Five Pieces Of Information On Nutrition Facts Panel

Pls. answer this questions about science!! pls..?

* if the same animal were place in a very salty environment with salinity higher than 35 ppt, it would also die. Why?

* describe the movement of ocean water in the world..

* how does UPWELLING occur?

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What exactly is a "serving?"?

You should aim for five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It depends on what you are eating what is counted as a,"serving,"but a small fresh apple is considered a serving of fruit. Also,a 1/2 cup or 4 oz. of fruit juice or vegetable juice is considered a serving,so it just really depends on what you are eating or drinking.

You can never eat too much of fresh fruits or vegetables because if you go over five servings a day,there is nothing wrong with that at all. Just be aware that if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables you will be very,"regular,"and not be constipated since fresh fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber! ;-)