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First Time Buying Off Ebay

First time buying a vibrator?

I wouldn't buy it off ebay, I would be nervous about that, seems unsafe to me. Although I am not sure what websites you could use either. In the mean time, try something else that vibrates.
I have read on here that some use vibrating toothbrushes (I would say use a very soft bristle) and others have used those vibrating back massagers. both would be fairly discrete and you could buy at a place like Walmart or local drug store, hardware store, etc.
Once you turn 18, you can go buy one from a store (or find someone that will buy one for you).

Im sorry I could not directly answer your question, but I hope this helps.
It is completely natural for you to want to explore yourself and BRAVO for not wanting to lose your virginity at a young age, cherish that for as long as possible.

What's wrong with buying condoms off ebay?

I found a good deal on ebay by a company exclusive at selling condoms (not the first), 24 condoms for like 10er, durex, I looked through the feedback, only 4 negative feedback in 12 months out of 9000, and none of the 4 comments mention bad quality condoms or failure. The company is a recommended seller too.

I'm a first time eBay seller and unsure of how to ship items?

Shipping cost will depend on weight and size of the box being shipped. If it's under 13 ozs you'll pay 1st class. 14 ozs+ can be shipped Parcel Post or Priority, depending on how fast the buyer wants it shipped. If it's heavier than 10 lbs, it may be cheaper to ship UPS or FedEx. Use ebay's shipping calculator link below to see what the best method is.

Your best shipping tools: tape gun/packing tape, measuring tape, postal scale (start with one that can weigh packages up to 30-35 lbs). Get them from any shipping or office supply store or (no surprise here) ebay.

How to get cheap shipping supplies:
BOXES/PACKING MATERIALS - ask around your local retail stores, esp small strip mall stores. They are usually glad to give them to you free. Or, you can buy shipping supplies cheap, fast and reliably from ebay seller "threerb".
SHIPPING LABELS - you could print on regular paper and tape it to the box, but I prefer ordering free labels (50 pack; 2 labels per sheet) from UPS to be used for UPS shipments, or buy them from Label Universe (cheapest and USPS approved labels)

How does it work if I buy a cell phone off Ebay?

Buying phones off ebay is like getting a new phone any other way with a few defferences:
you would activate the same way you would with another phone, possibly online in your account or call them up
also make sure that the phone has a clean ESN so that it will be able to be activated.
for your security i would make sure you find a listing that allows the buyer to return an item
good luck, i was previously looking to do the same thing my self

Bad idea to buy an Xbox One on eBay?

I'm interested in buying an Xbox One. I'm planning to sell my PS4 for about 600 adding on all my games, and i was planning on buying an Xbox One off of eBay, because i'm not sure if i want to spend too much money getting it brand new. Would it be a bad idea to get it off of eBay or should i just get it brand new?