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For The First Day Of School Do You Have To Get A Paper To Write The Bus Or You Can Just Go On The

Can ANYONE give me a metaphor for the first day of school?

The first day of school is like the first ray of sunshine in a day - just the beginning of enlightenment!

By the way, here's a definition of a metaphor:
A metaphor is the expression of an understanding of one concept in terms of another concept, where there is some similarity or correlation between the two.

I suppose my example should be considered a simile too.

If I HAVE to make it solely metaphorical then: Children on the first day of school thundered into the hallways, eyes ablaze with expectation, sherpas to their backpacked papers and pencils.

First Day of High School?

My first day of high school wasn't fun :^( this was last year btw. I came in late because of traffic and then when I went in to get my schedule. It was all messed up with courses I didn't sign up for. That gave me weeks of stress trying to fix it. It was a disaster. I didn't know where any of my classes were either. I was lucky enough to find my first period because my orientation group was in that classroom. Despite how that day went it was an okay year I didn't hate it. I hope sophomore year goes well. This time I know how to avoid the traffic and my class placements are correct this time because I've checked online YAY!!! :^) I'm starting August 26th. I'm excited to start the new school year! Hoping it goes well. It's a fresh start. Hope yours goes/went well. Good luck!

First day of high school tomorrow!?! Advice, tips?

Okay, so tomorrow is my first day of high school as a freshman. I'd love some tips and advice, anything will do. I'm also extremely worried, how can I calm my nerves? (: Thanks in advance!

What to expect my first year of highschool/freshman year?

Okay, so I will be starting highschool very soon sometime in august. As the day comes closer I get even more nervous than I was before. Ive talked to alot of my friends about it and they all feel the same. Its something to be expected I guess since were starting a new school. So to start off Id like your help to let me know or give me an idea of what highschool will be like. Im a really nice girl im very friendly and everywhere I go I make friends. So that wont be a problem. The one thing I hate is that I don't like to get embarrased so I always try and shake any embarrasment off. So start off with is the bus. Where should I sit on the bus? Ive always sat in the front because its easier to get on and off faster. but this year Im thinking maybe the middle but i dont know? what do you think? Ive moved from my previous home and into a new apartment and I wont know anybody at my bus stop or on the bus. Alos, a big thing is that my mom will be dropping me off at the bus stop in the morning and I will walk back home after the bus drops me off. She is very protective. I havent gotten my schedule yet but they said its been sent in the mail. How will I deal with my classes, Ive been told I wont just have classes with only freshmen, will they be in my special classes like spanish, or french or extra classes or also in my regular classes like math and science? Okay so Ive always have been told highschool is nothing like it is in the movies? like when youre in the hallway you cant stop and talk to your friends and you cant always go to your locker? A big thing for me is LUNCH, in middle school i never ate lunch in front of people Id always wait til I got home and ate because I never trusted the food my school had made at all. I will be doing the same this year but instead I'll bring food for myself so I wont starve during the day. BUT my problem is where do I sit? Can you sit outside like I see somethimes? What kinds of thing should I bring to school on the 1st day? Ive thought Id bring some paper, a pencil, a pen, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, chap stick, maybe a snack, some water, a notebook, a highlighter, gum, etc. whatcha think? What is the best thing to wear on the 1st day? Im thinking something comfortable and cute. So I think thats pretty much it, but if I left something out could ya give me some tips? What was your 1st day like? and there freeshmen friday riteee???? :// THANKSSSSS ! :)

How do I skip school without the school getting with my parents?

In order to protect children who may have been abducted on their way to school, most schools are required to call home if a child does not report to school by a certain time.Schools will not call home under one condition: they have received a call or notification from parents providing a valid reason as to why their child will not be attending school that day.I suggest:Calling in sickKeep the illness vague (ie ‘not feeling well,’ ‘headache,’ etc.)Do not use a serious illness (ie ‘strep throat,’ ‘head lice,’ ‘the flu,’ etc.) because these may: cause the school to ask for a doctor’s note, force you to stay home more days than you intend to, send out a school wide notice that there is a head lice break out, or simply call back and inquire more about your illnessUse your parent’s phone or home phone if you can, then delete the call history. They have your parent’s phone numbers on file.If you fear they may call your parents back later in the day for any reason, risk using your own phone or dial *67 before you type in your school’s number. This will make it so that your caller id and number will read “unknown” and they can’t call you back. Though this may be suspicious.Avoid funeralsUsually they don’t bother asking this if you just miss one day, but they could ask for validation which is very hard to fake. A simple google search can prove that there was no obituary.You’ll get unwanted condolences from your teachers and even your counselor may try and make sure you’re ok. It’s very difficult to lie and not feel guilty.It’s just morally wrongAvoid saying you were on vacation or out of townSome schools do not approve this as an excused dayToo complex, too many ways to be caught in a lieThe easiest choice is to call in sick. Each state has individual laws as to how many sick days in a row/per month/per year a child can miss without a doctors note. If you have not surpassed this number of days, your school should accept a simple: “Hi I’m Jill Smith, John Smith’s mother. John is not feeling well today and will not be coming to school. Thank you!”If you know your school requires doctor’s notes, you will have to look deeper into forging this and you are at risk for being caught. You will need your doctors contact information and a blank doctors note you can find online. They do have complete authority to call the doctor and confirm your illness, which makes this risky.