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From Where I Buy Supplements For Body Building

Best bodybuilding supplements?

its obvious you are very naive. supplements do work. i know because i have taken them getting better results from some than others. and my diet is extremely good.

jack3d doesn't use caffeine as its primary ingredient. it uses 1,3-dimethylamylamine.which is a central nervous system stimmulant. and it does work and has been proven. in fact it is banned from the NCAA and they even drug test for it. and a normal diet couldnt support someone like myself who is trying to see serious gains in muscle mass. (im an ameture bodybuilder) and jack3d help give me a good pump when i go to lift i feel significant energy and blood flow.

so please dont try and tell me that all supplements are crap. although i know most are. but i have done my research and know all about the ingredients and their purposes.

Body building with no supplements?

Supplements are not necessary in gaining muscle mass. I have steadily been gaining weight the past few months and I'm a vegetarian.

You can get your proteins from meats, dairy and nuts.
Carbs (carbohydrates) from pasta, rice, oats, etc.
Make sure you drink a lot of water.
Eat your vegetables! :)

For building muscle mass as you said you wanted, your workouts should be 5x5 or higher. What that means is that whatever exercise you're doing, you're doing 5 sets of 5 reps (repetitions). If you do more, like 5 sets of 7 reps you're moving into the bulking range. Any higher would only train your endurance.

For strength, look at a 3x3 workout. So very heavy, but only 3 reps.

p.s. in any exercise, make sure to have good form, you can find great videos online. Here are some YouTube channels:
1. Jonnie Candito
2. strengthcamp/Elliot Hulse
3. Omar Isuf
4. Scott Herman Fitness

Is there any way by which I can get bodybuilding supplements from the US to India without paying custom duties?

Yes and no. In general, packages with values under $40 are tax free.Importing Supplements to India

How old do you have to be to buy body building supplements?

i couldnt imagine that there could be an age requirement to buy creatine....and for sure, there isnt any for protein

Bodybuilding supplement shops?

It may sound so cliche, but the best place to honestly go is They're prices typically match or beat any in-store price, will have your order shipped virtually over night depending on your location, and have a selection that is unbeatable. They also have forums where you can ask other nutritionists opinions or recommendations. I've been shopping there for about a year now and absolutely love it. Another cool thing is all the nutritional facts and recommended dosages are visibly provided.

What to take: PROTEIN (first and foremost; I prefer plant proteins for better absorption), creatine monohydrate (pills not powder, again for better absorption), and daily multivitamins (I use Ultra Mega Green). The more you research, the more you'll find what is best suited for you.

Edit: I'd just like to mention that while I am endorsing a website, I am in no way affiliated with it other than as a member. I can assure you, this is not SPAM.

How do I buy bodybuilding supplements from factories?

If you are interesting in becoming a retailer of bodybuilding supplements, simply look for any private label supplements manufacturer. They will not only sell you supplements, they will usually work with you to establish your own brand. However, an investment of $1,000 to $100,000 is usually required to start.

Is it possible to buy supplements from in india?

Yes it possible. Just go on the side and choose country as india while you be buying stuff from

If I order Supplements from to India, how much will I have to pay for taxes etc?

The shipping charge varies based on weight of the package. You can check how much charge is being levied on you in the checkout page.Usually the product will still come cheap even after adding the shipping charges.