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For Body Building You Are Supposed To .

What is synthol, and how is it used in bodybuilding?

Individuals who are truly tired of their biceps size go for some extra treatment. That enchantment treatment is known as SYNTHOL. Yes! This substance can make you feel secure as you seem overwhelming after its utilization. If you know Rich Piana, you can see that his biceps are greater than a significant number of bodybuilders. Synthol is made out of 85% medium-chain triglyceride oils, 7.5% lidocaine and 7.5% benzyl liquor. It is produced from Italian well-known steroid known as Esisclene however its not considered completely as a steroid, as it's a sort of oil. It is infused in muscle part encased between muscle strands. With its customary use, a huge volume of oil develops inside the muscle, with expansion in size. This goes on for 4-5 years. In prior times, Synthol was produced from Italian mainstream steroid known as Esisclene. Esiclene was utilized for prompt picking up of muscles before the competition. Bodybuilders infused it specifically into arms, bears and calves. This gives you a touch of additional size in your weaker body parts. The impacts goes on for couple of hours yet it filled the need. In 1990's, Synthol was defined through Esisclene which is as well known as Deca and Dianabol. With Synthol, you can get that enormous weapons yet be fit as a fiddle. Muscles tackle shapes never found on any genuine individual. It is sold for more than 400 US Dollars a 500 ml bottle which is marked as Posing oil : Pump N Pose. Its interest is rising in spite of its high cost. You can perceive how powerful it is. For for information on its impact, check this out: The Abuse Of Synthol In Bodybuilding.

Food to eat for body building?

Hey Juan S, good question since dieting and watching what you intake is a very essential key to working out and body building.

Couple of the recommended food:
- Eat plenty of:
1. Egg Whites - 84% Protein - 8% Carb
2. Chicken Breast - 48% Protein - 0 Carb
3. Turkey - 73% Protein - 0 Carb
4. Salmon - 69% Protein - 0 Carb
5. Tuna - 88% Protein - 0 Carb
6. Trout - 56% Protein - 0 Carb
7. Kidney Beans - 58% Protein - 57% Carb
8. Lima Beans - 24% Protein - 71% Carb
And also eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds; and some lean meats.

- Limit intake of saturated fat, cholesterol, salt, alcohol and an excess of added sugars and sugary foods

- Main key is to drink plenty of water.
For being 16 I'm going to guess a weight of around 140-200.
For 140 pounds - 92 oz. per day
For 170 pounds - 112 oz. per day
For 200 pounds - 132 oz. per day

- For your protein intake per day:
For 140 pounds - 140 - 168 grams
For 170 pounds - 170 - 204 grams
For 200 pounds - 200 - 240 grams
If you need to increase your intake of protein I personally recommend American Whey Protein.
It has an awesome taste. You can check out other body building supplements if ya want at

And I personally recommend to get about 5-6 small meals throughout the day to start-up on bulking up.

I wish ya the best of luck!

Body Building supplements (side effects)?

iv got a friend we are always at the gym and basically we were taking this stuff RAM. But hes gone on to like serious big time **** now N.O shotgun and celltech or something
i was doing exams so iv missed the gym for 2 1/2 weeks and right to now i have just taken a break for 5-6 days i told him i was taking a break and obviously he got pissed off
but i have noticed moodswings in him and we are really good friends (since about 1 yrs old) and he is just like snapping at me. He even went as far as to have to sneak his supplements out of his house because his parents copped on and when i say to him that its a bit to much he just smiles
I want to know the side effects of the supplements and how it could be damaging his body because im starting to get worried for him he had kidney troubles when younger to the point where he could have died and im really doubtful putting creatine based products in his body is helping

Is bodybuilding a form of art?

There are bodybuilding competitions... where men go onstage to flex. The only reason I can think why this would be entertaining to someone, if they saw it as a form of art.

I don't discriminate forms of art... but is building big muscles really art, or just a form of, um, arrogance? :S

Also, I'm taking biology, and we learned that the human body cannot attain that kind of size without steroids... so what they look like isn't what the human form can naturally do. It's not supposed to look like that... but people still find that beautiful???

