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Fired From Wal-mart Or Not

I just got fired from Wal-Mart.?

I'm afraid your only option is to go to a local unemployment office and see if they can find a job for you. Unfortunately there aren't many places to work at because of companies like WalMart that destroyed most small businesses nationwide.

You can't sue WalMart, they bankrupt companies all the time that try to take them on for their corrupt behavior.

Only thing we can all do is stop shopping at WalMart.

Do you think i will get fired from wal-mart?

Technically, because you are still in your 90-day probation period, they can fire you if they choose to, but if they choose to ignore that fact, then probably not. However, according to company policy, a "no call, no show" is an automatic "D-day" which means you will be given a day off with pay to decide if you really want to work for Wal-Mart, and why. After a "D-day" you are not allowed to be late, call out, or get in trouble for anything else for a full year. It is your last chance.

Fired but had Doctors note.( Walmart )?

So I was out the first time because my employer failed to pay attention to my back problem, I went to my doctor to get time off for my back to heal. That note was for one day. Then I got Severe Sinitus,Had to take time off from work for that,that was for two days. So I had a total of three days off,but had doctor's notes for the three days. I return to work and get fired,No warning,nothing..?
Does Walmart have a right to do this, when they are suppose to follow their own policy when it comes to coaching and terminating?

Getting fired from Wal-Mart?

When you signed your paperwork right before you got hired, you were put on a probationary period as with most jobs. You can be fired for any reason within the first 90 days. The best thing you can do, trust me on this, is DO NOT MAKE A FUSS, DO NOT MAKE A SCENE!!! I cannot stress that enough. Simply talk to the store manager about other departments in the store. And also ask why your 'performance was subpar' in the other area so perhaps you can improve and work in a different department. Good Luck!

Wrongfully fired from walmart?

Wal-Mart is notorious for treating its employees like this.

First, you're right. It wasn't merchandise. It didn't cost Wal-Mart any money to cash it—no more than if the original owner cashed it.

I'm not totally sure what a bottle slip is, but if it's like a return slip for exchanging bottles or something, it's not the same as stealing. It's like finding a lottery ticket.

So you're right. If Wal-Mart is keeping the money, that's no different than your mother-in-law finding it and keeping it.

Second, the bigger issue with Wal-Mart is that they benefit from getting rid of longer-term employees. Was your mother-in-law due for a raise or something?

Wal-Mart is notorious for making sure employees work just few enough hours that they don't qualify for benefits, things like that.

So if your mother-in-law was about to achieve something that would have cost them money, this might have been the excuse they used to get rid of her.

Another possible scenario is that the managers are young and uneducated. In keeping with the "pay them as little as possible" scenario, they often hire young, uneducated people and promote them to manager. Why? Because by law (at least in my state), you can't put someone on salary unless they're a manager. So, as hourly employees, Wal-Mart has to watch their hours. But once it makes them managers, it can work them more than 40 hours a week at some paltry pay, like $20,000 a year. (I don't know what it is, just that it's low.)

So Wal-Mart is full of managers who, if they don't know they're getting scr**ed themselves, may not have the best judgment when it comes to situations like this.

Sorry to hear it. She's really better off not working there. I know that's cold comfort when you feel like you've been wronged, but there really are better places for her to work.

It depends.I have not worked for Walmart but know some folks. How quickly a Walmart manager can fire you depends uponHow much they need your skillsHow tight your local labor market isHow much stroke your department manager has with store senior managementHow badly you acted.Of course I do not have your whole story. From your description, you are a new trainee. You are literally at the bottom of the barrel. Walmart does not have to fire you; they can simply say you did not successfully complete your probation period. Since you are training to be a cashier, you are easily replacable.That does not mean you will wash out. If you were sick, and only took off only one training day. You should however take a few reasonable precautions — at least until you earn some seniority.Only take sick days when you are sick enough to need a doctor.Show a doctor’s note when you are ready to return.Be professional about calling in to notify Walmart. If you are too sick to call yourself, have a friend call.Be extra careful about tardiness for the next few weeks. Try to arrive 5–10 minutes before your shift.Allow store management to make up your hours at their convenience not yours. You need to understand they have most of the power in this relationship.Stay extra alert, work extra hard, and try even harder to learn quickly. While you are on new employee probation, your job is to impress your trainers and supervisor. In your case, work a little harder at this.Thanks for the A2A, Lily

Depends on what you got fired for. If you got fired for theft or violence, then no. If you got fired for attendance or just poor performance, then yes, but you might have to wait perhaps 6 months before being hired.

It is not difficult to get fired from Walmart.The easiest way is to whisper the word “union”. That should bring Walmart’s labor relations people looking for ways to terminate any employee; from cashier to store manager.As a cashier, stealing money from the register, short changing customers, being rude to customers or anything else. Maybe you don't smile enough.At Walmart as most employers, you work at will. Since most Walmart employees are part time, it is easier to get fired. They have over a 50% annual turn over rate for front line workers.But try saying the words “union”. That should do the trick nicely. Walmart is notoriously anti- union.Walmart: Always low prices. Always low wages. Always anti-union.Good luck

I was fired from walmart fro not being friendly enough of a cashier?

Substandard performance is grounds for dismissal, and being a "people person" is part of a customer service type job .How you interact is directly related to the customers experience and will reflect on how they veiw your employer and if they continue to shop at your business,so you were warned and told about the shortcoming,and didnt improve so they met the burden for trying to let you improve and were correct to dismiss you...maybe some bloodsucking leech lawyer type can get you some money ,because the company wont fight you even tho their right, lawyers like that are whats wrong with this country and why everything is so outrageous everywhere.Just cause you can get something,you dont deserve ,doesnt make it right. There wasnt any misconduct and the lawyer types should be ashamed for having made it cost prohibitive for a company to defend itself from frivilous lawsuits,they should make the looser pay all the bills then the dead beats would quit filing stupid claims and the companys would quit settling.

Can my husband get fired from WalMart (of all places) for evacuating from Hurricane Gustav?

quite seems like it is the last thing to close...whether it be they are greedy or they want to stay open because of keeping merchandise in for customers....( shrugs you decide) however ,your husband can also fight it by calling the home office and see what they say,as well as the bosses above your store manager... i do remember when hurricane katrina tore through New Orleans last time walmart transferred some of the employees to other stores out of state temporarily...we had a few of them in our state.if there is still a problem after going through the chain of command,as well as the home office.then i would consider your local tv station, or the department of labor,below is a link..he could possibly risk losing your job doing this ..but on the other hand he may just depends on how far he is willing to go..but in any comes first....i would truly believe that if were sam walton were alive today ...he would have been more concerned about getting his employees out of harms way..then trying to make a few dollars