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Fun Summer Ideas Help.

What are some ideas for a fun summer family road trip, 3-4 days, starting and ending in Denver?

You can drive from Denver to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in under 8 hours, not too terrible to do in one day. So you could visit Grand Teton National Park and YellowStone National Park, although you would only have one day for each.

SUMMER teen DATING ideas?!?

The park is an awesome dating opportunity. Biking, roller blading, playing on the jungle gym(my bf and i still do that haha), picnics, romantic walks at sunset. It's an amazing place to get some nice cheap dates in, and usually parks are local so they're easily accessible by bike or by walking.

If not, go firefly hunting together, every firefly you catch you get a kiss and every firefly he catches he gets a kiss. Everyone wins!

Give him a star. Pick a spot on your property and go there with him at night. lay in the grass and look at the stars. Make wishes tell secrets. Pick the brightest one you can find and ell him it's his.

Hose fights! water balloons! If you have a community pool, check into memberships and go swimming.

Have fun!

Fun summer ideas-16 year olds.?

Me and my friends are looking for cool stuff to do this summer! We know all of the normal things-go to the beach, the mall, the movies, blahblahblah. All ideas are appreciated!

I will pick a best answer<3

100 FUN things to do before summer ends?

Eat Ice Cream and Popsicles all day
Vlog Everyday
Exercise erryday
Summer Journal
Don’t miss a Vlog
Ride Bike
Chase Ice cream truck
Cut grass
Read 100 books
Get on one scary roller coater
4th of July fireworks
drink frappes all day
Bake Late night brownies
Stay up for 24 hours
Go a day without electronics
Go a day without complaning
Find waldo on every page
Read donald duck comics
Go to library at least 10 times
Make a library card
Dollar store Shopping spree
Blow up a bunch of balloons and pop em
Glue quarter to ground, watch, laugh
Water balloon fight
Late night Volleyball
Water gun fight
Prank wars
Volleyball competition
Cinnamon Challenge
Wash car
Go coning
Have sleepovers
pick a summer anthem
Jam out
Camping trip
Have an iPad
watch all seasons of gilmore girls- DO IT ITS THE ONE THING from this entire list that i want u to do so bad
Take a picture of me accomplishing list
Re decor room
Stock up Candy
Get ears pierced
Harry potter movie Marathon
Make Movie list
Go to carnival
Go to zoo
Go to aquarium
Get a goldfish
Make S’mores
Make Rice crispy treats
Go to Apple store
Buy a new CD- i suggest THE WANTED CD BUT IT NOW!!!!
Play Life the boardgame
Eat Tacos
Fall in Love With a plant
Road Trips
Made homemade popsciles
Dance in the rain
Watch Despicable Me
Toy story Marathon
Watch Disney Movies
Lay in the grass
Put a sticker on the ice cream
Get random things for each other from
go to mall
Tag chase in a store
Buy a Hula Hoop
Hula Hoop Competition
go to golf course
Water ice
Go to Ben and jerrys
Make an Music video
Curl/Straighten hair

Summer sleepover ideas? (teen girls)?

My friend is spending the night tomorrow and last time we eventually got bored.. (just did normal sleepover stuff: talk, movies, facebook, call people, etc.) So far all we have planned is go tee-peeing, prank call, maybe bake something, and just talk.... ANY IDEAS PLEASE?
We're both 14
live down south (it's really warm)
like pranks, but cant think of any...? (got any pranks?)
semi-girly (like make-up, shopping, and boys. but we also like to get dirty and prank and break some rules)
and thats all i can think of to help you out... so please help us out!

How can I plan fun activities for kids this summer?

Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches.Volunteer at a nature center.Have a luau in the backyard.Visit the beach and collect shells.Make a fort out of cardboard boxes.Visit a farmer's market.Pick berries.Have a picnic at a state park.Go canoeing at a local lake.Build a sandcastle.Write and illustrate your own book and have it published into an actual hardcover book using IlluStory.Forget cooking -- set up an ice cream sundae buffet for dinner.Clean up trash at a local park.Have a backyard campfire...or just use the grill! Roast hot dogs on sticks, pop popcorn and finish off with s'mores.Make homemade pizza.Go for a walk and then make a collage from nature objects you find along the way.Head to a creek and look at the ducks.coloring pages ,Top 25 Free Printable Barbie Coloring Pages OnlineHave a water balloon fight.Practice your origami skills and make objects to hang from the ceiling.

Fun things to do in the summer! Teen Girl(:?

Not the ordinary, "Pool, Beach" I want fun stuff to do that doesnt cost much and doesnt take much driving! I am 13teen and just looking for fun stuff to do with my friends. The more the Merrier!