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Found First Crush On Facebook

Should I add my crush on FaceBook?

Well, I have a crush at school and I found his Facebook because we have mutual friends. He didn't add me, I found him on my "Suggestions" box. I want to add him, but we don't know each other very well, and we don't really talk to each other. All my friends are friends with him (on FaceBook) but I'm not. My friend said I should because we're classmates and he might remember me. My worst fear is that when I add him he won't remember me and decline!!! What should I do so I can feel comfortable about adding him? I tried to put in a lot of detail so I get a lot of answers. Anything will help and thank you! (P.S. Im in middle school.)

My Crush Messaged Me First on Facebook!?

I'm good friends with my crush and we used to message like 3 times a week and every weekend as well as see each other every day in class. Then, I realized I was always the one initiating the chat, so even though he would always talk to me back, I decided not to message him for a bit and give him some space. It was about 5 days since we last messaged on FB when he sent me a chat saying, "Hi! What's up??" And I chatted him back, etc. Still though, it makes me wonder if he was thinking about how I wasn't talking to him and that he missed me and/or was thinking about me. What do you think? Was he thinking about me?


LGBT: I found my crush on Facebook but…..?

I was in a similar situation. Back in December, a really adorable guy came to my school and visited one of my classes. We kept making eye contact with each other, and then turned away when we did, and my friends saw us having a "moment." I found him later on Facebook by his school name and first name, and I added him after my friend added him. He added me, and didn't say anything. I never spoke to him -- only stared at him, and checked him out. I'm sure your crush will add you without recourse, although it might be a bit weird if you do it without having any other mutual friends, you know? Did any of your other friends get to know him? I had a few other school mates who knew him, and were already friends with him when I added him, so you might want to look into that before doing that. If he says, "How do I know you?" just say, "You go to my school, and you're in my gym class." Or something like that.

Good luck

I found my crush on facebook, but...?

Hey! So last night i found my crush on facebook, but i'm scared to add him because we have no mutual friends and he might think im crazy because we've never had a proper conversation. And he's never told me his name either so its like hes gonna think im weird haha. Should i add him?

I found my crush on Facebook but I'm scared to add her?

ok so I am in summerschool for math, and there is this girl in the class with me that I have had a HUGE crush on from day one. it's been about two months actually.. anyways, I have a crush on her and I don't know for sure but I think she likes me too. she has caught me looking at her multiple times, and I've even caught her looking at me a few times! I'm 15, and as far as I know she is too. we never really talk, but whenever the class is assigned to do group work, I sit with my friends and she sits with hers and occasionally our groups will interact. but sadly I still haven't said a single word to her yet :( I am kind of stressing because there are only two more days of summerschool after this weekend, and since my school is the summerschool site for my school system, we are not in the same school. she goes to a school across the city. so the chances of me seeing her again are slim to none, and I don't want to throw away an opportunity to be with a girl as amazing as her. she is kind of shy, and doesn't talk a lot. I am pretty shy around girls tbh, I've actually never had a girlfriend because I'm too damn shy to go up to one and make the effort. I would say I am pretty fit, decent looking, and I wear relatively nice clothes. anyway, I get this warm, almost tingly feeling inside of me whenever I look, or even think of her. I found her Facebook profile the other day, but haven't added her yet, because that would be kind of awkward because we have like 2 mutual friends so I don't want her to feel like I'm obsessed or whatever... just with summerschool ending in a few days,I don't want to waste what could be a beautiful relationship. because from the looks of it,I think it would work out good. so should I add her?? I'm never really confident around girls, especially ones I have a huge crush on.. any advice would be greatly appreciated, and sorry for the length of this thing,I know it's a lot lol.. THANKS!

I facebook stalk my crush alot?

I do it too! Not everyday, but once in a while, when I really start to miss him. I don't really think it's a problem because Facebook doesn't allow its users to find out which of their friends stalk their profile (yet!), but it can go downhill if you accidentally like one of his old pictures, cause he'll know that you were stalking him. That's why I try not to as much. I don't think it's creepy; I'm sure every teenage girl does it.

How do I message my crush on facebook for the first time?

Okay, I think this boy , lets call him "joe", is the cutest thing ever. Last week my guy friend told joe I thought he was cute, (I didn't tell him too!), later that night joe liked one of my old pictures on facebook. Then the next few days we talked for a few seconds in class, but only in passing. Two nights ago he liked another old picture. Other than that we haven't talked. So we don't barely talk at all. But I want too. Im to nervous to do it in class. Since I know he's been looking at my facebook, should I message him? If so, what do I say without seeming like a creep?

Btw, we're both 16 if that helps.

What should I write to my crush on Facebook?

Texting your crush could be hard but there are some things you should never doNever send hey…hi…hello …….because nobody is free nowadays and until unless they don't have same feelings for you they won't text you back or in case they reply… you will end up getting hi after waiting for several minutes.Never start it with a flirty msg… No matter how cool that person is ….starting it with some flirty lines won't work …trust me you will never get a reply ….Don't start it with complements…. Nice profile pic …. You look good…you have changed ….you have got an amazing figure….blah blah blah…guys just don't do it ….maybe he or she will reply you with a thank you… but you have instantly lost their interest in you because complements in initial phase will make you look interested in them and which they will repelThings to doFirst try to know the interests fields of that person.Once you know what they like try to find something common in both of you.If you know them in person ….it becomes quite easier to text them but if not try to find out some common friends who could introduce you.After doing all these you will no longer be a stranger to that person and you could start chatting about something you both like …..for e.g. you can ask… did you saw the match today …it was awesome ..and the way Gayle finished it with sixes was the best part ( I am interested in cricket so told this e.g. you can talk about anything you both like)Remember all these tips and go text him\her ….I hope you get a positive reply….All the best

First message to my crush on facebook? HELP PLZ :)?

I REALLY LIKE this guy i have on fb but he dosent get online so im thinking of an offline message ,but what should i say??// we only talked one time so i have nothing to ask or talk about :/ so any ideas on what should i massage him? thx :)