If they want to look masculine, isn't dedicating their life to only APPEAR more masculine a sort of confession that they feel insecure about themselves?

Sorry if I'm being close minded here, but I'm not sure if anyone has a clue what this sport is about. Masculinity? Art? Steroids?

How many eggs a week is suitable for body building?

Well that's an age old question. An ex-bodybuilder I know personally used to eat as much as 12 raw eggs each day for breakfast. From a purely practical standpoint, I'd say eggs are an excellent choice if you want to base your diet on protein and fat. Some bodybuilding diets, such as the anabolic diet, are of this type. If your goal isn't to eat a lot of fat then keep eggs to a minimum or don't eat them at all. 100 grams of eggs contain 13 grams of protein but also 11 grams of fat. Since a gram of protein equals 4 calories and a gram of fat 9, that means you get 66 percent of the calories from the fat.So in case you're cutting and aren't on a high-fat approach, I'd say avoid eggs.But eggs are also a terrific source of protein, one that the body readily uses, so I'd eat them while trying to build muscle. You need some extra calories to build muscle so eggs fit perfectly.If you're concerned about cholesterol, people usually have no problems, but if you decide to eat 6 or more eggs a day I'd suggest getting a blood test after a couple of weeks to make sure.

What is the diet for beginners in bodybuilding?

What is the best diet for bodybuilding? In my forty plus years of interest and research into that subject there are as many opinions as there are bodybuilders. That said there are a few general guidelines which I hope are helpful. The first thing that needs to said, is that body building is a stress on your body. Muscles, and all related tissues like ligaments, tendons and bones are being subjected to greater than normal forces. That's why the hyperteophy or extra growth takes place. Those aforementioned structures are largely made of protein. Make sure you've got adequate and balanced proteins in the body. By. Alan Ed I mean a broad spectrum of amino acids Such as might be found in whey protein. At least 1 gram protein per kilogram of lean bidy mass ensures you don't go into a catabolic or muscle breakdown state. Any more protein may be too much and end up being converted to glucose. A diet rich in cofactors like vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids will ensure proper energy metabolism and repair. What you don't put in your body is as important as what you do. Ditch the junk foods with the excess salt that causes bloating, and trans fats which are bad for your health and create free radicals, joint pain and heart disease. You call yourself a beginner, and these are beginning recommendations. It's gets crazier from here, on e you get deeper into things, and you start competing. Things like special electrolyte drinks, creatinine powder, and various expensive supplements can get a bit complicated to manage. Each company has their favorite combo or “stack” ingredients which is supposed to give an edge. As a long time practitioner, I've treated many older body builders with chronic neck, and low back injuries. A word to the wise. Stay away from steroids, and central nervous system stimulants and go natural. Take your time and build up slowly. Those in a hurry tend to look for short cuts, which seldom work, and most often damage the body in the short or long term.

Are bodybuilding supplements suppose to enlarge penis? ?

I've been taking a product by Hi Tech and the product name is Dianabol (not the steroid) I've noticed that my penis hangs lower and it actually grew from 6 in to 7 in...this product contains herb extracts and nitric oxide..I talked to my doctor he said the nitric oxide improves blood flow and that may be the reason for growth...anyone had similar experiences?

Gallon of milk a day for bodybuilding?

It depends on your body type. I am an ectomorph so I struggle to gain weight but am really lean so I can drink a gallon of milk and eat junk food and will only gain muscle no fat. However I only eat junk while bulking. If you struggle to gain weight I would recommend doing the same, while also doing full body workouts(they boost testosterone the most, leading to a natural steroid like effect) if you get fat easily I would cut down on the milk. Either way it is best to have the high fat low sugar option instead of the other way around, fat is essential for bodybuilder and boost testosterone and other hormone levels which promot muscle gain, sugar destroys these hormones. If you want to learn more try googling sugar is worse than fat, and sugars effects on human growth hormones. Good luck

How do you get rid of the taste of egg yolk ..... im body building but when i drink egg yolk im nearly sick?

lol, you're supposed to eat the white and throw away the yolk. the easiest way is just take a shot of them and drink some water...not much taste to them at all. Or you can throw it in a protein drink and you'll never taste it.