Ford Aspire Low Beams Work But High Beams Don

Low beams don't work - high beams work fine, on my 2000 Corolla?!?

i had some thing very comparable take place to me the place a highway flooded and the present extra my motor vehicle up and it became into doing some thing very comparable the place took all the precautions which you had already suggested and that i additionally drained the gasoline tank besides as replaced out the gasoline filter out which i could propose you doing yet what ended up being my greatest concern became into between the desktops (the BCM), which in my motor vehicle became into placed below the glove field became into fried so i finished up taking it out and getting the serial form off of it and going to a junk backyard and searching an identical style motor vehicle with an identical workstation on it and changing it, once you replace it you will could desire to get it set including your motor vehicle so as that it is acknowledged by using your motor vehicle, a broker could have the means to tell you the thank you to try this considering is distinctive with each and every motor vehicle so if i've got been you i could discover out the place your ECM and your BCM are placed and take them aside and in the event that they are broken it will be noticeable because of the fact they pop precise open and you'd be able to work out and function the means to examine all the the circuits interior, on mine because of the fact it became into muddy water there became into silt throughout all the circuits and that they've been very eroded purely from the hour and a a million/2 it became into in the water, i'm hoping this facilitates

Ford Focus High Beams work, No low Beams?

Replace your multi-function switch. Common problem on all late model ford products. The dimmer switch is built into it. Sometimes you can easily verify it by playing with the hazzard switch or slowly moving the lever from high to low, they might flicker on, if so, replace it. Not a major cost

Ford focus high beam not working.?

replace your multi-function change. uncomplicated difficulty on all previous due variety ford products. The dimmer change is equipped into it. often times you could extremely ascertain it by technique of fiddling with the hazzard change or slowly transferring the lever from extreme to low, they could flicker on, if so, replace it. not a important value

High beams & headlights not working on 1995 Ford Aspire?

If they all went out at once, check for a blown fuse,

If they burned out, it they wouldn't have gone all at the same time.

My headlights don't work but my high beams work if I hold the lever back?

It would be helpful to include the model, year, of your vehicle. Some vehicles have sensors to automatically turn headlights on at dusk, others have "daylight running" lights. And of course....Don't do a "my glasses are on my head" blonde moment, and discover you haven't been actually turning the headlights on at all! :) Pulling the stem will turn on the high beams on most late model vehicles.
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Why do my high beams work but my normal headlights do not?

Ok low beam and tailights are inop.,fancy car for its day the headlite switch maybe defective, the dimmer switch for high beam low beam contacts may be defective or corroded. manipulate the headlite switch and the hi-lo dimmer switch a couple of dozen times to clean corrosion that may have formed on the contacts.If it works intermittently it probably needs replacing. Double check the headlite bulbs, the low beam element could be open on both assemblies even if it visually looks good. that being good check for any relays in the circuit that are defective, and lastly is the wiring that connects it all,do a wiggle test to see it the light starts to work. back probe the wiring for open circuirts....that the basics, a wiring diagram will illustrate all components in the sysstem to test. good luck

Why isn't the high beam working on my 1996 Ford Econovan?

Fuse 4 20a interior fuse panel is flash to pass if both high beam works when you pull for flash to pass then the wire from the mult-function switch to the bulbs plus the bulbs are good. engine compartment fuse housing fuse S 60 amp power supply to the switch turn the switch on the low beams should turn on in the low beam position. push forward to the high beam position if no lights replace the multi-function switch. there are no relays on this model.

Edit: Straight Shooter inside the switch there are three contacts one low beam, high beam and flash to pass flash to pass circuit comes from fuse 4 20amp thru pin 7 to pin 5 when activated. Low and high beam are from fuse s 60amp to headlight switch thru headlight switch to multi-function switch on pin 2 depending on m/f position low beam to pin 3 high beam to pin 5 if lights work on flash to pass and on low beam but not high beam replace the multi-function switch open circuit inside the switch.

From: Master Technician 25+ years L1 and X1.

2004 Ford Focus Low Beams Not Working?

We have now tried everything (simple) that it could be. We changed the headlight switch, the relay, and the bulbs. Nothing works. The parking lights and the high beams work just fine. Any ideas what it could be? Something tells me I am not going to like the answer and have to take it to a mechanic. Thanks for any and all help.

Ford Taurus 99 Headlight & High Beams Out Help!?

The drivers headlight stopped working - got a new bulb- didn't work, fuses were blown changed the fuses (headlight still didn't work) - used high beams to drive at night (not that bright of high beams) then the high beams went - got new fuses blew both fuses when attempting to use the lights. I know it is probably a wire-ing problem anyone have any ideas or have you seen that kind of thing before to know how to solve the problem

Please do not make comments on going to the mechanic only, or getting a new car. Those are obvious answers.

Ford Escort Headlight Not Working; High Beam Indicator On?

As of last night, my 1997 Ford Escort's head lights have been acting up.
If the lights are turned on, even on low beams, the high beam indicator on the dash will be lit up. It remains lit up when I do turn the car to its high beams. In addition, the left light (driver's side) is out. I attempted replacing the bulb and that did not solve the problem. The fuse is okay, and I even switched it with the working light's bulb to make sure that it wasn't a fuse. The problem persisted.

I was wondering if there was any way to pinpoint this issue or if it will need to be taken into a mechanic? Thank you.