as artform, and how it operates cultural functions. That said, of course, some DJs are good DJs, and some are not.

Where do I find this amazing Russian pop song I heard on Emirates flight?

It was "Mozhno Vse" by DJ Mourrka. I have tried finding it on youtube, googled for it etc but cannot find it! I heard it on Emirates flight in World Music (Russian) section.. They had a myspace link of DJ Mourrka's but she hasn't replied to my message :(

Would appreciate the help. the song maybe a remix done by her while it was actually song by a man. So if you know the artists name I can probably alter my search keywords.


Where can I find the completely uncensored "Rock DJ" video by Robbie Williams?

I was trying to show the video to a friend, but on YouTube it was censored, and on DailyMotion it was censored, and the same with Videosurf. I need a completely uncensored version, and the link to it. I do not want the censored version, because it was worthless. The name of the video is "Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams, and I need the completely uncut/uncensored version.

What was the first band to have both musicians with instruments and a turntable DJ onstage together?

I'm sure the first occasion happened earlier, but I remember this band setup being pretty popular in the 90s. A few off the top of my head, although I'm not sure which was "first" 311Sugar rayLimp bizkitLinkin parkIncubusBeastie boysSlipknotMany hip hop artists: Dj playing the track and scratching records, while the MC rapped. Sometimes accompanied by other instrument playing musicians.