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For The Best Movies Of 2008 Would You Agree With My List



1. IRON MAN - 2008
2. THOR - 2011
3. SPIDERMAN 2 - 2004
4. X-MEN - 2000
5. SPIDERMAN - 2002
6. IRON MAN 2 - 2010
8. ELEKTRA - 2005
9. BLADE - 1998
10. THE PUNISHER - 1989 (the 1989 version is the best Punisher movie ever released)

i would have had X-MEN higher on the list but i cant get around the fact that is was disloyal to the comic book and animated series.

The team did not use there real costumes unlike every other Marvel movie and the movie did not have all the characters.

Where was Gambit and Beast etc

Could you imagine Fantastic Four without the Human Torch???

But it was a good movie even though it wasnt really a X-men movie.

Thor was brilliant. I Did not expect it to be that good. Knowing he is one of the favorite and most famous marvel characters to those who grew up on Marvel comics. I was surprised they didnt stuff it up. It ended up being a epic movie.

Elektra was surprisingly a great movie unlike the worst marvel movie of all time. Daredevil.

The Incredible Hulk played by Edward Norton was also very good. and was a big improvement on the Eric bana version.

Biggest Disappointments:

1. X-men
2. Ghostrider
3. Fantastic Four

Best superhero movie?

This can be for the acting, the action, drama, how well the director portrayed the comic version, it can be in any genre, just ONE rule:
It MUST be from a comic!

If you don't say The Dark Night (2008), you're probably dumb, but try and give other movies than the dark night.

My favorites (in order)
1. The Dark Night (2008) Heath ledger... Just wow
2. Batman (Tim Burton) jack Nicholson, WHOO
3. Iron Man (2008) Robert Downey Jr.!
4. Spider-Man 2 (Toby McGuire) the acting, ending, symbolism, great movie
5. Civil War (2016) THAT AIRPORT FIGHT SCENE AHHHHHH!!!!!! Plus, the best Spider-man portrayal ever!

How about yourself?

What are some of the best basketball movies?

I agree with Username that Hoosiers is the clear #1. That movie is so, so good. I've watched it 20 times probably.This ESPN post does a good job of presenting the obvious candidates:'s top 5 is:HoosiersHoop DreamsWhite Men Can't JumpBlue Chips Glory RoadAlso listed: He Got Game (1998 movie), Teen Wolf (1985 movie), Above the Rim.My view is that:Hoosiers is the clear #1, with no other movie coming close as a #2.Hoop Dreams and More Than a Game (2008 movie) (the Lebron James documentary) are both really good, but since they are documentaries, I wouldn't include them on this list.He Got Game would be my #2. I know this pick is controversial, and I know the movie is far from perfect. But it's an awesome basketball story.Nothing else on my list comes close to these two. I personally don't like White Men Can't Jump or Blue Chips. Glory Road is OK -- definitely worth watching but not an all-time great. And Teen Wolf isn't a basketball movie, duh.FWIW, if we are listing decent movies about basketball, I would include Love & Basketball.

Your list of good movies, whose theme is about 'menage a trois'. Anyone?

O yea, FYI : 'menage a trois' is a french language for threesome relationship or roughly it was translated "household of three". It means 3 people who get involved in romantic and sexual relationship who occupy the same household.

I need more references from old movies / tv show. I would need it for my class in film studies

In my list :

1. Y' tu mama tambien (mexico / 2001 / dir : alfonso cuaron)

2. Dreamers (french-UK / 2003 / dir : bernardo bertolluci)

3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona ( US- Spain / 2008 / dir : Woody Allen)

4. Three's Company ( TV Show / US / 1970's - 1980's )

So, any other thought?

Every respond will be welcomed! :)

What would be your list of Oscars for Best Picture for the past 25 years?

I thought this would be pretty easy until I Googled 1993 movies and saw a lot of my favourite movies of all time, so here goes.Schindler's List (1993). This actually won the Oscar.The Shawshank Redemption (1994). Lost out to Forrest Gump.The Usual Suspects (1995). Not even nominated and was won by the travesty that was Braveheart.The English Patient (1996). It won.Good Will Hunting (1997). Lost out to Titanic.Saving Private Ryan (1998). Lost out to Shakespeare in Love. Same year as the release of the Big Lebowski and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a good year for cinema IMO.The Green Mile (1999). American Beauty won.Gladiator (2000) It won.A Beautiful Mind (2001). Won.The Pianist (2002). Lost to Chicago.The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). I suppose one of the trilogy had to win eventually, which it did.Hotel Rwanda (2004). Not nominated, was won by Million Dollar Baby.Cinderella Man (2005). Again not nominated, was won by Crash.The Departed (2006). It won.There Will Be Blood (2007). Won by No Country for Old Men.Gran Torino (2008). Not nominated, won by Slumdog Millionaire.The Hurt Locker (2008) Released in July 2009 and won.Inception (2010). Won by the King’s Speech.War Horse (2011). Won by the Artist.Lincoln (2012). Lost out to Argo.12 Years a Slave (2013). Some tough competition, but I think it deserved to win, which it did.Interstellar (2014). Not nominated, was won by Birdman.Spotlight (2015). One of my favourite movies and it won.Hacksaw Ridge (2016). Won by Moonlight.Darkest Hour (2017). Won by the Shape of Water.